Friday, 27 March 2015

afternoon tea at sketch

I can leave London now. This has been on the bucket list since forever and when my Mum and Nan decided they were coming down to London for Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago we decided to go for a proper treat and have afternoon tea at The Gallery in Sketch on Conduit Street. Seeing as literally the poshest place I've ever been for food is Wagamama this is pretty insane in comparison (well there isn't any comparison really). You enter into a Wes Anderson film with dusty pink walls, seats, rose gold table lamps and illustrations by David Shringley all over the walls. We had unlimited tea so obviously we went wild (jasmine flowering and rose bud tea for me) and then they bought out the food. AKA the first time I've ever seen a quail egg in my life. I ate the poshest sandwiches ever, macaroons, mini cheesecakes, marshmallows and scones. It was so tasty and I've never felt so sophisticated and British.

In all fairness, it was flippin expensive and we've never spent money like that ever but it was so worth it. Not just for the food but the whole experience of feeling a queen for 2 hours (and the toilets were amazing). If you're in London and looking to do something really special a visit to The Gallery should be top of the list. A traditional afternoon, but so creative, arty and different at the same time.

(also hi nan now you read my blog!!!!!!!!)

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

i tried to tie dye

dye - c/o dylon
t-shirt - primark men's innit

I feel like everyone was well over this ages ago, but you know, old me, always catching up like 5 years later after everyone's moved on. The last time I think I tie dyed anything was in year 2. I (kind of) followed the instructions - pouring the dye into warm water, adding 5 table spoons of salt and then adding the garment and mixing it for 15 minutes and then a further 45. To add the tie dye effect, I grabbed some bobbles and tied them around a cheapy men's Primark basic t-shirt to create a circle effect and then dunked half of it in the dye for 15 minutes, and then in the other colour. I decided to only leave it for 15 as I was going for more of a pastel-y effect and didn't want the colour to be too strong. I'm SO pleased with how the t-shirt came out. I left it on the line to dry for the rest of the day and then popped it on the radiator and I love the marbel-y effect that came out and the colours are beautiful. Surprisingly, my house mates haven't even sussed out that I've dyed anything which which is even more amazing seeing as I'm such a messy person. Instead, they asked me why I bought a tie-dyed t-shirt in cold March (yassssssss bought). Kerching. Result. I need some other things to dye now.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

the alena dress

dress - brandy melville
t-shirt - h&m
jacket - asos
shoes - vagabond
necklace - tatty devine
Another posh blog post (thank you David) ft squinting eyes and unbrushed hair. I LOVE this dress. I never go into Brandy Melville because it's so expensive and I always leave wanting everything but when I went in just after payday last month I couldn't not pick this up. A good dress is always a good investment, errrr right? In a trapeze style, not too long, not too short and in a check print it's a nice transitional piece and I can't wait to wear it in the summer. In the meantime, I've shoved a basic H&M long sleeved tee underneath and jacket over the top because at the moment London is ABSOLUTELY FREEZING.  No joke. Bitterly cold.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

fashion week for those who don't have a clue (me)

Being a 'fashion' blogger, it comes across that it's a necessity to attend fashion week. Don't mess around, pull together the most ridiculous outfit you can find, grab an outrageous headpiece, pair of non-walkable shoes and a bottle of fiji water and bam - you're fashion week ready, daaaaarrrrrliiiiiiinggggg. Joking, obviously, kinda.

Here I am pretending I'm a veteran when I'm the complete opposite. I first went to fashion week two seasons ago as soon as I moved to London after years of living it through the live streams, last season I was living fashion week from afar by interning. Both ridiculously mad but very different experiences (to say the least). From being a fashion promotion student, an 'intelligent' kind of opinion would be that I don't believe that all bloggers should be able to attend fashion week. Yeah you have followers, but are they the target market of the designer and brand? Probs not. For me, fashion week should be seen as a prestigious event with only those who really influence the industry being able to attend - the obvious magazine editors, buyers and those bloggers who support the designers on a regular basis. On the other hand from a blogger point of view, if you can attend, then WHY NOT?

I was asked to share my tips on how to make the most of fashion week whether you're there or not and how's best to get involved. Here's my wise wise tips.

  1. Anyone can get into Somerset House so even if you're not going to any shows, it fascinating being able to walk around and take in the .......spectacle.
  3. Pick up all the free popcorn.
  4. Take photos of everything. People's shoes, bags, cute dogs, fancy dresses - all is inspiration. Kinda. (#LFW just sayin')
  5. Have little cards with your blog address on to give out, just in case.
  6. If you'd like to attend shows and presentations, email in advance (I'd say like a month) with your address, a bit about your blog and why you'd like to go and what you can give in return. Be honest and apply for shows that genuinely interest you. If you don't ask you don't get - right? It's worth a try!
  7. Don't fall over. Walking around with plasters on your knees ain't a cool look (with regret, I know from experience).
  8. Bring lots of food for lots of waiting in queues.
  9. Drag a friend along. Even better if they have absolutely no interest in fashion whatsoever (queue loads of "WTF DO THEY KNOW THEY LOOK LIKE FOOLS???" "Dude, it's fashuun").
  10. If in doubt, watch the live streams. It's warm and not rainy in bed.
Do you have any wise tips that I can add to the list??

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This post is done in collaboration with Usbmakers, but obviously all the influential ideas are from my own brain and I thought it was a good idea for a post!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

jumpsuits and playsuits are awkward but OH WELL

I've always had a bitter experience when it comes to playsuits and jumpsuits. Let's face it, they're really awkward. Awkward when you want to go to the loo, even more awkward when worn with tights or with jackets over the top. Just a.w.k.w.a.r.d. But then I saw the beautiful ditsy daisy printed culotte jumpsuit  paired with a leather jacket in Topshop and I had a complete 'oh my god I just NEED that' moment. Later that day, someone came into work with the black floral jumpsuit from Zara and then it's all kind of escalated from there. Guys, I love jumpsuits. Versatile, and the perfect summer piece (if not desperate for the loo). Help me decide which one to buy (I've taken extra shifts at work in order to buy one no joke I need your help).

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Monday, 16 March 2015


FORGET GRAZE BOX. This is absolutely genius. Scoff Club have came up with the idea of a monthly subscription box service full of retro and classic sweets. They asked me if I wanted to try out a box which of course I said yes to. I actually only got a sample box which is insane because I thought that was big enough, turns out it's usually loads bigger than this. Highlights for me include Double Dip (!!!!!!!), Wham Bar and the flying saucers but I've happily munched my way through the whole box. Without sharing. 

Let's all have a packet of Rainbow Drops to celebrate the best idea in the world.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

visiting east india

Fat Boy's Diner

Container City

Days spent wandering around London are the best. The other day I met up with a friend from home for breakfast and we went on a hunt for Fat Boy's Diner. In the middle of the docklands area, by the river in Trinity Buoy Wharf near East India is a little 1940's American trailor. With neon signs, juke boxes and the most amazing creamy milkshakes you honestly feel like you stepped into a film set. I had chocolate chip pancakes with syrup and it was intense - I've heard the proper English breakfast's are incredible as well. I need to go back to have a coke float.

Trinity Buoy Wharf is a really weird area (with the only lighthouse in London!). From going to uni 2 metres away from the O2 it's nice to see it all from the other side of the river with a whole view of Canary Wharf and the city too. With art scattered around everywhere, loads of art studios and lots of flats built from ship containers (?!), it's more of a massive art installation than a place that people actually live.

Really bizarre and really cool, if you ever have half a day free or you're in East London it's worth taking a good old DLR trip to the middle of nowhere. Also how cool would it be to say you live in East India???!!