Wednesday, 23 July 2014

i tried to mix prints

shirt - urban outfitters
skirt - topshop
shoes - c/o dr martens
necklace - c/o punky pins

Lots of emphasis on the word tried. After writing a post on mixing prints a couple of months ago, I've trying to be a bit more 'adventurous' with what I wear...not experiment, but you know what I mean. My style is pretty boring so especially with it being lovely and sunny I thought it would be a good idea to jazz (??!?!?!) things up. Funny, because I wore this to walk up a mountain. The last time I walked up a mountain I think I was 11 and this was 100% the worst outfit choice for the situation. Well done Ellie.

This shirt I bought a couple of months ago after raiding the Urban Outfitters sale and isn't really the usual kind of thing I'd go for, mainly because I'm not that into shirts and exotic floral prints - but I like this. I also dug out this really old Topshop skater skirt which I actually managed to nab for really cheap off eBay last year, it's got the funkiest swan print. I don't even like swans, BUT I LIKE THIS SKIRT. Of course, it was wrong not to add the triple daisy necklace from Punky Pins because I've been wearing it to death recently and my Dr Martens sandals. If I could tell you guys how much I love these, so comfy (and that's coming from someone that c.a.n.n.o.t walk in any shoes other than ballet flats or vans).

Also appreciation for that knot at the top of my head, awkward growing out the fringe phase (for the 301239 time in my life). Not a good look.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

summer dresses

from pinterest
A last minute holiday panic with a manic search for summer dresses. As I've learnt the past week or so, wearing black outside isn't cool (both meanings intended) and actually makes you a hot sweaty mess (too much info?)...although that doesn't quite stop me from liking some really pretty black dresses (I love the oversized lace t-shirt dress). Overlay dresses are top of my wish list at the moment after seeing loads in Topshop, especially with the crinkle finish and the cute button fastening on the back - really lovely. The garden print reminds me of a more traditional English country garden but for holidays abroad, the bold leaf print is a bit more tropical. Of course, it would be wrong not to include a smock dress, and the fact that the ASOS one is sheer makes it even more summer appropriate. I really like the cute denim dress too, it's perfect for layering over sized t-shirts and neat shirts underneath. 

Dress love.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dear Diary

I can remember seeing this on Charlotte's blog a couple of months ago and I think it's one of my favourite fashion films. With one of my favourite designers too.

I have come to the conclusion that in order to be cool in fashion you need to have a full fringe and have a errr la french accent. Sadly I have neither. Please let me know if you have any fashion films that you like!

In other news, I'm seeing Scouting For Girls today, all swag/good music taste has gone out of the window. I'm really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

paisley and floral print

dress - asos
necklace - tatty devine
bag - topshop
No outfits posts for like a zillion years then flippin hell an outdoor one comes along out of the blue. All slightly out of focus but I've found that if you squint your eyes slightly they look less blurry. If it doesn't make any difference just pretend it was an intentional look. My photographer (MUM) took these for me the other day when we visited la Liverpool and as you can see I am just not photogenic and I also discovered that when I smile, my mouth is literally :| like I don't think I can actually smile like :) if the smileys explained that at all.

Anyway, I love this dress. I'd been looking at it on ASOS for ages but never had the guts to spend all the money on it - then it went in the sale and all was good. It has a beautiful paisley print and reminds me of the kind of thing you should have on the rug in your living room floor, not exactly a dress but it's really pretty. Obviously it's smock too, which is an automatic winner, but don't look to closely at the slight puckering and the safety pins.....when ASOS say oversized, they mean oversized (this is a size 4).

Also Nottingham peeps listen up yo, Lush is holding a pop-up charity shop tonight, 6:30-8:00pm. There's going to be lots of clothes (including All Saints, American Apparel, Levis....), CD's and loads of other things and it all goes to charity so you'll be a loser if you don't come. If you'd like more info there's all your questions answered. It'll be good fun!

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Monday, 14 July 2014

i went to liverpool

albert dock
lush spa liverpool
byron burger (it looked nice but tasted disgusting)
antony gormley 'another place'
antiques curios - renshaw street
port sunlight village
Last week I took a lil two day break and went up to Liverpool with my Mum to visit the Lush Spa. Since starting at Lush over two years ago, it's taken me absolutely ages to book my treatment and get round to going - we both had The Comforter treatment (watch this video you will be a.m.a.z.e.d) and it was absolutely incredible. I've never had any form of spa treatment/massage before and I'm quite a nervous/awkward/tense person when it comes to things like that so didn't really know what to think beforehand, however when I left? I was in a bubble in a total world of my own, feeling calm and floaty. So much so I left with my Converse on the wrong feet. The treatment is very nostalgic and dreamy with a full body, hot chocolate and rose scented scrub and massage, my skin felt so soft afterwards I didn't have a bath for two days. Maybe I shouldn't put that on the internet. But I honestly could not recommend the Spa enough - especially f you are a fan of Lush, it takes the whole Lush experience to another level. I could ramble on but I won't.

We struggled to really do anything after the treatment, we wandered around the Albert Dock which was really lovely, visited some wicked antiques shops and went to Byron Burger where I had the worst burger of my life, no exaggeration. We did the obvious trip to visit the Cavern and pretended that we were massive Beatles fans and we took a spontaneous train journey to visit Antony Gormley's 'Another Place'. It was insane, I'm not sure if you've heard about it, but it's basically a load of identical cast iron sculptures of a man facing the sea, spread out over a couple of miles - the idea that as time goes on they all decay differently/at different rates.

Liverpool is my new favourite city (just after London, of course), I will be visiting again.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

i need to start wearing more colour

from tumblr
Someone remind me that there are alternative colour options to wear other than black and that sometimes you can think positively!!!!!!!!

Someone also remind me that excessive use of punctuation was only cool 6 years ago.
Also, I want to start planning some posts for when I go on ma holszzz, let me know if there's anything you'd like me to post about or see more of (was thinking maybe a music playlist post, more outfits...? things along those lines). Also you could leave it as a question if you wanted to! Any ideas muchly appreciated!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

my favourite lush products

I feel like I'm due a post like this. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a ridiculous collection of Lush, I basically have a replica of the store in my bedroom/bathroom. I like that, but my Mum? Not so much. I love reading other peoples reviews and posts about Lush so I thought I'd throw my own into the mix. I know all the bath products are really popular so I thought I'd add in some that maybe you haven't seen before! I don't want to talk about what's in them/the basics kinda thing because I slip to into work mode really easily - so I'll just mention why I like it! Also, let me know if you do like this post - I could do an episode 2/3/4/5........3294083209832...I could ramble on forever, no, really.
For the hair:
Big Shampoo I only allow myself to use once a week because otherwise I'd go through bucket loads. Filled with sea salt, the texture is incredible and so is the volume it gives my hair. Forever my favourite.

American Cream leaves my hair feeling soft AND SMELLING LIKE A STRAWBERRY VANILLA MILKSHAKE. 
HQ Perfume (also 29 High Street) smells exactly like the Lush store. Seriously. It does smell as good as you think it smells - only used on very special occasions.

For the face:
Herbalism is a facial cleanser and was actually the first ever Lush product I ever used - my Mum bought a pot for me I think 7/8 years ago? I have really really bad oily/combination/spot prone skin but this really calms everything down and I use it every single day.

Tea Tree Toner Water beautiful beautiful tea tree water helps to get rid of all the Herbalism because I'm lazy and always leave half of it on my face (green eyebrows are not cool) and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Vanishing Cream, the only thing in the world that will moisturise my skin but still leave it matte and not an oily mess.
For the body:
NEW SYMPATHY FOR THE SKIN oh my god please pop into your nearest Lush and try a bit of this. Ice cream smelling skin. Filled with bananas it's lovely, moisturising and so long lasting - I use it in the morning and by the evening my skin is still moisturised. Absolutely beautiful.

Lemon Melt I bought from the Lush Kitchen a couple of months ago and again, can only use on special occasions (is this making me sound really sad?). With cocoa butter and an actual slice of lemon inside, this is lemon cheesecake in a tub. The Lush Kitchen is totally worth checking out by the way, it's addictive, all my money goes there......and did someone say The Comforter Shower Gel?!?!?!!
For the bath:
Granny Takes A Dip, this isn't actually my favourite bath bomb because I literally don't think I could ever pick just one - but this will do for now! Ginger, lemon and pepper and leaves the water a lovely, deep colour.

The Comforter because it's legendary and lasts absolutely ages.

In other Lush related news, I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow for my first ever spa treatment - I'm going for The Comforter and so excited. Also, let me know your favourite product too - I always find it really interesting seeing what other people like.

Another thing too....if anyone has any recommendations of places to visit and eat in Liverpool- please send them this way!  

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