Tuesday, 30 September 2014

weird things about london


Here are some totally unrelated pictures to a totally different unrelated post. I didn't fancy going all cliche London on ya so here's some various random images from Tumblr. I like to think of myself as unpredictable. Er. I always thought Nottingham was pretty weird, but turns out London is even weirder. No really. This place is insane and I honestly absolutely love it (after reading through this post I thought it came across slightly negative - but it wasn't meant to!) but I don't think I ever want to leave (soppy soppy sop sopo sop) but it's just a really weird place, that's all.
  • Everyone wears sunglasses
  • Middle aged men wearing suits casually playing Candy Crush on the tube
  • There's no way to thank the bus driver 
  • Everyone always pretends they're asleep when on the tube????
  • Night buses
  • £5 for cider
  • The DLR don't even have a driver wtf
  • The weather is inconsistent 
  • Morrisons so so so busy first thing on a Sunday morning
  • Every third person I meet seems to be from Nottingham?
  • Chip shops just don't exist
  • ...but on a single street there are at least 10 chicken shops. Literally no exaggeration.
  • It doesn't seem to rain
  • City farms?
  • Beatboxers that really can't beatbox hanging around outside Westfield
  • No one drinks inside pubs, they simply just stand around it
  • Markets, all the time. I LOVE.
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Sunday, 28 September 2014


necklace, clips, skirt, bag, grey tee, white tee, black tee - h&m c/o myunidays
It feels like ages since I've done a haul-y kind of post.

Very very kindly to celebrate 20% off for students for 2 weeks, MyUNiDAYS sent me a £50 voucher to spend in H&M to stock up on some clothes. Since moving to Stratford and spending 89% of my time in Westfield I've absolutely fallen in love with everything in H&M - the way the store is laid out is lovely (especially in comparison to the old Nottingham store) and they stock the full home collection and the more high end studio collections too. 

The jazzy skirt I've been eyeing up for ages so had to get but I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to wear it with (any ideas?!) but I absolutely love the warm colours and tbh anything with sequins/beads on is an automatic winner. I also invested in some basic tees which will be handy for everyday, a little black bag which will be handy for going out, a ditsy necklace and some clips for my hair. So let's say I'm pretty sorted clothes-wise for a while! 

I don't think it really has to be said because everyone I know uses it, but if you're a student it's so worth signing up for MyUNiDAYS - the amount of times it's justified my purchases by adding a little discount is too much. Also have a look at the competition they're hosting at the moment where you take a photo of your haul using your UNiDAYS discount and they could end up paying for it for you - pretty cool, right?!

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Friday, 26 September 2014

stripe mesh tunic

shirt - cow
skirt - urban outfitters
jumper - c/o urban outfitters
jacket - miss selfridge
So thanks to Uni, they gave me a massive discount on getting a new Macbook so this is my first post from a flippin retina display beauty. I'm sorry to those who have been viewing my blog using a retina display screen because it was only today that I realised how pants my blog looks. SO MANY PIXELS.

Anyway, I'm getting back in the swing of this outfit post thing and hopefully soon the blog will be back to normal(?!?!?!). It's freshers week next week and I'm determined to stay up to date with things. This is a very layery outfit. Layers everywhere. Got my denim shirt on from Cow which is an old favourite and my kinda bodycon-ish mini skirt and sheer striped jumper from Urban Outfitters which I absolutely love. Really comfy but still looks detailed? I think, I hope.

Speaking of Urban Outfitters, after the opening of their Leicester store a couple of weeks ago, they're holding a competition where you can win a £500 voucher!!!!!!!!! Just @UOEurope and hashtag #UOLeicester a picture of your outfit on the old Insta and you're sorted. You have until the beginning of October, GO GO GO GO GO! There's nothing to lose, also I'll be picking the winner!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

heavenly junk in a hell of a location

THIS PLACE IS INSANE. I can't tell you how long I've wanted to visit God's Own Junkyard and it was only since moving that I realised how close I actually live to it. Last week I dragged my housemate on a bus to the middle of nowhere and after like a half an hour walk we arrived at this random industrial estate. In a hidden away garage the place is FILLED with neon artwork, vintage lights, massive disco balls and film props. With commissions from Selfridges and being featured in Vogue, the room is full of random objects that have been used in music videos and films and I literally cannot put into words how mad this place is. If I was to have a spare room and a million pounds this is what it would look like.

If you're ever East in London and have a couple of hours spare I would so recommend visiting God's Own Junkyard. There's also a mini cafe in there so you can eat chocolate cake whilst looking at pretty lights. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN.

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Monday, 22 September 2014


I'm a granny bag lady as it is and my tote collection is beyond excessive but one more wouldn't hurt......right????????! I really really like all these shopper bags as more glamorous fabric tote bags. The leather one I saw in American Apparel the other week and I fell in. love. Not the price so much (just don't look). Good old ASOS have an alternative though so I'm just going to wait until that comes back in stock. With starting University etc etc I need to take my laptop with me everywhere but don't have a single bag that will carry it so thinking these may be a good alternative whilst avoiding the old business man serious laptop bag. If you've seen any nice (cheap!) ones recently too please let me know!
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

a trip to notting hill

Mission to visit random places in Landan is a go. I finaaaaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyy went on a trip out with Naomi the other day and we visited Notting Hill. I've never been before and it was lovely, the houses are rainbow coloured, there's a load of vegetarian restaurants and one in every two shops were full of antiques. Actual. Heaven. To continue my tour of London the central line was down so I went to pretty much every stop on the tube to get back home....(I'm not used to this London travel stuff.....).

Please send me lists of places to visit in London as I want to visit as many places as possible. Also I feel like my blog's a bit all over the place at the moment as I'm pretending I'm on holiday before starting work tomorrow and then actual Uni on Tuesday..........strolling around all day, it's been fun.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014


It was a dream. I applied thinking I'd never ever get an invite but then it came through the post one day with a packet of wild flower seeds attached so they will blossom in SS15. Such a beautiful idea. Saturday morning, I took the tube to Oxford Circus and went to the Vinyl Factory just behind Carnaby Street and was given Orla Kiely floral cupcakes for breakfast before taken into the presentation room. I was slightly too overwhelmed by the whole situation to then get out my big camera so instead took a load of photos on my phone which hopefully will do, at the end of the day, there's a load of guys at every show with a super massive big camera so I thought I'd just steal theirs! 

With plant pots scattered around, the music started and two ladies began painting flowers onto a glass screen as the models walked in with a flower in hand. Each flower matching the outfit beautifully styled by Leith Clark. As the flowers were placed into the empty plant pots, so the glass screen was filled further with flowers.  Full of graphics prints and tulle skirts, the whole collection is a total dream and made me want to wish away winter and invest in some chunky t-bar sandals.