Monday, 22 September 2014


I'm a granny bag lady as it is and my tote collection is beyond excessive but one more wouldn't hurt......right????????! I really really like all these shopper bags as more glamorous fabric tote bags. The leather one I saw in American Apparel the other week and I fell in. love. Not the price so much (just don't look). Good old ASOS have an alternative though so I'm just going to wait until that comes back in stock. With starting University etc etc I need to take my laptop with me everywhere but don't have a single bag that will carry it so thinking these may be a good alternative whilst avoiding the old business man serious laptop bag. If you've seen any nice (cheap!) ones recently too please let me know!
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

a trip to notting hill

Mission to visit random places in Landan is a go. I finaaaaaaaaaalllyyyyyyyyy went on a trip out with Naomi the other day and we visited Notting Hill. I've never been before and it was lovely, the houses are rainbow coloured, there's a load of vegetarian restaurants and one in every two shops were full of antiques. Actual. Heaven. To continue my tour of London the central line was down so I went to pretty much every stop on the tube to get back home....(I'm not used to this London travel stuff.....).

Please send me lists of places to visit in London as I want to visit as many places as possible. Also I feel like my blog's a bit all over the place at the moment as I'm pretending I'm on holiday before starting work tomorrow and then actual Uni on Tuesday..........strolling around all day, it's been fun.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014


It was a dream. I applied thinking I'd never ever get an invite but then it came through the post one day with a packet of wild flower seeds attached so they will blossom in SS15. Such a beautiful idea. Saturday morning, I took the tube to Oxford Circus and went to the Vinyl Factory just behind Carnaby Street and was given Orla Kiely floral cupcakes for breakfast before taken into the presentation room. I was slightly too overwhelmed by the whole situation to then get out my big camera so instead took a load of photos on my phone which hopefully will do, at the end of the day, there's a load of guys at every show with a super massive big camera so I thought I'd just steal theirs! 

With plant pots scattered around, the music started and two ladies began painting flowers onto a glass screen as the models walked in with a flower in hand. Each flower matching the outfit beautifully styled by Leith Clark. As the flowers were placed into the empty plant pots, so the glass screen was filled further with flowers.  Full of graphics prints and tulle skirts, the whole collection is a total dream and made me want to wish away winter and invest in some chunky t-bar sandals. 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

new room!!

prints - charity shop, squirrel jar (an essential!) - tiger, pink lemonade - bills, room diffuser - primark, cat top trumps - dad (he has good taste)

cards - MY LOVELY MUM N DAD, fifi lapin prints, lemon candle - c/o dunelm, mirror - sass and belle
the er, luxury lush draw (essentials are another draw you see)
HIIIIIIII and mirror - wilkos
boo, pineapple plant - house of hackney (but pineapple fell off and is currently being fastened with blue tac)
bed from lovely landlord!!! thank you!!!! lights - urban outfitters, duvet and big cushion - ikea, little cushions - primark

fashion week invites!! magazine, ipad, glasses, m&ms, towels - c/o dunelm

random cameras and books

under bed storage - c/o dunelm
clothing rail - ikea (£6!!!!!)
Here's my new rooooooooooooooom! As y'all know I recently moved to London to go to uni and so took all my clutter from my room in Nottingham to this new one. I've moved into a house share with a couple of other lovely people as moving into halls were so expensive they weren't even an option. I'm living in Stratford which is wicked and so close to everything ( all the time). Handy. But yep it's wicked over here and I really really like my room, I still need to find a chair to use as a bed side table and lamp but hopefully I'll find those soon. Very kindly, Dunelm also sent me a voucher to help kit out my new room and I couldn't tell you enough how much it's helped. I hope you like it!

Currently living without internet so feeling very disconnected from the world and spending most of my time in Nero. I'll be back properly soon and will reply to comments etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

my first fashion week

dress and t-shirt - c/o urban outfitters
shoes - vagabond
After being in London a week I attended my first fashion week this weekend!!!!!!! After yeeeaaaarrrrrs of living it through hashtags and live streams I gave it a go and applied for some shows, mainly for jokes, because I thought my blog was too pants/small to ever be invited but surprisingly I received a couple so hung around.......yanno........doing that kinda blogger thing......... But what was strange, is that the whole kind of expectations/stereotypes of fashion week are so true. I'm stood there in Somerset House gorming out because the outfits are insane, like actually insane and everyone was eating dried fruit and drinking coconut water. SO FASHION.

So there I go, like, trying to fit in, with my unpainted nails and bobble on my wrist and I thought if I put my cool shoes on I'd look a bit cooler. Here's a thing, YOU DON'T LOOK COOL WHEN YOU'RE LYING ON THE FLOOR BY THE STRAND WITH A GRAZED KNEE BECAUSE YOU'VE TRIPPED OVER. So I decided to accessorise my outfit with a plaster. Swag. Knee still hurts. Shouldn't try. Wore flats today.

That's my experience. Also, note the 'street style' pics I tried to take are all of feet because I was too scared to ask people so thought I'd do it sneakily, but it just looks weird. Watch out Scott Schuman.

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Friday, 12 September 2014

my favourite apps

case - c/o caseable

A couple of people have asked me to do a post like this and I think it's a wicked idea - I got an iPad mini for my Birthday and downloaded a couple of nice apps, most of them everyone has but ohhhhhh well! Also, as a lovely Birthday present, Caseable sent me a personalised case - I made it using their create your own bit where you can upload any images and basically create your case exactly how you'd like it! Such an awesome idea and it's available for pretty much any type of phone/tablet etc etc. I chose to have the work by Yelena Bryksenkova on mine, absolutely love it.

Anyway, these are some of the apps I've been using loads recently.

  1. SPOTIFY. Music everywhere and with offline mode it makes living in an internet-less house a bit more bearable. 
  2. Pinterest. I find the app easier to use than the website?
  3. All types of tv catch up apps.
  4. Oovoo - Skype but better and wicked for group chats.
  5. Tube map
(and some other apps include ANGRY BIRDS, and of course Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, eBay, Amazon etc....).

Let me know what your favourite apps are too so I can download some more! 

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