Sunday, 24 May 2015


sweatshirt - c/o urban outfitters
skirt - topshop
shoes - docs

One thing you can never have too many of. SWEATSHIRTS. This particular comfy one is from Urban Outfitters' exclusive capsule collection with New York based artist Baron Von Fancy. With his witty, hand-drawn slogans from all over the streets of New York turned into a 9 piece collection, the collaboration is serious high summer. Ranging from a super casual baseball tee, tank top, a super funky swimming costume to sports socks, there's everything and I waaaaaaaaant it all. A bit more 'streety' than what I'd normally wear but I've been living in this sweatshirt the past week. It's the kind of one that you take with you everywhere during the summer just in case it gets a bit chilly. With the slogan on the front, I wore it with the trusty Toppers scuba skirt and then my denim jacket to add a couple of layers.

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Friday, 22 May 2015


SO MANY PRINTS I'M IN LOVE.  Now is the time to get down to Carnaby St. Monki have done a collaboration with London based artist/illustrator Lynnie Zulu and I don't think my wardrobe even understands how much colour is going to hit it.  Full of watermelons and tropical painted prints, combined with usual, funky Monki style these are complete summer holiday must haves (I hate the phrase must have). Whacky bikini bottoms, sun hats and funky socks - the suitcase is filled. The basic cropped tee and the sun dress are my absolute favourites. Also, those classy pearly sunglasses - how cool?! View the whole collection.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

psychedelic fleurs

Nasty Gal is always my favourite. Guaranteed if I'm looking for inspiration or something really nice to wear, Nasty Gal ticks all the boxes. I'm in love with their latest lookbook Psychedelic Fleurs -  desert babe meets boho chic. Studs, collared shirts and leather contrasted against cute paisley prints, suede and so much crochet. Festival and summer holidays are well and truly sorted and I've gone through and picked out a couple of bits that I would totally wear if I was cool/was a millionaire. From a really lovely basic tie-back dress to the most amazing embroidered floral jacket, there's some really funky pieces on there. Dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I've admired Petra Collins' work for a long time. From her old work with Tavi for Rookie to more recently her work exploring feminism and getting deleted from Instagram, she's an all round cool gal (saying gal has just made me 2983 times less cool). From fashion photography, she's turned more towards the moving image, directing 'Making Space' - a documentary exploring identity and feminity. Through themes of dance, she travelled to the deep South of America and followed a group of young dancers finding out what it's like to grow up in a modern day. The honesty is something I really like, not going with the conventional and traditional way of questioning and doing things and therefore having an alternative end response, like this. I also love the way this was filmed, in a hazy, sleepy, classic American kinda way. Let me know what you think, I've left the first part above, the second and third are here too. Flippin love stuff like this. 

(btw soz for the excessive strictly fashion orientated not very chatty blog posts atm, i'm submitting my blog for a uni project in two weeks so trying to pretend i'm a fAsHi0niista and cultur3d - back to normal soon promise xxxxx)

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Monday, 18 May 2015

i hate bikini shopping

 I'm not going on hols for a good couple of months, but for the amount of stress/time it takes in order to find a decent bikini it's best to start looking now. I'm really really fussy when it comes to bikinis. Being awkwardly bony, anything with adjustable straps and ties are really helpful, high-waisted bottoms are a plus and a funky print is even better. I've scrolled through half the internet to hunt down some of the best two pieces and I LOVE the daisy print crop-top style piece and the mesh bikini from Urban Outfitters. Now all I need is a beach...(and some money probs whilst I'm at it).
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Saturday, 16 May 2015


Out of all the many collaborations I seemed to have randomly blogged about recently, this is most definitely the funkiest of them all. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage X Jackie Magazine. An absolute winner. I feel like all I talk about at the moment is the 70's but yanno, there's no avoiding it. Combining my Mum's fave mag with my fave place to shop there's nothing not to love. A 10 pieces collection featuring original artwork from the teen magazine where art nouveau meets comic strip style, this is perfect if you're looking for a proper statement piece.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

i need to go to milan, like now

You've all already seen it because it completely flooded the internet the other day but I feel like I should post about it on here for the sake of adding nice pictures to my blog. Wes Anderson has designed a cafe in Milan and I think I need to book a flight there, soon.

Naturally, it's exactly how you'd expect. The colour palette is a DREAM, everything's very retro, symmetrical and all round cool. Apparently Anderson has described it as 'the perfect place to write a movie' which I completely cannot relate to because I have no intention of ever writing a movie but I'll happily sit and drink tea and eat cake in there. Also, you know a cafe is good when even the toilets are cool (example). SoooooOOOoooooo, who's coming with??

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