Monday, 1 September 2014


photo (this what i would've made if i had the time)
My blog's 3 today. Dramatic times. Congratulations to my blog, you still look as bad as you did 3 years ago. Pretty much everyone has a blog these days so to have 1000+ people choosing to read mine is pretty sweet and I'm so happy at least a couple of people like it and some of the opportunities I've had from it too has made it absolutely insane . Thank you thank you! If I was organised I would've planned a really awesome blog post but unfortunately my organisation skills don't go that far so hopefully this will do.

For jokes, I found a wicked website where it allows you to view previous designs of your site - to show you all how (not very) much has changed!

Here's an update post like the one I did a couple of weeks ago but on a slightly more dramatic/updated scale.

  • SoooOOOOOO actually FOR REAL moving to London on Sunday, as in going, and not coming back (for a while).
  • I'm doing my first ever LFW this season too which is pretty insane. Look out for me wearing pyjamas. #Streetstyle
  • I have my last shift at work on Saturday and I genuinely think I might cry all day.
  • BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, a couple of days ago I went down to London for an interview and I've got a transfer to the Lush in Westfield Stratford City. Pretty insane. Can't believe it. So happy.
  • So all is good and I can still work for a company I absolutely love (and come back and work in Nottingham at Christmas!)
  • I need to pack away my whole wardrobe literally RIGHT NOW but I'm doing this instead.
  • I'm 19 tomorrow.
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Saturday, 30 August 2014

random stuff in my room

So I've spent the past couple of weeks sorting through my dump of a bedroom and found a load of stuff from when I was younger. I've been loling at it and thought some of you guys might too. If you thought the first picture was bad, don't worry, IT'S GONNA GET WORSE. In that picture I think I was in year 5, so 2005, so I was 9 or 10 I think. I felt like I should do a blog post on it all just in case it suddenly gets lost on the way to the loft from my bedroom (to the bin, eh, Mum?).

I think this was some kind of introduction about you kind of homework. Note the apostrophe after Luv. Spent too much time on Bebo and MSN. LOL GTG.

No comment. Not throwing away.


Never watched Buffy in my life??!

Badges from Tammy. Swag.

Found my leavers book from Secondary School - to be fair this was only 2 years ago but I felt like Habbo was a big part of my life and it needed to be shared.
The first festival I went to that wasn't a tiny one up the park, Mum got stuck in a mosh pit during Pendulum. Will never forget.
The Noisettes was the first gig I ever went to in a 'small' venue that wasn't the local arena. I think I'd just turn 14. I was front row, obvs.
Found this in my cupboard, LUSH RETRO!!!!!!!! Gonna sell this on eBay and make millions (I won't)
This is coming with me.
And all this is too. 

I've had approx the most stressful week of my life this week with the worst day being today. But that's all cool because I've now got 5 days off and it's gonna be wellllllllll chilllllllllllllllllll.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

à la MOD

I've just ordered #Girlboss so I felt it was only right to have a post today dedicated to Nasty Gal and this wicked lookbook. With a retro London feel, there's a lot of monochrome, hounds tooth prints and block colour eye shadow (which I really like). I'm well and truly in serious AW mode and seem to be drawn to anything tartan (no change there, Ellie) and high neck. I absolutely love the funky tights with the embellishments and can seriously feel an attempted DIY coming on. I'll keep you updated. Really cool. 

Also, what do you guys think to the tapered trousers? I'm thinking of getting them but not sure....??


PS - Some items available on Motel, you can get 25% off (I think) with the code ElliesFT YAAAAAAAY!

See ya later alligator  

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Last week Fanta sent me a giant orange box. Inside the box there was a rubber duck, a confetti canon and a couple of bottles of Fanta as part of their #FANTA100 campaign. The three tasks? Challenge #Fanta23 duckface next to a duck, challenge #Fanta11 make your fanta look huge and #Fanta51 a selfie with raining confetti. So that I didn't look like a nutter on my own, I dragged in a couple of my mates and made them look weird too. I think the results came out pretty well. There were a load of hilarious pictures and if anyone goes up Wollaton Park anytime soon and sees a load of orange confetti on the er, wasn't me. 

Thank you Fanta for fun timesz and if you wanted to look like a nutter too they have a whole list of ideas of things you can do!

(btw i was not paid to write this etc, i cannot refuse having a giant fanta box)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

high neck tunic

high neck tunic - topshop
skirt - second hand
You know the denim dress that I spoke about a while ago that I absolutely loved and couldn't wait to take on holiday? Well yeah I'm a loser and totally forgot to bring it with me. It's a proper summery dress so something I couldn't really get away with wearing everyday so I decided to take it back (with a lost receipt) and instead exchanged it for this lovely top! I'm not really into snake prints (or any animal prints) but there was something about the colour and print of this that I really loved. It's in a tunic style with a dropped hem at the back which is really cool. I need to wash my jeans so I can wear it with them but in the meantime I popped on the skirt I wear to death on. Clashing patterns. There's a theme occuring with my blog at the moment. 

It's busy times this week, I'm working........all the time but off down to London tomorrow to start filling my room with stuff. I've spent this week clearing out my room and oh my god I forgot how much rubbish I have. Blue Peter 2003 annual or Buffy Top Trumps, anyone? 

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Friday, 22 August 2014


It's been a life long dream to have my clothes match my furniture and wallpaper. House of Hackney is the answer. I love pattern and I love clashing patterns and matching patterns. Patterns patterns PATTERNNSSSSSSSSSS. House of Hackney was founded in 2010 and is full of traditional English designs and all made in England. It was after seeing their 18 piece collection on ASOS that confirmed my (obsessive) love for the brand and since then I've been planning on how I'm gonna make my bedroom palm leaf themed. They've also worked with Opening Ceremony in the past and sell in Liberty...but have their flagship store on Shoredtich High Street...I know where I'm gonna be looking next time I'm in London (note: not buying, just don't look at the prices). 

An awesome concept, I love. Let me know what your favourite pieces are!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

els encants vells

Typical blog post coming up. I was meant to post this ages ago but abandoned the photos on my laptop and only found them today when rummaging through. It would be wrong to not visit at least three different flea markets whilst on holiday, but I thought I'd post the photos from when we visited Els Encants, Barcelona's largest flea market which has been around since the 14th century which is pretty crazy. What's even more crazy is that my best bloggy bud Islay was in Barcelona at the same time so I dragged her around antiques with me! Perfect! I hope you like the pictures :)