a weekend in amsterdam


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A couple of weeks ago me and one of my best mates hopped on a plane for a weekend wandering around Amsterdam. After talking about it for years, we finally booked it in the summer and managed to get a super cheap flights and a fancy hotel (!!!! thank you Expedia) for hardly anything. So to save you from the rambles, we did everything. From pretty much completing this Buzzfeed article to getting knocked over by bikes a million times, we spent endless hours exploring all the side streets. The Van Gough museum was amazing, Anne Frank’s house was so sad and the floating flower market was a dream. The endless roads of vintage shops and the Waterlooplein flea market were perfect and I enjoyed nothing more than looking at all the beautiful tilting houses eating stroopwafels. Amsterdam, I’m in love with you and please let me return.

In other news………I suppose this is the right time to tell ya that after saving my life away I might be doing some travelling in the summer…………………….!!!!!!! SO EXCITED

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ellie’s room

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I’m going through this really weird stage in my life where really weird things keep on happening. For example: an editorial being shot in your dodgy student house in the depths of Stratford. See Mum, never throwing a magazine out ever has turned out useful!!!!!!!! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve said it loads before but I’m a serious collector of complete crap that it’s not even funny. An unplugged burger phone, broken cameras and a cat draught excluder? Now all 100% necessary. I’m currently interning a couple of days a week at The Whitepepper and they were looking for a messy room for a shoot and luckily (and sadly) mine and my housemates rooms ticked all of the boxes.  A massive deep clean later and I absolutely love the end results. I’m 100% telling the landlord to use these photos when he lets the house out next. And it obviously goes without saying that the clothes are absolutely b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l (the whole collection is here and more details here). What’cha think? I never thought I’d ever been doing a blog post on this ever.

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from day to night (with debenhams)


Polo and Skirt – Warehouse

(c/o Debenhams)

I loves a good day to night blog post – or other peoples at least, I’ve never done one before but now is the time my friends. With that Christmas party season coming up (or in my case, 1 christmas party), Debenhams are going all out with their christmas partywear and are looking to see how you can dress an outfit up and down (I’ve been watching too much This Morning with Gok Wan, these fashionista phrases are just pouring out of me today, daaaarhling). As you can see from 4 years of lame outfit posts, I am the most casual person in the world. I just don’t do dressing up very well, I still look like I’m off to do a food shop even if I was wearing a dress full of sequins.

So, for the day? I started with a ribbed polo obvs, but I thought I’d spice it up from my usual black and go for a wintery burgundy. Comfy, warm and simple – it can do no wrong. A suedette skirt has been at the top of my wish list for a long time too, the piece is simple and now I can’t live with out it. A true investment piece.

And so for the evening, in true adventurous Ellie style I thought I’d just change my top. Switching it up to the most v-neck-y item I’ve ever owned in my life (this is a big deal for someone who always has their neck covered). I’m actually really liking it. With my jacket thrown over of the top it doesn’t turn it into too much of a big deal. Small steps small steps, must move away from the high necks.

So this is the most fashion blogger-y post I’ve ever done in my life, let me know what you think. Or maybe tell me about how you’re going to a million more Christmas parties than I am. Maybe I should do some more posts like this.

Photos taken by my fave


Body and Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Skirt – Warehouse

(c/o Debenhams)

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uo ss16

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The Urban Outfitters press day, it’s a tradition. And is it too soon to be wishing away winter? Maybe, yes. Especially after seeing all of the palm and paisley prints, I’m ready for sunshine, stripes and swimming costumes. Obvs, SS16 at Urban Outfitters doesn’t disappoint. From the Free People-esque bell sleeves, bohemian prints and boro denim to the sweetest, powder pink Stan Smiths. Dont’cha worry, the summer wardrobe is s.o.r.t.e.d (or the wardrobe of my dreams if I had unlimited dollar, at least). The parisian stripes and cute embroidered tees are well up my street and the printed tipi and record player?! Don’t even get me started. Bye. Is it too soon to start writing for a Birthday that’s in like..next September?

Don’t worry guys. There is life beyond all this depressing leather, burgundy and fur.

Also PS: Urban are relaunching their whole denim range soon and I am SO. EXCITED.

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I <3 Clio Peppiatt

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After spending the whole summer staring at her work day after day when interning at the PR agency that looks after her, I am madly in love with Clio Peppiatt‘s work. Madly bold and beyond colourful, it’s one of those if only I was cooler kind of brands to add to the list. After stalking Adele’s blog (my favourite) the other week, I saw her SS15 lookbook for the first time. I know we’re well and truly into autumn winter but a flash of summer does no harm. Very pink and miami cool, glitter, rainbows and stars – it’s bound to brighten your day. Fierce, hyper-realistic and feminine, everything about her work is just oh so right. Her SS16 presentation held at The Vinyl Factory was basically what dreams are made of and I can’t wait to see what she does next (also she studied at Ravensbourne oi oi oi oi). What’cha think?

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how black high neck tops changed my life

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photos from pinterest

Hello everyone. Sorry for the absence (or a whole 4 days or something), I haven’t even had time to brush my hair let alone bother logging into WordPress. The past couple of days have been spent transforming our house into a photoshoot location (?! I know, weird, will probs share soon), drowning in a spontaneous and sudden part 2 briefs from uni and panic buying euros because I’m going to Amsterdam on Friday……….! What is my life and what is my name what am I doing where am I. Bring on Christmas day.

Anyway, what I’m really here to say is that my life has been taken over by black high neck tops and there’s no looking back. Every single day means just another high neck black top. Now worn with my mom jeans or that denim skirt that’s glued to me, I haven’t seen my neck for months. Sophisticated, smart and most importantly warm, I refuse to buy anything else for the rest of winter. So thank you, black high neck tops. This post is for you.



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