Saturday, 25 October 2014

vintage midi skirt

body - asos
jacket - miss selfridge
skirt - c/o cat called esteban vintage
shoes - vagabonds
I've had this outfit imagined in my head the past couple of months but I never owned one of these skirts to create it. Cat Called Esteban absolutely saved the day and this beauty suddenly showed up. It's boho and I absolutely love it. For me, I always worried that I was too small to wear midi skirts and I thought they'd make make my legs look even shorter - but it was all in my head and now this outfit has turned into one of those that I wear three days in a row.........I cannot help it. Will be washed soon....just after I've worn it a couple more days. Cat Called Esteban is a wicked vintage boutique based in Manchester selling on eBay - they honestly have so many wicked pieces on there it's worth checking out if you love a bit of vintage or can keep an eye on their facebook and instagram page too to see all their latest picks!

Not that you can see, but I'm actually wearing my boots with a tiny wedge in this outfit and it took me 10 minutes to realise why my head had been chopped off pretty much all the photos I'd taken. 

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

i need a new winter coat

Turns out I was wrong when I assumed that in London it's always sunny. A bit naive really. I've spent the past week pretending my leather jacket was suitable for gail force winds and rain storms on the way to the tube but now I'm in a state of acceptance and defeat. With the pleasant thought that I get paid tomorrow I've decided it's time to invest. So I raided the internet with the selection of the colour black and these were the results. Funny, because I can't decide which one and yet they all look pretty similar. Please help! Or if you've found one that's even nicer please send me the link to help a coat-less person be no longer coat-less.

Speaking of coats, today my radiator turned on for the first time since moving into this house. It was a beautiful moment. So much....warmth.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

a trip to greenwich market

On Saturday I had a day off work so my Mum and Nan came down to London for the day. It's the first time I've seen them since leaving home so I did the emotional slow motion run through the crowd at St Pancras and had a little sob. We went to Greenwich Market after showing my Nan the O2, the mighty Westfield and er, getting my Mum to 'help' with the food shop..... I've been to Greenwich a couple of times before but never had the chance to take my camera along and have a proper look around. My Mum's friend has a stall there called Love Orgone Art, she makes lovely handmade orgone pieces filled with glitters and jewels to have a certain effect on the mind - so lovely. We also visited all the lovely vintage shops, the Tea Bird stand full of candles in tea cups and died of hunger from all the food stalls. Halloumi and falafel everywhere. I want to visit again soon as I bet it's lovely to visit around Christmas, I like Greenwich. It doesn't feel like London there.

Also I miss doing posts like this. I'm going to do more. 

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

classic tartan scarf

jacket - miss selfridge
scarf - c/o barbour
skirt - c/o urban outfitters
Hey you know it's officially winter when the tartan scarf comes out. Inspired by their Scottish heritage, this one has one of Barbour's classic tartan designs and I absolutely love it. With a broken radiator in my room, it's actually not left my neck since I received it - the cashmere is definitely keeping me warm. I thought I'd keep the rest of what I was wearing pretty simple (or normal, for the clothes I usually wear) - a basic black t-shirt, jacket, and this lovely skirt from Urban Outfitters. With black lace, embroidery and a zip down the front, the skirt's decorative but still really easy to wear. Basically, my ideal skirt.

I'm still confused by London weather. I've learnt that layers are the answer. 

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Friday, 17 October 2014

i spend too much time on asos

Nothing ever goes to plan when on ASOS. Thought I'd spend my Thursday evening scrolling through the sale section but then it turned into a general ASOS binge and that can never end well. Thought I'd turn my many open tabs into a blog post to show that something good has come out of it. Lots of basic black t-shirts including a high neck crop top which I thought would look nice with all the high waisted skirts and my jeans. I also love the Cocoon coat, I've been looking for one in this style for ages so it's nice to see one in the sale. A couple of other bits a pieces including the black bag I'm still looking at and these Dr Martens beauties which I would die for. I'm looking for a proper chunky shoe and I think these would fill the chunky shoe hole in my heart. So, er, saving starts now.

Let me know if you've seen anything worth getting in the ASOS sale too - I find it all too overwhelming!!!!!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

old rose jumper

jumper - h&m
shorts - forever 21
Living next to one of Europe's largest shopping centres is great, but literally every time I leave the house I become hypnotised by the giant Westfield logo and then it just kind of escalates from there (I'm comparing this to the symbolism of the Dr Eckleburg glasses from The Great anyone following?) and then I have the realisation that all the clothes in my hands must be put back down and that I am a poor student living off 42p cans of Morrisons sweetcorn (telling a lie, it's not actually that bad, perhaps the lack of heating maybe). 

These were a kind of exception when I realised I had a bit of money left over from my Birthday. I love the colour and shape of this jumper. A lovely chalky rose shade with a yoke neck and dip hem, it's a bit different to H&M's usual knitwear pieces and I liked how it was a little more fancy. Also if I was technical I would've managed to have got a good photo of these shorts but unfortunately I'm not so I didn't so it might be worth looking the Forever 21 for a better look. With a scalloped trim and lace side panels these are so pretty and so comfy and so easy to wear and a good alternative if like my uni, it's not acceptable to attend wearing pyjamas. 

Sorry this turned into a lengthy post, I've not really spoken about anything useful. 

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Monday, 13 October 2014


This is another one of those posts where I can't remember if I've blogged about it before but either way I'm just gonna go along with it and hopefully no one will realise? Mustard is a colour I wish I wore more - it's a bit daring but still refreshing - it kinda combines spring and autumn together. With bright cobalt blue or more subtle monochrome stripes, washed out denim and tartan, it adds a kind of classic Orla Kiely, 70s twist teamed with geometric prints and t-bar shoes. I also like mustard and grey coloured homeware.
Also I should've said this on my last post, but my last post was actually my 500th published post on my blog. Quite crazy really.

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