Friday, 19 December 2014

waffle knit cardigan

cardiganbag - urban outfitters
body , skirt - american apparel

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah kinda simple and easy this, but I haven't worn this cardigan in ages and it was about time that I dug it out of my wardrobe. I bought it in the sale in Urban Outfitters last year or the year before but it's a cosy, chunky knit with a nice bit of monochrome going on - I decided to wear it with my trusty denim skirt because I still love it and still wear it pretty much every other day and my black body which is  easy to wear too. I bought this cutie bag a couple of weeks ago after deciding to break away from owning a million tote bags and I adore the colour - it matches a nail varnish I own because I am #COORIDINATED . It wasn't intentional.

Also, btw, I do er, shop in places other than, sometimes, er...................

In other news, 5 days until I'm back in Notts for a couple of daaaaaaaays :) :) :)

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

fingers crossed these go in the sale


I'm trying to stop myself from buying things at the moment because it would be just my luck that on Boxing Day it ends up half the price - so this is what I'm keeping my eye on. Some I've been looking at for a while but can't afford (the Native Rose high neck top!!), perhaps a new dress for New Years Eve and a new pair of Vans because mine have holes in .......and absolutely stink. It also looks like there's a recurring theme of black going on at the moment - it's all I seem to be wearing.

It still feels weird that it's just over a week until Christmas, I don't really feel christmassy. I'm sat in bed with blocked ears, cough and a runny nose feeling sorry for myself. Send sympathy.

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

the book collector

flowers - columbia road, bottles - found them outside innit

camera - lomography, bag - vintage hideaway
the fashionable selby, violet book, london style guide, zeum, the age of feminine drawing, paris street style, miss robin


london style guide

the age of feminine drawing

 I've gotta be honest and say I've never read Harry Potter, The Hunger Games....or any legendary books (except for Tracy Beak ofc) - despite taking (really liking) English Literature and Language at A-Level I've just never been a proper book worm.  But if I had my own way I'd happily spend all my money on magazines and fashion/art books (sadly, I now have more important things to buy - food for example) but these are a couple of books I've collected and stolen off my Mum over the years..

For Magazines, I absolutely love Lula, ID and all those, but Zeum is my all time favourite. It's full of fashion editorials of up and coming photographers and artists and it's the one I have to buy every time a new issue is released. Miss Robin is really cool too, a tiny bit more wordy but still full of lots of outfit inspo and also full of recipes. I also like The Violet Book because when you put Leith Clark and Alexa Chung together you cannot go wrong.

Since moving to London, the London Style Guide has become my bible - breaking it down by area, it lists all the best places to visit and things to do in the big city. The Fashionable Selby I love, Paris Street Style gives me lots of inspo and The Age of Feminine Drawing I nicked from home last time I was there and is amazing - I'm currently doing fashion drawing at uni so this really really helps (and is full of ideas).

If you've got hold of a good book recently please let me know so I can add it to the list! Bare with me atm, so far I'm keeping up with the old blog but between now and Christmas day I'm working 70 hours......let's see how it goes. Oh retail life.

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

blogs i read all the time


Sometimes it's nice to find new blogs, here are some that I read all the time - if you have a spare 5 minutes open up a load of tabs and have a scroll through these. Also send me links to some of your favourite blogs! (funky style!!!) (i love her blog but don't have a clue what she's saying) (I want her life) (she makes me feel organised and neat) (I want to be like Laura) (what I wish I wore) (she makes me miss Nottingham) (MY FUTURE SELF) (c'est belle) (best blog name ever and also makes me miss home) (if I was cooler) (I should take more photos) (makes me feel happy) (happiness in a blog) (the dream) (cool clothes) (makes me think) (wicked outfits) (so. flippin. cool) (I need to go to Argentina) (arty) (SWAG) (lots of fashion) (I wish I'd done art at uni) (she's so cool) (what I wish my blog was like) (she so sweet) (fellow veggie) (dream life) (I want all the clothes) (east london reppin) (so lovely) (proper fancy) (what I wish I wore) (so sophisticated) (I wish I'd done textiles at uni) (I LOVE CHARLOTTE) (bae) (all round legend) (pass over her wardrobe) (graphics queen who sells on etsy) (appreciate everything) (rad) ( vintage) (happiness in a blog) (funky outfits) (forever my style inspo) (neat) (QUEEN) (I want to move to Hong Kong) (makes me feel intelligent) (blog goals) (bae no 2) (bae no 3) (I worship her every word)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

printed tunic

tunic - c/o urban outfitters
I've been wearing this to death for the past couple of months and I assumed I'd already shown it to you guys........but apparently here it is! Tunics are something I'm getting used to wearing- they're kind of a dress, but not really, kind of a top, but not really, so a kind of awkward in between when it comes to length but this I love. With cut out shoulders and button detail on the back, I've been able to wear it going out a couple of times but it's also easy to wear with a massive cardigan thrown over the top for everyday. It's a pretty bright coral pink too - it's makes a change to the usual black I wear but I loves it.

Also, should've worn shoes/cropped the photo

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

a-line skirts


Sometimes my skills on Photoshop are just poor. Nothing else to it. I was also hoping to include some outfit inspo but Google is literally empty, I couldn't find anything. 

Anyway, for someone that has a completely shapeless body, I struggle with bodycon skirts as it looks like I've draped a bin bag around me, so I've turned to a-line skirts for their high waisted and tailored shape. A bit more formal, but enough to get away with wearing every day with turtle necks and pretty blouses or oversized jumpers. I think it's a nice way to include a bit of print too - especially because it seems like most of my outfits consists of plain black. Motel the queen of prints has some really lovely skirts as well as Missguided - and so cheap too.

Please send any links to a-line skirts to add to my to-buy list!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

stuff that's happened this week

I hate posts like this. But I'm gonna do one anyway, for oneeeee weeeeeek onlyyyyyyyyy because this week's been plain odd (and it's only Thursday). Back to normal posts soon. Ha. Normal.

  1. SO I'M IN JESSIE WARE'S LATEST MUSIC VIDEO. Let's shove that one out there. I went along with my housemates a couple of weeks ago to this studio in Shoreditch and they made us pull some faces and pretend we were in a photo booth. We didn't think we'd be included but we get a couple of appearances .........something to tell the grandkids!!!!! Shame I look like a fool in it really hahahaaha.
  2. I became obsessed with Marnie the dog
  3. In the house we got in the festive spirit and I think it looks beautiful
  4. WE HAVE A HAMSTER. Introducing to you all, Tony. The landlord doesn't have to know, it's all a really long complicated story. He's cute and he's living in under bed storage made into a home with an All Saints shoe box for a bed.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have a photo to accompany this but yesterday I was getting onto the tube on the Jubilee line and you know how there's those two sets of doors, I was stuck in the middle. It was tragic and hilarious both at the same time and I'm still feeling pretty traumatised. 

That's all really, I also visited the William Morris Gallery and Winter Wonderland today but that's just not as exciting. Next week I'm going to see Snoop Dogg. Don't ask.