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If you haven’t already gathered thanks to my millions of posts dedicated to it on my blog, I really love the seaside. Like really really. Really. The tackier the better, hand over the slot machines and a stick of candyfloss and I’ll be the happiest person in the world. Whilst stopping in Brooklyn last month, we took a trip on the subway to Coney Island. The most seaside-y town of all the seaside towns I’ve ever been to ever (and I think one of the original amusement parks!), this beats them all. Embracing that classic, retro feel, we spent ages wandering around admiring all the old graphic design, Zoltar told me my future (amazing!) and Mum screamed way too much as we took a trip on Deno’s Wonder Wheel and the Ghost Train. We all had hot dogs and the biggest ice cream covered in sprinkles whilst we sunbaths and ate deep fried oreo’s (duh) as we queued up to see the Coney Island Freak Show. It was the most insane seaside dayout and it was AMAZING.

I know it’s lame of me for saying it but I think Coney Island was my favourite part of visiting New York and oh so most definitely up there as one of my favourite places in the world.


And on Friday I’m going to Brighton for the weekend and I’m really really excited, please give recommendations!

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black, red & silver

ellie_05 untitled-2

top – zara

jacket and skirt – topshop

shoes – vans

If only my legs were still this tanned, summer come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. This skirt has been a staple for me this summer, basically because it’s the best basic ever. A simple black denim mini skirt. That means I can wear it with things like MY AMAZING GLITTERY SHINY TOP. (Queue a text from Mum coming any minute now going ‘another shiny top????????’). What Zara do best. Toned down with my Vans but also my favourite red boxy jacket that I picked up from Topshop last summer.

How has everyone been? My weeks recently been spent squeezing in as much time at uni as possible, operation dissertation is a go and it ain’t gonna be smooth I tell ya.

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williamsburg, brooklyn

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So that was also a thing this summer. We got bargain flights to New York and escaped there for 4 days! We stopped in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the coolest AirBnb ever (there was a jukebox and a pinball machine it was off the scale insane) and spent a couple of days exploring. We visited Coney Island which is now my favourite place on earth but I’m going to save that for a whole other post!!!! We stopped by Meatpacking District, Greenwich and Soho in Manhattan but the majority of our time was spent in Brooklyn. Let me move here, please. The Whole Foods brown boxes and baked tofu are calling my name.

To eat:

Joe’s Pizza and order a whole one!!!!!!!!!! (it’s mahoosive)

Bubby’s in Manhattan

Building On Board in Boerum Hill

Momofuku Milk Bar


To do: (In Brooklyn and Manhattan)

Walk to see the sunrise over Manhattan when really jet lagged

Boating in Central Park

The High Line and Chelsea Market

Dumbo Flea Market

Not casually walk through the most dangerous neighbourhood in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!! (That happened)

Artists & Fleas

Shopping down Atlantic Avenue

East River Ferry

Magazine hunting in Soho

Find all the beautiful painted advertisements around Williamsburg (Chanel in an industrial estate? It’s a thing)

VINTAGE. FIND ALL OF THE VINTAGE. And admire the beautiful jewellery along Bedford Avenue

Not go and see Times Square (I actually really wanted to go we just didn’t have time)

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dream denim culottes


culottes – whistles (via ebay!)

cami and shoes – topshop

I DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED. Absolute dreams. You know when you imagine the culottes in your head but you can’t find them IRL (I swear this is actually the story of my life….and all I write about on this blog), it’s heartbreaking but equally very much a first world problem. Anyway, I tried (obviously) Zara, Topshop, even Warehouse on the hunt for these culottes that I had in my head and they all looked weird on me and appeared absolutely massive on me. I had the image of them in my head: perfectly high waisted, front crease, not too long and not too short, a deep blue wash denim. I went on eBay on the walk back from work a couple of weeks ago and these beauties came up. Hold on, there’s more to it, I went on eBay and found a size 4 (a bit of a risk  as I’m really not a size 4) but was so desperate for them I bought them anyway. Whistles, £150, brand new, I got them for £30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Anyway, surprisingly they fit perfectly and I can honestly say they’re the best thing to ever happen to me in my 21 years of living. I wore it with my basic black cami in an attempt to keep it minimal and these lovely wrap around shoes which have lasted me the whole summer.

Here’s to more culottes and sweet eBay finds!

Sorry about my cheesy face I just couldn’t control.

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Italy, Slovenia, Croatia



It’s ok because I’m returning. Enjoy this beautiful cieling of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – one of the oldest (and most beautiful) shopping mall’s in the world. We took a trip here after visiting the cathedral before heading to Bar Luce.

DSCF4697DSCF4694Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


It was a bit tourist overload, Venice. However a trip to the island of Burano and I felt like I was walking in a postcard. Known for its lace and brightly coloured houses, a day spent wandering around here is what holidays are meant to be. Strolling over the bridges, finding the house that matches what you’re wearing, eating 3 ice creams in a row……..it was that kind of day.

DSCF4715Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset


I’m sure Slovenia is absolutely lovely but a guy broke into our Air Bnb in the middle of the night so it’s made me really scared of it. Ha. We stopped in Ljubljana and it was such a lovely change from all the busy cities we’d been sight seeing in. With the river passing through, there were so many nice bars, restaurants and so many sweet nick-nack shops my eyes went into overdrive at the cuteness. We stopped by Metelkova – a squat! But full of art, installations, galleries, jazz and artist’s studio spaces. Amazing to walk around.

DSCF4746DSCF4737Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 18.25.45


AKA where I left my heart. Croatia was incredible. From visiting the national park Krka and catching a boat across a lake to swim around the waterfalls to the Plitvice Lakes which were just out of this world (these photos really haven’t been edited that much). Days spent with crystal clear water, lots of green and swimming – the dream. Our final day we caught a ferry to an island, after missing the one bus a day that takes you to the beach, we changed tactics and walked around the side where we were the only people. Setting up our picnic on the rocks, we jumped in and swam with fish.

And so I finish this post with tears in my eyes, take me baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Today I was sat in the uni library in my summer break still wearing my pyjama top doing work.

If anyone’s interested on doing a bit of travelling, would anyone fancy some posts how we (or Naomi!) did so cheap, what air bnb’s we used and things like that? Let me know!

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miu miu and the all-girl skate crew

That-One-Day-by-Crystal-Moselle_ph.BrigitteLacombe_03 01-miumiu-stills dd3s3vhaxezfmdvzxjghgysa3 That-One-Day-by-Crystal-Moselle_ph.BrigitteLacombe_13-800x470-1472833382-1 That-One-Day-by-Crystal-Moselle_ph.BrigitteLacombe_02

Miu Miu is great and I think my favourite daughter brand out of them all. As part of their on going Women’s Tales short film series, they’ve got hold of director, Crystal Moselle to continue their story of women empowerment. After coming across insane skateboarding girl gang called ‘The Skate Kitchen’ whilst on the train in NY, what do you do? You get the skateboarders and put them all in beautiful Miu Miu dresses, of course. Contrasting full hair, make up and accessories with piercings and skateboards, I love how it steers away from everything luxury like the brand’s known for and doesn’t strictly focus on the garments, highlighting the direction the brand’s heading in as the story’s told.

So that very quickly slipped into a uni essay. I just really love it. A good fashion film/documentary is right up my street, the episodes are here, here, here and here if you fancy watching!