paisley playsuit



playsuit – zara

sandals – asos

This playsuit (and sandals in fact) were one of those summer purchases done in March with good intentions of wearing AS SOON AS ITS HOT. A couple of months later and forgetting that I had these ready to wear, there were finally a good couple of days to whip out the summer wardrobe. I hardly ever find anything nice in Zara (mainly because the store in Westfield is 100% hell on earth) but every now and again there’s a proper gem. Introducing this beauty of a playsuit (and I think it’s in the sale atm). Disguised as a top/skirt/shorts, this playsuit is really clever with loads of layering-y bits going on and a cross-over back. The ditsy paisley print is really cute and the navy is a really pretty colour too. And sandals ‘cuz I am oh so summer.

I came home on Friday for a couple of days, it’s really nice to take a break from the muggyness of London and have some fresh air………(because obviously Nottingham is all round countryside lol) I’m off on hols with my fam on Monday but fingers crossed I get my act together and plan some blog posts for whilst I’m away!!!!!!

Also praise the lord for my housemate David and his photography SkIlLsZ.

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I know everyone’s over it but I’m not just yet. Isn’t Badly Drawn Models the best Tumblr account ever?!  I like people who don’t take the fashion industry seriously. Drawn by Sean Ryan (who apparently failed GCSE art?!) it proves ya don’t need to be drawing accurately to have 39,000+ followers on the old Insta. From Cara and Kendall to Karl and Caitlyn Jenner – all of our fashion favourites have been covered. A complete breath of fresh air, it’s nice to see those who are known for their pouts and poses looking a tiny bit worse for wear – so bad, it’s actually good. Who’s your favourite…….or worst?!

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beauty bits that (shockingly) aren’t from lush



YEAH YOU READ THAT TITLE RIGHT. Although this is literally all the things I own that aren’t from Lush. Basically, not a lot. I don’t think any of this stuff even really classes as beauty (a hair brush? looooool). Anyway I’m gonna talk about them pretending I know everything about them. Ellie Burns Beauty Blogger Representinnnnnn.


TANGLE TEEZER Because who doesn’t want to brush their hair with a leopard printed beauty?

ILLAMASQUA BARE The most beautiful lipstick in the whole world that 100% the same colour as my lips but I love it so much that I’ve now bought it twice which for me is a lot. Quite expensive, 70% worth it. I only own 4 lipsticks though.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE PRET A POWDER I just really like the name Bumble and Bumble and I think their packaging’s really cool. This is basically a glamourised dry shampoo that smells good.

KIKO EYEBROW DESIGNER (gel mascara) Cuz have you seen the state of my eyebrows?!?!! Actually, no, don’t look.

TOPSHOP WAX & WANE OooOOOooOoOoO glittery eyes!!!!!! Shimmer shimmer shimmer.

SOAP AND GLORY KICK ASS CONCEALER The bags under my eyes are Prada lol

BARRY M PAPRIKA  You know that panic you have when you realise that you don’t own an orange nail varnish?!

& OTHER STORIES LIPSTICK (DOESN’T HAVE A NAME THOUGH) My ‘going out’ lipstick for the whole 2 times a year that I go out. A pretty dark purple. Oo adventurous.

MARC JACOBS DAISY DREAM Pretty packaging, makes me feel all summery

EVA NYC LEAVE IN CREAM Moisturise a bit into the ends of your hair after you’ve washed it for baby-bottom-soft hair. Trust me on this one.

BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL Because my skin’s really oily and this allows my make up to stay on longer than 1 hour.


On a serious level, anyone fancy a blog post on some Lush bits? With the Oxford Street store opening recently, I’ve had to invest in two new boxes to cram all my stuff in.

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vintage halter neck



Sometimes you just love a top so much it needs it’s own dedicated blog post. I found this whilst rummaging through Beyond Retro and it was 100% one of those OH MY GOD I NEED THIS moments. As ya know, I’m not a crop top show-ya-belly kind of person but I think one massive exception has to be made for this beauty. With a tie around the neck and back, it means there’s no awkward bagginess and it fits like a dream. With shorts, a denim skirt and high-waisted jeans with a long cardigan thrown on top it was one of those where I started imagining things to wear with it on the journey back (am I the only one who does that?!). With a subtle nod to the 70’s with the fringing, I love the colours and the embroidery is oh so cute. The ultimate holiday staple piece has been found my friends!

Flippin love a good vintage gem.

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subjective reality

11425511_806685166113921_1740795678997495723_o15 2 3 6 7 8 9

You say it MEW-MEW don’tcha know. You know my opinions on designer (or daughter brands in this case) mainly thanks to my lack of dollar but I’ve been eyeing up this new AW15 campaign from Miu Miu all day. I think out of all the posh brands, Miu Miu has always been the one I liked the most.  Titled ‘Subjective Reality’, these images have so much going on – the idea that ‘a street photograph represents a more immediate, engaged, lived art’. These images were taken by Steven Meisel and I’ve been in love with his work after going to his exhibition at The Phillips Gallery in Berkeley Square last year. Obvs, I love the clothes but I love how there is so much going on in the images – a real urban setting contrasted against proper fancy clothes.  What’cha think?

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love a bit of crochet



As if our heads haven’t been done in enough already by all this festival fashion thing (dragged on year after year). Although one thing I do really love is all the crochet that’s around. From all the basic halter neck tops to the seriously colourful patchwork dresses, they’re really lovely statement pieces and I can feel a serious collection coming on. Embracing the whole 70’s thing, I’ve spotted loads of authentic, handmade crochet pieces around but it’s nice to see there’s a couple of bargain bits on the old high-street (Topshop is literally overflowing with the stuff!). What are your favourite pieces?



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