Saturday, 24 January 2015

for days in london:

Mainly for my own future reference, it keeps happening when mates/fam announce they're coming for the day to London and suddenly the whole of London goes blank and the only place I can think of is the London Eye. For when future events occur, here is a guide for myself. Maybe it'll help you too, or it's a good excuse to spend a day in London anyway.

For Market Rummaging:
Camden Passage, Borough Market
I still haven't managed to get down to Camden Passage on the market day, I literally miss it every time but the whole area around there is lovely. Lots of little cafes, sweet independent and vintage shops and I imagine it's even nicer when the market is on (also the Breakfast Club is there too so smiles all round). Speaking of food, Borough Market is actual heaven on earth.

(also Portobello Road Market, Greenwich Market)

Afternoon shopping:
For me, a proper treat is going to the other side of London and wandering down Kings Road. It's really posh, it's really nice and I always feel really sophisticated wandering down there. There's all the nice shops - Anthropologie, Habitat, Muji, Orla Kiely and of course a Lush (with a Spa). But if it's raining, Westfield is always a good shout. 

If it's sunny:
Kew Gardens, Notting Hill, Little Venice
Kew Gardens, my all time favourite place in London (a good 'Mum' place to go) and if it is still rainy it's still lovely being in the massive Botanical Houses - I absolutely love it there. Notting Hill, where I wish I live is an all round dream - lots of vegetarian restaurants, nick nacky shops and a wicked market. Little Venice is also really lovely if you want to pretend you're not in London. Kind of defeats the object really, but still really nice.

Later on:
The O2/V&A Lates
The V&A is one of my favourite museums in London and it's proper cool how they have the late sessions on Fridays - I'm still yet to go but it's definitely on the list to tick off. Another idea is always the old O2. Going to uni in North Greenwich, I completely forget there's this flippin massive tent next to me and yet I still haven't properly been inside. When my Mum's down next I really want to do something really nice, getting The Script tickets is a good shout (oh memories of seeing them at V Festival a couple of years ago....).

(also a trip up Primrose Hill, beautiful)
(also appreciation for cheesy Nan and Mum pic!!!)

For foooooooooooood:
Honest BurgerWahaca
Hands down Honest Burger every time. Granted, I haven't visited since turning Vegetarian but there I had the best chicken burger of my whole life. 2 years on I still tell everyone about it. They do really tasty chips and fruit juice in mason jars with stripy straws - what's not to love? Wahaca is the place for proper tasty Mexicanananana, quesadillas for everyone!

(also Franco MancaBusaba Eathai and if all else crumbles just go for a Nando's)

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(this post is in collaboration with The O2 which doesn't really matter because I still love The Script.... I'm fallin to pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeces)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

lost film

This year I really want to take more photos on film. After being completely distracted by my Instax Mini, I've forgotten how nice it is to wait a bit longer to see the photos you've taken (in this case 2 years). I got this roll developed the other day and I didn't have a clue what was going to be on it, turns out it's all from Summer in 2013. The Summer we visited The Willis Tower in Chicago which came out so well, some random ones when me and friends from home went to Alton Towers and photos from the day we went to Lollapalooza which was the best day/festival of my life. Super hot, pretty much all my favourite bands and no wellies worn - taaaaaaaaake meeeee baaaccccck.

I'm determined to use film more this year, I also now feel really excited for summer/going out and not wearing a million layers.

This week is pretty mad, today I'm going to some random tv show recording, tomorrow I'm off to the seaside and I'm seeing Alt J on Saturday ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

corduroy a-line skirt

top - primark
skirt - urban outfitters
belt - topshop
I'm not a massive fan of Primark, as in, I won't go in a buy 3 brand new head to toe outfits in one go - I'm more of a pop in once a month and buy tights, candles and haribo kind of person. The Primark in Westfield is absolute hell on earth so I very much like to keep my time in there to a minimum, but I picked up this crop top/high neck before Christmas and it's been a good buy. Fitted, with a key hole neck it has cute little details but worn with a massive jumper over the top works well too. It also washes well, which I'm pleasantly surprised buy. This skirt I also bought before Christmas, originally for work, I soon realised that corduroy and glitter really really don't make a good mix. But I like this skirt for every day anyway.

It's not like I haven't been posting recently, but I've felt a bit blog distant. I have so much I want to post at the moment but I've been completely distracted with London explorin, uni goin, work working, work experience and fashion week applyin and EATING CROISSANTS LITERALLY ALL THE TIME. How y'all doin? 

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

sales shopping

urban outfitters, topshop, zara x 2
zara, uniqlo
zara, urban outfitters x 2
I feel like this post should've been up 2 weeks ago as everyone's a bit done with all of December and Boxing Day sales stuff, but here's a post anyway.

Long rant kept short, I completely disagree with Boxing Day sales. With shops open pretty much 364 days a year (with my local shopping centre open until midnight on the lead up to Christmas), I think it's sad how shops can't stay closed an extra day for the sake of everyone spending an extra day at home chilling out (or recovering, if working in retail) instead of running out to buy things (that most don't need) which can all be bought online.

This was all bought in the Christmas sales either in the lead up to Christmas or bought online. Normally I'm not really a big fan of Zara but I was looking online on Boxing Day and there was so much I wanted. So many basic roll neck tee's, jumper and a playsuit/dress I've been looking at for ages. It's absolutely beautiful with a lace panel at the front and back with really lovely cuffed sleeves. I just need to find somewhere fancy to where it out. I found a couple of skirts in Urban Outfitters too which I'm so pleased I bought because I've worn them literally every other day in the past month. Also my first time looking in the men's section of Uniqlo was very successful. Dream navy jumper, FOUND! 

Anyway, let me know what you found in the sales - or your thoughts on them too. I need some more people on my side. 

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Thursday, 15 January 2015


It can only be good things when you combine lots of denim with Alexa Chung. I saw these images floating around Instagram yesterday and I love the collection (just don't look at the prices). The 60's and 70's inspired range is for AG, a Californian-based denim brand - really really cool, and obviously has the really casual Chung-esque feel.

Although completely out of my kind of price range, I absolutely love the pieces - the smock and dungaree dress are my absolute favourites. The collection is being released here tomorrow, can't wait to see it all properly! Let me know whatcha think.
(most photos from here)
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

i want all the scarves

It's flipping freezing outside and I want all  the scarves. I'm a real life moving scarf magnet at the moment, each one I see I simply cannot imagine my life without. Especially those massive big blanket scarves which you can hide your whole face under, my double sided one from Zara last year is still serving me well - and I can changed the pattern depending on my mood ya. In tartan, monochrome or a simple cable knit I won't leave the house without one.
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

striped roll neck

playsuit top - zara
necklace - tatty devine

At first I really liked this outfit but after looking at it I feel like one of those weird art teachers. Also, sorry that this is the first outfit post in a couple of years - after having deadlines, working to death in December and having a proper break over Christmas, I've kind of neglected the whole outfit bit of my blog. I think it weird having my face here now.

I've got a whole blog post on it soon, but I did a massive sale shop online at Zara on Boxing Day. One of those where you're lying in bed scrolling through buying everything. I love their roll neck tops with the batwings - they're so comfortable so I bought it in erm, a couple of colour ways (3). Roll necks everyday!!!!! I also bought this playsuit which at first I liked but have slowly gone off....I think it'll be lovely to wear in the summer but easy to wear layered with a top under too.

This week I've been back at uni and in the past 24 hours I've lost my debit card, oyster card and house keys. All is good you could say. New year new me etc.

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