You know I’m not the biggest Vogue reader in the world, but surely this is worth a mention. I love Iris, her Advanced Style gang and the celebration of being ‘old’ (what even is old?!) and being pretty damn cool at the same time. Therefore, this was quite fitting. Harvey Nichols have got a 100 year old model into the pages of Vogue to toast the occasion of them being around for a century. Shot by fashion photographer Phil Poynter, featuring Bo Gilbert it’ll appear in Vogue’s 100th anniversary issue proving that the older generation can be fearlessly stylish too. Such a cool idea, and maybe one day it’ll be seen as completely normal using someone not aged 20 to sell clothes and a brand, hey!

Ageism is sooooooooooo last century, dahling.

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embroidered denim

the-new-way-to-style-your-jeans-this-winter-1633273.640x0c Untitled-2

And I actually can’t get enough. Someone just take all my denim and sew pretty things onto it. It’s everywhere at the moment and just when I thought I really didn’t need another pair of jeans, I’ve just been given the perfect excuse. As well as badges and embellishments, I love everything about the neat embroidery. From cursive script lettering, scenery to bunches of flowers – they’re the perfect SS decoration. Especially when paired with a striped Brandy-style tee and double denim-ing it up with a jacket on top? Go on then.

Someone hand over a needle and thread. (Or the below will very much do too).



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Being a Student in London (survival guide 101)

Untitled-2I’m in my final term of my second year and I’ve lived in London now a year and a half……ish. I haven’t quite mastered separating my colours when I wash my clothes or making a decent meal, however I have worked out how to get food for free and how to save 50p on the tube. So I think it’s clear to see who the real winner is here. Kinda.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you can live in London and completely make the most of it without having money. If I’m honest, I work as much as I can and save as much of it as possible which has helped…but I also live by the minimum but comfortably. If that makes sense? I know that I have one more year living comfortably in London where I can work, have my loan, not pay tax and I really want to make the most of it. Let me know if you’ve got an tips/apps I should download and I’ll add them to the list too!

  1. Download the app Drinki. It gives you a free drink everyday. Also use the code EXH
  2. Also download Happiour for really good discounts on really good food
  3. Stock up on breakfast bars, hula hoops and bananas and if worst comes to worst you can live on those for a couple of days
  4. Catch the tube after 9:30. Stand outside the barrier until then. Save ya pennies. Believe me
  5. When the Old El Paso One Pan Rice Meal is on offer, BULK BUY
  6. If you’re going to an event, find it on Facebook and see if there’s a guest list you can get on
  7. Don’t catch the tube everywhere
  8. Download YPlan for (usually really cheap!) things to do in London
  9. If you want your hair cut for free, make good friends with a trainee
  10. Don’t go out out in Central London on a Friday
  11. Uberpool, if you have to
  12. If you can, see if you can live in a ‘normal’ area of London by normal supermarkets like Morrisons instead of fancy gourmet bread shops – you know
  13. Most museums in London are free!
  14. I live in Zone 3, but I can walk to Zone 2 for travel. It makes a difference
  15. Work somewhere you can walk to and take food with you!!!!!
  16. …then take on as many shifts as you can (It’s a sweet feeling knowing you’re earning money instead of spending)
  17. Make the most of all the free things in London!!!!!!! Markets (free testers), parks, the Sky Garden…
  18. If you want to see a musical, book the cheapest tickets on a weird day like a Tuesday afternoon direct from the musical website and you’ll probably get upgraded
  19. Find launch parties where there’s free food, drink and good music
  20. Look on Twitter for free gig tickets when artists launch new albums
  21. Rough Trade!
  22. iTunes festival in September (free gigs every night? errrr yes)
  23. Find opening nights for restaurants for cheaper food!

PLZ NOTE: There is ALWAYS money available if the ice cream man stops outside the house tho

Uni is intense but really good fun at the moment. I like it. Lots of work. Forgotten what day of the week it is.

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30,000 flowers

artist-rebecca-louise-law03 Law4 artist-rebecca-louise-law01 Law5 Law2 Law6 Law7 artist-rebecca-louise-law02

all photos etc etc

THIS IS REALLY COOL. I’ve followed Booooooooom (not sure how many o’s) for years and this is too good not to share. In Bikini Berlin (a concept mall, apparently), Columbia Road based artist Rebecca Louise Law has put together an installation involving 30,000 flowers. Working as a floral sculptor, she’s deconstructed a spring garden of carnations, roses to orchids and suspended it from the ceiling in the atrium of the mall and it looks beyond beautiful. On until the end of May, as the flowers dry naturally the colours and fragrance change making it ‘an ever-changing landscape of colour and form’.

So who’s coming to Berlin with me????? Also career change I want to be a floral sculptor. I’ve decided.

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Untitled-1I can feel it. Kinda. But it’s brewing (despite the thunder storm I was caught in the middle of today). There’s like 7 weeks of uni and this is the last summer before I start the dreaded third year. Eurgh. Therefore, in between trying to take on as many shifts at work as possible I wanna make this the best summer ever. Some I’ve already well and truly planned (travelling!) but others I’d love to squeeze in. I also turn 21 in September. Dramatic. I’m practically ancient.

  1. VISIT BRIGHTON (this is important)
  2. Rooftop cinema
  3. Notting Hill Carnival
  4. Spend some time at home
  5. Parklife fest
  6. Another trip to Whitby?
  7. Actually read a good few books
  8. Watch some life essential films (Harry Potter, Bridget Jones etc)
  11. BBQ in London Fields
  12. Step up the outdoor cinema in our garden
  13. Actually sort out our garden first maybe
  14. Go to the gym and get a summer bod innit
  15. Stop in a Classic British Hotel (snazzy)
  16. A trip to Hackney Lido
  17. Fill the house with plants
  18. … and don’t kill them
  19. Roald Dahl Museum
  20. Write my dissertation (!!!!!!!!!!)
  21. Get back on that smoothie hype
  22. Go swimming in the Olympic Pool
  23. Sort out my room of crap and sell lots of things

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(this post is in collaboration with classic british hotel) (also kewl kreative foto montage made by moi)



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Love me some Lazy Oaf. And this summer? It’s perfect. Mainly because of that cat dungarees dress and the bright pinkcat jacket (I can’t find it online anymore). It’s a sweet collection, super feminine but cool and obviously with that absolutely hilarious lazy oaf element too. My favourites? The checked trousers – duh, the backpack and the pink velour princess tee. The full lookbook is really cool. Lots of pastels, ice cream and hot weather. So yep, bring on summer and bring on payday so I can buy that pink cat dress.

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