flowers, carnivals and gallery visiting

Prepare yourselves for a load of word vomit and lots of photos because I’ve tried to narrow this down as much as possible but I just don’t think it’s happening. Yesterday I turned 20 (eurgh) and my blogged turned 4 (I think) and in celebration of all events I coincidentally did loads of well fun things. Here are them all documented in blurry photographs. YAY!Untitled-12q345Untitled-1768Untitled-1231Untitled-197Untitled-11234Untitled-1568Untitled-113Untitled-163753COLUMBIA ROAD

Mum came down to London to stop with me for the weekend and with her love of gardening and (trying to) grow things, it was only right to take a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market. AKA my all time favourite place in London ever ever ever. Stopping off at Ryan Town and for a croissant on the way down,  we also took a visit to Geffrye Museum. Oh East London, I love ya.


The exhibition that been over everyone’s Insta. I’ve wanted to visit for so so long. It’s really weird and nothing like I’ve ever been to before. Based on making choices, we wore upside down glasses (and Mum freaked), got lost in a pitch black space and got strapped to a fly machine, it was only right that the exhibition ended with us going down a slide (!!!!!!). The exhibition ends on the 6th so there’s not long left but worth getting tickets if you have a free afternoon.

Untitled-17 Untitled-121Untitled-1123Untitled-144WANDERING AROUND

After working flat out the past month, any spare time has been spent sleeping and washing clothes. I forget how nice it is to spend a day exploring London. We walked along the Southbank, popped into Somerset House, ate some amazing vegetarian food and managed to get super cheap tickets to see Wicked too. Obvs a photo of the flowers outside Liberty had to be taken.

Untitled-13Untitled-112Untitled-321Untitled-145NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO CARNIVAL. With my birthday being over bank holiday, it was always a choice between Leeds fest or a trip to London. Now I’m living here, it was wrong not to really. It was also my best mate from home’s birthday so we dragged our mates from home down and went along Monday afternoon. Ft stars glued to our faces our costumes just weren’t as impressive as everyone elses but we ate chicken (or just rice for me the awkward veggie), drank red stripe and bought whistles. Mega fun.  Flippin loved it. I’m going next year.

Sorry for the really long post/not posting at all recently, everything’s a bit weird/shit recently and I don’t really know what to do so this weekend was really really really nice and made everything a bit better. Maybe a long ramble-y post will come soon or maybe something a bit more fashion-y related. I dunno. Maybe maybe not. FAREWELL.


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jacket – c/o boohoo, tee – topshop, skirt – urban outfitters, vans – c/o asos, bag – mango

Being stranded in London by myself and working pretty much all the time – I’ve wanted to blog about these beauties for so long but haven’t got round to it. We’ve all madly fallen in love with it – the Disney and Vans collab. Flippin awesome. With a streetwear brand as cool as Vans collaborating with something as classic, timeless (and cheesy) as Disney, there’s nothing not to love. From Mickey all over your rucksack, to princess Jasmine on your toes – by adding that skater Vans edge it makes it a bit more acceptable to wear all the time rather than Minnie Mouse Ears (after that Disney Land trip). My black, smelly, slip-on Vans are already on my feet 99% of the time so the marl Mickey Mouse style have been well and truly welcomed to the gang. The funkiest shoes I’ve ever owned. Naturally, to balance it out and with my obviously really outrageous style I wore all black and white with the denim jacket from Boohoo that never leaves my side!

Mum’s down in London this weekend and we’re having the best time and I’m off to Notting Hill Carnival for the first time tomorrow with friends from home……….any survival tips greatly appreciated xoxo






I’m really lucky in that I occasionally get a cool email for things to do with my blog. But nothing quite the email about Viking’s #EmergencyHappiness campaign (yeah, the stationary place!). Aimed to making people slightly smilier and to make peoples day – to be fair this couldn’t have come at a better time (more on that in another post maybs). They sent me a small box and it completely made my day. Full of little gifts (and a lot of sweets), everything had been thought about. A wooden chest with a tea bag and biscuits inside – a reminder to take a break. A stress ball, a lucky bag filled with a lottery tickets, a lucky penny and a bag of glitter to remind you that every cloud has a silver lining. Absolutely love it. It makes you realise that even the really really tiny, everyday things in life can have a positive-edge to them too. An idea to definitely pass on.

Anyway, in celebration, here’s a list of things that make me happy. And make sure you tell me what makes you happy too. Happy days.

  1. Hummus
  2. Mum’s Shepherds Pie
  3. Days when you don’t have to set an alarm
  4. Clean bed sheets
  5. New clothes
  6. Train journeys home (and back to London)
  7. Days spent exploring London
  8. Markets
  9. The Seaside
  10. Cats
  11. Buying loads of magazines with nice front covers
  12. Bunches of flowers
  13. Burritos
  14. Summer Heights High
  15. The comforting Nottingham accent (ah, beautiful)
  16. Proper chips from the chip shop
  17. Doing nothing
  18. Free things
  19. Loan drop day

Also sorry for the disappearing act of like a week or something, everything’s been a bit mad and I’m turning 20 next week which is proper stressing me out. Eurgh.

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i’m after a black bag


There’s nothing worse in life than imagining something and then realising later that actually, it doesn’t exist. My problem is that I know I want a black bag – leather/pleather, a shoulder strap and big enough to hold my purse and a bottle of water (I have high standards don’tcha know). I’m really not that bothered about where it’s from, I don’t want (read – can’t afford) designer and I don’t mind paying a tiny bit more for something that gonna last more than a week.

Basically, if you know me you already know but I’m a proper granny bag lady. A granny tote bag lady to be precise. I honestly think I own about 20. I collect them everywhere I go. I can’t stop buying them. Instead of throwing whole £3’s away on fabric bags, I feel like it’s time I invested in something a bit more…substantial. So, send your bag links this way. There is one out there for me…somewhere… Here’s some I do like.



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studying fashion promotion


Hihihihihihihi. Prepare yourselves for the longest post in the world. After my previous really informative uni/leaving home posts (see here and here), a couple of people asked for a post on my course and things like that. I know that this time two years ago I’d just got my AS results, was forced to log into UCAS (eurgh) and DECIDE MY PATH IN LIFE. Overwhelming, flippin terrifying and weird. Hopefully this post would’ve helped past me when deciding where I wanted to waste my £9000 a year. Not waste, but we all know it’s a ridiculous amount of money so it’s worth doing the research. I’ve always known that I wanted to go to uni. I knew I liked art but not enough to do it as a full time course, I liked English and to write but I couldn’t see myself spending 3 years reading books, I liked Fashion but couldn’t be bothered to make clothes. So really? I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I think it was originally Gem who posted a link to her uni course years ago and that’s when I heard about Fashion Promotion. THERE’S A COURSE ABOUT PROMOTING FASHION. After researching I realised I didn’t have to be able to cut fabric, read loads and mix paint at uni – instead do everything else that I really enjoyed. The course of my dreams.

Obviously, the first step was going on all those uni rating websites and pick out the best course and then I stalked all the people I admire/want to be on LinkedIn and found out what they studied (regardless of what you want to do, I found this really really helpful/interesting/nosy). With a shortlist, I dragged my Mum to a couple of open days. Leeds University because I absolutely love Leeds but the course wasn’t for me, Northumbria…a bit too far, Nottingham Trent…too close, UCA…a bit too out the way and Manchester Met which I absolutely loved (and was my insurance) and then Ravensbourne. I made a kind of mental list of what I wanted from uni – what I was and wasn’t bothered about: to get a good job as soon as I graduate, to be in a city larger than Nottingham, to be able to get work-experience, transfer with work, be able to explore and have lots going on. I suppose this narrowed down the list to just London and so that was that sorted.

It’s weird. When you look round uni’s, you kind of just know as soon as you get there whether you’d see yourself there or not. I liked that Ravensbourne focused on building a portfolio and getting a job, it was completely digital, it included a 3 month placement and was located in London. I suppose it ticked all the boxes for me. Yeh, it is quite small, not exactly the best when it comes to uni life/freshers etc but I wasn’t too bothered about that tbh.

So obviously I can only speak for my first year (I’m sure third year will be a completely different story) but I’ve absolutely loved it. I’m in uni 3-ish days a week and time’s split between traditional lectures, research, guest speakers, trips to exhibitions, individual and group work. It’s handy because I’ve been able to fit in interning (a blog post on interning – anyone interested?) and work work and still have time to really focus on uni too.


From marketing an old Dior perfume to a modern market, getting set up on LinkedIn and using Fashion Monitor (a stalky website with everyone’s email in fashion ever) to research the industry in the first term. Creating magazine graphic layouts, fashion writing, studying denim brands, using LSN Global and WGSN (trend forecasting sites) to embrace the style of a brand and create graphics in the second term. We finally produced our own magazine, had to blog and studied fashion photography in our final. It’s fair to say there’s absolutely loads of work and we’ve covered absolutely loads. That’s not even including summer work (but er, we’re not talking about that at the moment).


 I know this is one massive big ramble but the main moral of the story is that I absolutely love the course. I think studying in London is great (and it’s not as impossible as people make out…maybe another post on that?!) and I’d recommend it to anyone. I’ve got a neglected blog where I’ve posted a bit of my work over the past year, but honestly if you have any questions or want to know anything else just send me a tweet or an email!


matalan saved my student kitchen!

DSC_0475 DSC_0478 DSC_0479 DSC_0483


blender, dish drainer, dustpan and brush, trivet, bowls, cloths, scrubbing brush, washing up bowl

Living in a grotty shared student house in the depths of East London – let’s just say when it comes to interiors the house is no Pinterest picture. Praise the lord for Matalan! As part of their Back To Uni campaign, they asked me to jazz up my student kitchen – obviously I was mega chuffed. It’s the perfect time. Our tenancy ended on Saturday so with people moving out and new people moving in (and me staying), we managed to find a cleaner to gut our kitchen. Combined with a new washing up bowl, dustpan and brush, drainer…our landlord was well and truly impressed let’s put it that way. I’m also the proud owner of a blender!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to the start of a new healthy lifestyle (and a clean, neat kitchen!). So if you’re heading to uni in September or going back for another year and need to top up with a couple of essentials, Matalan’s uni shop is a good place to start looking, I tell ya.

(Also in the series of ‘times my blog has saved me and my student house’ 1 & 2)

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