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The one really good thing about Sam is that he takes pics of everything so I just take them and pretend they’re mine cuz I’m absolutely rubbish at photography. SO I FINALLY WENT TO BRIGHTON FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER which took a hell of a lot of waiting (aka 21 years), it’s all me and Sam have spoken about so to mark the end of summer we finally visited for a week. To much dismay of all my Southern friends at uni (lmao), ‘you went to the slot machines, didn’t you?’ ER YEAH OF COURSE I DID, and I walked close to the sea and got splashed by a wave. Personal highlight, obviously. I love Brighton, please let me live there one day. Here’s a list of things you already know:

To eat:

  • Boho Gelato
  • Chocolate cake the size of your face at Choccywoccydoodah
  • Dead Wax Social for great beer
  • Loving Hut (amazing veg maybe vegan food)
  • Nooris Indian
  • Fortune of War Pub!

To shop:

  • Diplocks Yard ‘Brighton’s answer to Horrods’ (lots of cool old stuff)
  • Snooper’s Paradise for great knitted ponchos and fun timesz
  • Beyond Retro and any shop at all that says the word vintage
  • Pussy Home Boutique (SO much Moomin)

To visit:

  • The Pavilion which was just out of this world insane, absolutely beautiful
  • Casino cuz that’s how you win ya cash to get a cat tattoo lmao
  • The 2p slot machines because this post obviously shows that I’m just a wild gal with a gambling problem (I don’t I promise)
  • The row of cute beach huts

Also we saw Alfie as in Zalfie and that was just jokes and Sam was proper made up. It rained and it was still the best weekend – there will definitely be more trips when the big smoke gets too, er, smokey.

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cats on ma knees

untitled-2 p1210600

jacket – miss selfridge so old it could practically go in a museum

top – brandy melville

jeans – monki via asos

shoes – topshop

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about these yet. Like come on, I found myself in jean form…hellOOOOOO. A mom fit, nicely highwaisted, a sweet light blue watch, THOSE CAT FACE EMBROIDERED KNEES. For the love of god. I love ’em, I feel like they can only be worn on really special occasions so for the time being they live on the back of my chair in my bedroom. On show. For everyone to see.

Got a comfy striped tee to wear with it (because let’s face it anything Brandy Melville is as comfy as wearing pyjamas), jacket because according to blog I’m never seen without it (which tbf is half true). I can’t really wear these sandals anymore because it’s absolutely FREEZING outside but oh well sweet memsz of summer.

I think the beginning of my blog neglect has begun, days have been spent in the library until 9pm since going back to uni and I really only think it’s down hill from here. Speaking of which, fill out my questionnaire which asks about buying jeans!

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Aka the best summer ever. No question about it. Here’s a massive list of things I did so that when I’m crying over uni work (believe me, after getting one of my briefs the other day, they will be coming) or when I’m 30 I can read back on this. If I work out how to, I’m going to make it one of those continue reading posts so that it doesn’t take up literally my whole blog. (In kind of chronological order)

  1. Ate Mac & Cheese for days at the Urban Village Fete
  2. We had an ace Eurovision party
  3. …and cleared the garden and actually made it look kinda nice
  4. I got a Nutella Krispy Kreme from the Krispy Kreme dispenser
  5. I somehow ended up working in Rankin’s studio for a couple of weeks working on some shoots! Amazing!
  6. …The shoots were mainly nude shoots so a lot of my time was spent in Soho looking for fishnet tights! Bizarre!
  7. I got a goldfish and it hasn’t died yet
  8. A weekend up in Manchester for Parklife festival seeing Annie Mac which was the best thing ever
  9. I discovered there’s a roof top bar literally 5 minutes away from my house so basically that’s where the rest of my summer was spent
  10. I joined the All Saints summer tour which involved random trips around the UK including Eddie Stobbart’s house with a helicopter pad?!?!!!! View Full Post

blue jeans


pics from pinterest

I recently bought a pair and if I’m honest I don’t have a clue how to actually wear them. The most popular item of clothing in the world and I’m stuck. Lmao. I think it’s a combination of looking through street style and thinking ‘does not a single one of these girls own a jacket?!?!!?!!’ and being dedicated to wearing all black with all my heart. It’s a tricky one. Anyway, I’ve trailed through the depths of the fashion internet and here’s some realistic inspo for myself. Maybe you too, if you lack basic fashion styling knowledge like I do. A very very obvious place to start is with the Chung. Like duh. See image 1 and 2 and this article by the Man Repeller – a life savour for all.

So, lessons learnt, I need a fur jacket (preferably navy) and a wool bomber jacket with big pockets. (This is me convincing myself that I need to get them). And some glittery boots. So anyway, I welcome myself to 2016 or the modern era as I wear blue jeans for literally the first time in my life. And IT FEELS GREAT.

Jeans of choice: Topshop Orson Slim Jeans

Other denim queens worth following: Georgia, Megan and Lindsey



img_4374img_4367img_4394dscf4844 img_4440 dscf4843 img_4388 img_4456

If you haven’t already gathered thanks to my millions of posts dedicated to it on my blog, I really love the seaside. Like really really. Really. The tackier the better, hand over the slot machines and a stick of candyfloss and I’ll be the happiest person in the world. Whilst stopping in Brooklyn last month, we took a trip on the subway to Coney Island. The most seaside-y town of all the seaside towns I’ve ever been to ever (and I think one of the original amusement parks!), this beats them all. Embracing that classic, retro feel, we spent ages wandering around admiring all the old graphic design, Zoltar told me my future (amazing!) and Mum screamed way too much as we took a trip on Deno’s Wonder Wheel and the Ghost Train. We all had hot dogs and the biggest ice cream covered in sprinkles whilst we sunbaths and ate deep fried oreo’s (duh) as we queued up to see the Coney Island Freak Show. It was the most insane seaside dayout and it was AMAZING.

I know it’s lame of me for saying it but I think Coney Island was my favourite part of visiting New York and oh so most definitely up there as one of my favourite places in the world.


And on Friday I’m going to Brighton for the weekend and I’m really really excited, please give recommendations!

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black, red & silver

ellie_05 untitled-2

top – zara

jacket and skirt – topshop

shoes – vans

If only my legs were still this tanned, summer come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. This skirt has been a staple for me this summer, basically because it’s the best basic ever. A simple black denim mini skirt. That means I can wear it with things like MY AMAZING GLITTERY SHINY TOP. (Queue a text from Mum coming any minute now going ‘another shiny top????????’). What Zara do best. Toned down with my Vans but also my favourite red boxy jacket that I picked up from Topshop last summer.

How has everyone been? My weeks recently been spent squeezing in as much time at uni as possible, operation dissertation is a go and it ain’t gonna be smooth I tell ya.

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