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The best girl band going collaborating with the brand I wish I wore every day. Haim x Reformation is now a thing and I LOVE IT. They’ve created a NYE collection and it includes all the velvet, all the v-necks  and all the leather. 70’s inspired, beautiful colours  kinda grunge kinda boho. I’ve been desperate to go to the Reformation pop-up in Seven Dials before it closes mid-December, or even better maybe I should just pack my bags and move to LA………………

WELL NOW I’VE HANDED MY DISSERTATION IN WHAT’S HOLDING ME BACK? Jokes yh my diss is fina-bloody-ly handed in (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I have another deadline next Friday. I can kind of see the light, not really though. Hope everyone’s end of terms isn’t terrible!


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the boots of my dreams


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jacket and skirttopshop

top – nobody’s child

boots – c/o kurt geiger

Er so the boots of my dreams. No question. I’d been looking at these Carvela beauties for a while and now I’m the proud owner I don’t think I’ve ever been so protective over a pair of shoes in all my life. A block heel (that’s not too high either!), that patent wine shade and the detail of the tab at the back, that gold heel tho. A smart everyday shoe, super comfy, the answer to all the problems in my life. As I’m usually a scruffy Vans kinda girl I saw this as a good excuse to wear them with my favourite blouse from Nobody’s Child (they have the best things on there btw!) which comes with a skinny scarf, my basic black denim skirt from Topshop and fishnet tights before it’s too cold to wear them! The frost and red runny nose is real right now.

Here’s the first outfit post in ages! Also Ellie charge up ya damn camera! Shoutout to my homie Katie for helping me out! Also half of my degree (including dissertation) is due in 2 weeks so the pain is real right now. See you on the flip side bros.

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shopping: online and offline


Here’s a picture of me in a shop.

HI, IT’S MY FAVOURITE TOPIC TO TALK ABOUT: RETAIL, THE PAIN AND THE JOYS. I have beautiful anecdotes from 5 years working in retail whilst tips from being a student desperate to save money where I can. Asked by Contact Numbers UK as part of their #PartySeasonReady campaign, they’re a massive directory full of customer service and are looking to make everyone’s festive season as easy as possible so here are my pros and cons from shopping online and on the high-street (with tips along the way).

Shopping on the high-street:

  • Having to pay that extra 5p is annoying (and bad for the environment), tote bags are the answer!
  • Avoid weekends, obviously, no explanation needed and choose Monday mornings ideally (a dream, especially walking around Westfield Stratford)
  • If it’s busy, know your size…..just in case you need to make any last minute grabs without trying on
  • Save the earth! Email receipts! Also no rummaging around for them for returns!
  • Personal shopping services for when times get tough, Topshop and River Island’s services are free!
  • Take your Mum if possible because they always make the wisest decisions

Shopping online:

  • Have a backup plan for delivery just in case you’re not home….(deliver to work?)
  • …and the pain of waiting for delivery, free next day deals are worth keeping your eyes peeled for!
  • Shop with the store app in hand, research deals online just in case!
  • Mailing lists, discounts, etc
  • Dupes! Cheaper alternatives of basic garments? Try the likes of Boohoo, Missguided, boutique-y shops to get a cheaper Topshop alternative!
  • Groupon (despite the annoying emails there’s some good nuggets in there)

Also please share how you prefer to shop whether it’s on the high-street or online, and share your tips too wise ones!

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Post in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK

on living in a bubble


(This super massive cheese-grater like bubble I’m living in at the moment, aka the library)

Here’s a load of word vomit of things that have been going round my mind recently. We’re (I’m) stuck in a bubble and I think it’s a really weird situation to be in.

Obviously confirmed by the US election, triggered by Brexit and supported by social media, the idea that let’s face it – none of us knew the above was going to happen (it shouldn’t have happened) or had even considered it happening. By ‘us’, I mean my friends, my family, my circle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the social platforms I follow online. A circle we’ve all created where we all agree on the same things, share pretty much the same opinions, come from the same background, same generation, have similar lifestyles and consequently believe the same things. Then of course it’s a complete shock horror when we it’s revealed that the rest of the population actually disagree with us and if I’m honest the first thing that goes through my head is like ‘well where’s the evidence that there were people that didn’t agree?’, ‘I never saw anyone on my feed that wanted to vote trump/leave the EU’, ‘Where were the news articles suggesting this?’. And yet it took me a while (too long) to realise that perhaps it was there all along but I’m so bloody busy living in my own little bubble with my tailored news feed based around my likes and interests that I was and am, completely oblivious to it. Naive? Most definitely. Obvious? Probably, yeah.

It led me to think about this giant bubble I’ve built from social media and the people I surround myself with. Living in London spending my life going a million mph, surrounded by this (let’s face it) absolutely ridiculous fashion circle which in the grand scheme of things isn’t the be all and end all of the world (despite what everyone believes, I KNOW SHOCK HORROR). A world where eating sushi and drinking chai lattes are the norm (excuse me whilst I’m sick in my mouth but then quickly realise that I too am now that person), designer collaborations are a big deal and apparently paying £5 for a cider is completely ok (cider, because still that’s the only thing I can afford). When that’s all you see on social media, all your surrounded with, you forget that that’s not actually how other people live, or is it necessarily the right way either. I have this obsession with working, interning, doing uni work, research and doing extra things that help with uni, and I completely forget that THERE’S OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO OTHER THAN THIS.

So last week I went home and I discovered that yep £1 shots are still a thing and there’s also a park you can walk around and actual fresh air and you don’t always have to work. After a *cough* disagreement that I got into once after a night out in a chicken shop at home (yeh I’m still veggie tho) over Brexit. Nottingham voted leave and it was only when I went home that yeah all the industry has changed and I can see why people are unhappy, something that living in London makes you completely unaware of/forget. Obviously racism, sexism, homophobia I 100 million% disagree with a million times, but in regards to other subjects some people just aren’t gonna believe the same things are you. And they have their own bubble too.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose I’m telling myself to get out more and not get so caught up with my immediate circle of things going on around me and look further afield. Also to go home more often to make the most of cheap drinks. Also that maybe Brexit and Trump doesn’t mean the end of the world (I mean, I think it does but I’m trying to tell myself that it isn’t). Maybe I shouldn’t post this and keep it in my head, does anyone feel the same?

The end.


04-1 03-1 mih-jeans-customised-denim 05_custom_embroidery_03_compressed 03-denim_girls_story 01-custom_denim_tool

Since deciding that my FMP for uni was going to be based on jeans, I’ve somehow thrown myself into the world of denim and everything that goes into it. Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m really quite enjoying it. Deep into the jeans hunt and research and I found M.I.H Jeans’ latest campaign: The Denim Girls Project. Obvs oh so well and truly out of my price range but just my style (sigh).

Allowing you to literally customise your jeans to your hearts content. From being re-tailored, hand embroidery, patches added, tassles and frays – you’re covered. Leaving you with the funkiest jeans in the world, inspired by the hippy movement but still with that vintage London style – everything that M.I.H is about but totally with a modern twist. I love. Also check out this sweet video to accompany:

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aw wishlist




I want you to read the post title like awwwww wishlist. Cuz awwwww I can only dream. I’ve come home for a week to have a bit of sanity (after spending too much time with my Mum I’m beginning to question that), have a change of scenery from uni, see friends, go out and drink cheeky vimtos for days fam and make the most of home comforts (read: endless food and good toilet roll). So far I’ve spent 3 days not leaving my bed except to have baths and take a trip to Ikea (priorities, right?), and I feel like I should blog but tbh I just cba and I should maybe do some research for uni but tbh I just cba. There’s just a major case of laziness going on over here.

It’s cold, I’m still wearing my vans pretending it’s not 5 degrees outside and that snow is predicted and it’s time gal had a reality check. Maybe I should stop dressing like it’s September. Here’s some things that I would love to update my wardrobe with. To conclude, I LOVE FRILLS, FUR AND ALL THINGS SHINY. Please note I am SO desperate for a pair of boots and a navy/grey wool coat, galsz help me out, where else possibly in the whole world is there to look when I feel like I’ve looked everywhere?!

PS: I’m pissed off about Donald Trump too and this article sums up my feelings.

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