i want all the ankle boots



Moving away from that chunky/wedgy/Vagabond style boot, it seems like everything’s gone a bit more elegant and sophisticated this season. The round toe has been swapped for a point, leather for animal print and textures with a bit more of a heel added too. For a person who always looks scruffy 100% of the time (me) I feel like this may be the answer to making me look more sophisticated. Topshop are completely in the lead on the boots front and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want that glittery pair from ASOS. The answer to smartening up every outfit – denim dresses and jeans have never looked so glam. And you never know, this might be the answer to me buying my first ever pair of shoes that aren’t black. dun dun DUNNNNNNNN. Which pair do you want????

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a night at thorpe park

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On Thursday night I was invited to Thorpe Park for the Press Launch of their 2015 Fright Nights. I’ve never been to Thorpe Park as it was always too far away from us, although being a massive fan of Alton Towers I was s.o  e.x.c.i.t.e.d to finally visit (also I never realised how close it was to London). I dragged my friend along and bumped into Amy along the way and we completely made the most of our fast passes and visiting the new mazes. I bet everyone already knew this and I was the only one who didn’t, but I’m going to repeat it all anyway. The Fright Nights are basically when the park stays open until 10 during October and it all goes a bit Halloween-y (green eerie lights, people jumping out on you – the lot) and only the massive rollercoasters are left open. I went on Swarm for the first time in my life (backwards..but at the front, in pitch black) and it’s now my all time favourite ride, slowly followed by Colossus and Stealth. The Big Top maze which I think is the new one was terrifying ft rooms full of mirrors and clowns. Eurgh. It did give me nightmares. The Blair Witch Project also taught me that I’m never going to walk through woods in the dark by myself at night again. Which I wasn’t planning on doing anyway, but even more so now.

I didn’t realise how much fun (and just how scary) it was going to be but we had the best night and I’m so up for visiting again next year! Has anyone been to their Fright Nights before? Telling everyone about it, it seems like everyone’s visited before except me!

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I’m sure you’ve all seen this already, but I thought I’d post about it on my blog anyway. Over the past couple of weeks, Vogue have collaborated with Alexa Chung to produce a documentary on the British Fashion Industry. Being a fashion student, naturally, I absolutely love it but I think even if you have no interest in clothes and the way you shop – you might quite like it. There are 6 episodes (with another one being released next week…I think) as Alexa Chung covers everything from the secrets behind building your own brand, how the future’s looking, trend research and the power of body image and how influential it is. A realistic insight to how complex the industry is, how many jobs there really are and how it all works (refreshing!). And I just really like Alexa Chung too.

I’ve you’ve already seen it, let me know what you thought!

How to Break into the Industry

How Do You Become a Fashion Designer?

Positive Body Image and Diversity is Good for Fashion

How Do You Become a Fashion Buyer?

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Wow a good portrait really is the way to enhance my really wonky eyebrows and my gappy teeth. My dear friend from home Stuart recently started selling his handmade bow ties and I thought I’d do a bit of a blog post on them. Handmade by himself from ethically sourced leather, it’s such a lovely gift (if you’re organised enough to already be thinking about *that* C word). He has lots of different collections worth taking a peek at but mine’s from The Amber Collection called the ‘Crimson Paisley’. Love it. Also say hi to my housemates!!!!!!!!! David who I drag in to take all my blog photos and the lovely Katie – they look proper snazzy in the way they styled it too.

…and whilst you’re at it have a quick look on the old Insta too!

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a whole lot of blue


Recycled Crop Top – c/o Rokit

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Vans

Bag – Size

My photogenicness is just thru da roof ha. Also imaginativeness is off the scale. If in doubt, wear all one colour. I wore this last week when wanting to be comfy and this was the answer. The denim skirt which is honestly worn to death and this lovely blue top from Rokit’s recycled range (which I absolutely love). Although tucked in, I love its cropped style and worn with high-waisted jeans it does the job perfectly. Good old Rokit. The Old Skool Vans I finally invested in recently after my plain black pumps finally died a death of being covered in soap from work and with a giant hole in the toe (it was a tragic departure after 2 years) (they also smelt real bad). Rucksack is attached to me and never leaves my side, the best investment of my life that’s all I have to say.

(BTW legendary denim Urban Outfitters skirt which is owned by everyone and their dog is now in the sale check it ‘aht check it ‘aht)

This week I’m going to Thorpe Park!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been before as Alton Towers has always been closest to me but which rides should I go on first? SOS.

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what my daughter wore

what my daughter wore-2 Untitled-2

A really sweet idea. I love seeing blogs/Instagram accounts/illustrations being turned into books. Brooklyn based artist, Jenny Williams began by drawing her children and has documented how their style has changed over the years. Since then moving on to include drawings her daughters friends, teen style is shown at it’s best. Not only are the delicate, traditional pencil drawings beautiful but full of style inspiration. Casual, colourful and individual,  the outfits are really cool.

Anyway, her Instagram is massive and a book has been released including all of the illustrations. All awesome and that book is top of my Christmas list. Let me know what you think and plz share more illustration-y books to add to the list!

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