Wednesday, 20 August 2014

els encants vells

Typical blog post coming up. I was meant to post this ages ago but abandoned the photos on my laptop and only found them today when rummaging through. It would be wrong to not visit at least three different flea markets whilst on holiday, but I thought I'd post the photos from when we visited Els Encants, Barcelona's largest flea market which has been around since the 14th century which is pretty crazy. What's even more crazy is that my best bloggy bud Islay was in Barcelona at the same time so I dragged her around antiques with me! Perfect! I hope you like the pictures :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

navy shirt dress

shirt/dress - vila via asos
necklaces - primark and forever 21
shoes - c/o dr martens
bag - c/o nica
So I finally have a tripod, which is good. It was one of those deliveries where Amazon post a note through your letterbox saying 'hidden round side of house'. Yep it was hidden I'll tell ya that for nothing. Anyway, finally found it like three days later. Let's hope this one doesn't snap in half.

I drove to Birmingham on Tuesday, much to my Mum's shock ("WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE IN THE BLOODY BULL RING HOW DID YOU GET ON THE MOTORWAY")(she flipped). I went on a spontaneous shopping trip with my mate and bought a load of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and spent too much time in Forever 21. As a memory of the day I bought a necklace for £1.50 with a feather on it. I picked up this shirt/dress/thing on an ASOS spree the other day in the sale, it's a beautiful colour and I love the shape of it with the dip hem but classic collar. To add a bit more print, I added my lovely bag from Nica and it was only right that I wore my fave DM's too.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014


Here's some casual updates for y'all (or for myself to read in 50 years time). 
  • A levels, got an A* in Art, and B's in English Language and Literature (PROPER PROPER CHUFFED)
  • The sudden realisation that choosing English was a bad choice because I've actually never liked reading but somehow managed to get B's?
  • Going to Ravensbourne to study Fashion Promotion!!!
  • So leaving ol' Notts in a couple of weeks
  • My bedrooms a mess god knows how I'm going to get my life into boxes
  • I have to leave my job soon :( 
  • I turn 19 in 2 and a bit weeks and feel so flippin old
  • I still look like a 12 year old
  • Got in at 5 this morning
  • Wishing I was as cool as Cara
  • Tired
  • Purritos, my favourite thing
  • Pretty life changing week ya could say

Thursday, 14 August 2014

yelena bryksenkova

It's results day today (or tomorrow, when I'm writing this) and I'm currently numbing the pain with beautiful illustrations. Also with 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts and various ASOS and Topshop deliveries. Prepared. I get my grades at 7 I think and then UCAS at 8 and the whole thought of it right now makes me want to be sick. Deliberate torture, I tell you! The British Education System.

Anyway, I ended up doing some research on Yelena Bryksenkova, born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, she's a fine artist and illustrator. I first saw her I think in Betty magazine a while ago but only put a name to a ...drawing earlier after scrolling through the old Pinterest. Painted in watercolour, her work is inspired by travels, books, dreams and a sense of home. I love all the colours of her work, very autumnal, faded, kinda retro but all fits together. The mix of patterns are amazing too, they remind of the Frankie Journal and makes me wish that I wore more patterns.

I hope you like her work, you can buy her prints off Etsy and she also has a blog and is on Twitter too!

I wish I could paint.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

that awkward it's-summer-but-i'd-rather-it-be-winter time

I haven't quite mastered it yet. I liked it when it was really hot, life was so easy and I could get away with wearing summery things everyday but since it's all got a bit colder I've been struggling. I went into work yesterday with tights on and ended up full of regret, the day before I went in with just a t-shirt on and ended up freezing to death. I can't get the balance right. Luckily, my Pinterest is full of awkward in-between fashion so I managed to get some inspo and left with one answer - layering. That and, don't be a nutter and wear tights and whatever you do always take a cardigan/jumper when out. I also discovered that I need to invest in a maxi skirt (and then longer legs) and that if in doubt, just wear all red. Sorted. I think I've got this covered guys.

Please someone tell me I'm not the only one that struggles with the weather.......generally....all the time?
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Sunday, 10 August 2014

all black

This wasn't intentional. I started off looking for some lovely Autumn Winter pieces but then it turned into a collection of various different black items to then a whole black outfit. Soz, not soz. First of all, let's just address the coat. This beautiful coat. Coat of my dreams. Coat soon to be in my wardrobe. I've been imagining this coat for the past year and I was scrolling through Topshop online and suddenly had a total 'IT'S ACTUALLY REAL?!?!!!?!?!' moment and freaked out. Saving money for it has started. It has that sort of tailored, blazer style but oversized so aka my perfect coat. I've been trying to find it in the Nottingham store but our Boutique section isn't that big so wondering whether to just risk it and order it??? Surprisingly, I really like a couple of other black looking things etc etc and some lovely pieces of jewellery featuring black.... Then we've got Vagabonds. What are we all thinking? I was never too much of a fan but then I picked up a pair in Office yesterday and actually said out loud 'zomg' when I felt how light they were. I'm not a heels person, mainly because I can't walk in them...but maybe these are the answer? Pretty chunky and wedgey but with out being weighty and gothicy, I think these are going on the wish list.

Anyway, send me the links to any nice clothes you've seen recently. Also, one q - what's my favourite colour?

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Friday, 8 August 2014

walking around barcelona

i do not have a clue where this place is, but we looked at some decorative realism art in there and it was beautiful
i tried to make this photo in focus

park guell

olympic swimming pool

sagrada familia

top - urban outfitters
skirt - american apparel
sandals - asos
also sorry for unattractive/hilarious face, this is actually my face 24/7
Normal people, when they come off holiday, chill out and sleep - I don't know it's just my automatic response to turn on my laptop, upload my pictures and write a blog post. I'm absolutely shattered (I had a nightmare last night that devil mosquitos attacking my face so tbh it is understandable) but you know, here's the post. I hope you like.

Mum wanted a holiday (described in her own words) as 'a city break with a paddle' so off we went to Barcelona for just over a week and we stopped in a little dainty flat in the suburbs thanks to the old Airbnb (couldn't recommend enough) which acted as our kind of base. We visited literally everywhere - all the galleries, all the food markets, all the antiques fairs (there's a whole post on that coming soon hopefully) and all the historic sites. We spent days wondering around all the cobbled backstreets in the old town nosing into all the independent stores with all the handmade jewellery and bags and having deja vu wondering how many Desiguals we'd in the space of 10 minutes. In appreciation of GCSE Art we had to visit all the Gaudi bits and although the Sagrada Familia was amazing - Park Guell was by far my absolute favourite, so so beautiful with all the mosaic work and you can really see how it all links to nature - I'm not really one for architecture stuff but it was proper cool. In between killing my legs walking, we rested a bit and headed to the swimming pool which was used for their Olympics and I burnt my belly proper badly whilst wearing highwaisted bikini bottoms and you can just picture the awkward tan lines right now....(no, please don't).

Barcelona is now one of my all time favourite cities, so much culture and things to do and I would absolutely love to visit again. Let me know if you've ever been to Barcelona and what your favourite places were!