Saturday, 19 April 2014


HEY GUYS I FOUND REAL LIFE ETSY. Also known as Bird In Borrowed Feathers. I can't remember how I found it, I think it was waiting for the bus after work or something. Hidden down West End Arcade in Nottingham, it's filled with handmade and vintage items made by local and national designers. Fabrics, necklaces, prints, bunting, bags, cards - pretty much everything. When I first went in I totally had one of those omg-I-need-everything moments, it's a tiny shop made especially for me. I fell in love with cute dinosaur printed notebook and the traditional biscuit tea towel (they also had a wicked bourbon biscuit ipad case). They sell lots of things online, so it's definitely worth having a look if you don't live near Nottingham (although now I think this is a fair enough reason to visit).

I know where I'm going to be buying gifts from now on. 

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

oh i do like to be beside the seasideeeeee

top - american apparel
jeans - c/o asos
totes - c/o talented totes
OH I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEAAAAAAAAAAA. Funny, because I live in the flippin Midlands, the middle of the country, not besides any sea. Unless Skegness counts. Kind of. What's really annoying me about these photos is that they're both in different lighting, it's driving me insane. ANYWAY. It's all a bit Spring-y at the moment so I got out my mom jeans and stripy top (and my Mum's nice new shoes) to celebrate. I haven't worn these in ages. I also has some funky tote bags to show you, as you are probably already quite aware (and I'm sure Islay knows) I am a total tote bag obsessive. It seems that everywhere I go, I end up coming back with a random tote. Talented Totes is a website made especially for me, I originally heard about them when I went to Clothes Show in December. They have some lovely ones on their website, all ethically made (lots of floral prints) and featuring independent illustrators and print makers. I love!
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Well I did like gingham until I put this post together and now I think I've had slight overload. Slight, a lot. I iz well over tartan and I have switched my knitted checked scarf for traditional, (I also think very British looking) picnic blanket gingham. Gingham dresses, gingham shoes, gingham skirts, gingham trousers - you name it, it's everywhere. I definitely want to get some gingham-y things this summer, incredibly cute and refreshing - especially combined with block, bold colours (I love the mustard circle skirt). Ermmmmmmmm gingham smock dress on the wish list? Most definitely.

Let me know if you've bought anything gingham-y recently, I need some more things to find.
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

in space we're here a million miles away

The amount of times I've walked past the Hopkinson building in town on the way to the train station. Walked past, but never gone in (in all fairness, that's probably because it's on the other side of town and if I have to catch a train it's in the middle of the night really early). ANYWAY, yesterday I dragged my Mum with me to make a point of actually going in. I always kinda knew what it was about from noseying through the window, but I didn't realise how amazing it really was. 4 floors of second hand vintage, antiques, art and food. I can think of nothing better in one building. A tea bar full of cakes, soup (and tea), and then rooms of sewing machines, clothes and records. Piles of books and magazines to have a rummage through, and it all arranged into colour schemes too, not that that's important - I just like things like that. It had that proper dusty smell, it reminded me of my Grandma's old loft. I spent a long time in there. That is all.

If you're ever in Nottingham by the train station, you've gotta go, seriously.
Aahhhhhhh feels like ages since I've done a post like this.

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Friday, 11 April 2014

jersey pocket skirt

jumper (c/o asos) and skirt - american apparel
 Looking tres, grey, I suppose. Was gonna name this post various shade of...etc etc but ended up deciding against it for obvious reasons. ANYWAY. I need to wear this skirt more, I picked it up from the factory shop when I was on holiday a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. So comfy, it's such a nice colour (er, grey) and it's super casual....actually, so casual that you can wear it twisted and have the other pocket half way around your bum. It was only fair that I added my grey jumper too which is equally just as comfy and easy to throw on....gotta be keeping in with the theme too! Along with a pair of old black tights and a bobble that looks (strangely) very high up my arm, I look very dull, unimaginative and grey. But also comfy. So it's ok (?!).

Alright guys, I booked myself for a hair appointment today so my hair will no longer look so freakishly long. My Mum keeps on calling me a witch and it's no longer funny.

In other news, Claire's did a little blog post about me and it made my day :) :) :)

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

i would like

.....if I won the lottery. A new sweatshirt because I suddenly decided I like to wear mine to bed, and now they're all covered in toothpaste and have gone all bobbly and out of shape because they've been washed too much. This dark grey one from ASOS is lovely, I think it would be nice to throw on in the summer when it's warm lol. This denim skirt I've been looking at for a while and on the hunt to find a cheap second hand one on eBay, to wear with previously mentioned jumper, cool sunglasses and slip on vans. I've kind of neglected Zara recently after going overload on their AW stuff, but I absolutely love this, the colour, sleeves and collar. Gingham dress to wear on picnics when it's warm, and two piece sets. Whatcha think? They are kinda 'sporty' but I love the print of this set from Monki and I think they would be handy to wear on the (imaginary) beach.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

pancakes, lucky cats and funky coats

jacket and jeans - urban outfitters
top and bag - topshop
shoes- vans
Here I am going all Scott-Schuman-street-style on ya all. Or maybe not. On Saturday I woke up at stupid o-clock to catch a half 6 train (the things I do for cheap tickets) to spend a day in the big smoke with Sophie. We met up to go to the Love event, but of course that wasn't until after an essential trip to The Breakfast Club. Pancakes. Every. Time. We then wondered around Soho and down Carnaby Street with a trip to Beyond Retro in the middle (bought a well nice skirt), then I took a well hipster pic of my bath bomb stained Vans. We then went on a mission to China Town, and went into this building up an escalator on Charing Cross Street because I've always wanted to use one of those Purikura photobooth machines...(like these), anyway, got there, IT WAS SHUT. There were real tears so I took photos of other people's stickers and then I found a whole Hello Kitty shop which was really cool. I know I'm not very good with descriptions but if you're ever heading to China Town go to that place with escalator because it's proper cool. I then saw my first proper piece of Banksy IRL and fell in love with a funky mermaid coat in Topshop. N.E.E.D.

Speaking of London, you must all follow my favourite London blog (although I'm sure you already do)

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