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So this is a really really long time coming. I never get requests on what to post on here (no one’s that interested) but the one recurring theme is people asking me about internships. I’m an intern obsessive and I completely admit that. I’m lucky that I have a student loan to pay for me to be in London for 3 years and I am so bloody determined to make the most of it. I really want to be able to afford to stay in London when I graduate and I know this is the only way. Also I’m scarred by retail (don’t get me wrong I love my job and it’s perfect at the moment but I know it’s not for me in the long term).

So I study Fashion Promotion and I absolutely love my course. I’ve learnt a real broad range of things within media and fashion thatI’ve then come across whilst interning, so it must be good!  I’m not really sure what direction I want to take after uni so I’m trying to experience as many aspects as possible. I think when you actively do it in a realistic environment that’s when you really get to narrow down what it is you like and don’t like. I’ve learnt that if you want to be a stylist, realistically a lot of time is spent dragging a suitcase around and that with social media and content creating so much time is invested in analytics…something I definitely enjoy more. I only know that because of interning (and btw I’ve only made like 3 coffee’s in my interning life – it’s all a lie (I think, so far)).

First thing’s first: If you say you don’t have time to intern, if you really want to do something you’ll make time for it. If you have to work part-time at the weekend too in order to buy food then do it, it’ll be so worth it.

Why they’re reaaaaaally important

  • It’s sad but my £9k fashion degree is worth nothing without experience
  • To find out what you really enjoy and love
  • To trulllly experience fashun darling
  • Meet lots of people within the industry
  • If you don’t intern, someone else will
  • To get a damn job
  • Master the art of email culture, of course
  • Learn how amazing clothes steamers are and how much you need one in your life

What kind of internships?

Literally everything. I’m still finding out jobs that I never thought existed and when you find out it’s like ‘ah yeah, that completely makes sense’. I’m a complete stalker anyway, but one thing I’ve found that helps is finding someone you really admire and I think ‘I want to do what you do’ and then finding out how they got there. It may be from an editorial from your favourite magazine, a piece of writing you really enjoyed, your favourite LFW show, a brand’s social media account you really enjoy – find out who creates it, which creative agency they work for,  the job role etc…. Next thing, log out of Linkedin (you don’t want to look like a stalker) and then find out where they worked, interned and the roles they did to get to where they want to be. I’ve found this so so helpful.

I also think it’s really important to not be stuck in one direction. If you’re 110% sure you want to work in PR then obviously that’s amazing but don’t feel like you have to be stuck doing that. Work for lots of different sized companies of different market levels and try doing as many different things as possible, it all crosses over and you’ll get to meet so many different people!

Where to find them?

Twitter = amaze. Fashion Workie (the best), Intern Wardrobe, UK Fashion Intern, London Internships … follow. them. all. Fashion Monitor (I can access it through uni) is amazing and basically contains the contact details of everyone in the industry so really good to send across a speculative letter. Even if they’re not looking at that moment, there’s no harm in asking. I’m really bad in that I send really really ramble-y cover letters and I wish I was more to the point but to talk about what you do, your interests and when you’re available are probably the best parts to address! I suppose you already do – but make sure you’re following all your favourite brands on social media (especially if they’re local to you too), really handy when they post about wanting interns.

The best time to do an internship?

Whenever! Obviously holidays are perfect…especially for longer length placements and if you’re not London based it’s easier to find friends/family to stop with. Part-time internships are great (mostly done with smaller/independent brands) as you can fit it around uni work, I’ve found they’re great because you really get to do a variety of jobs. 1 day/a couple of days are really useful too. Especially if you follow lots of small magazines on Twitter/Insta, they occasionally look for people to assist for the day especially with loans and returns. I assisted a stylist on a shoot in the summer and although I know I never have any intention of becoming a stylist, the things I learnt were really useful and nice to know. I know Conde Nast and many magazines (I think Hearst?) take on interns for only 2 weeks at a time so that’s really nice to dip into magazine experience. I suppose it goes without saying but brands/production companies are always looking for runners during LFW too. Mental and long days, but so worth it to have a proper insight. Fashion Scout and of course the BFC are awesome to contact.

Other things…

Don’t look for a paid internship. Well obviously do and if you do get one then UIFHEIUHDEIWUDIUEWHDFEIUW THAT’S AMAZING. But travel expenses, cool – food expenses too? Bloody amazing. I expect nothing but just remember that you are working as an intern – like you’re there to learn too. Yes you’re there to help and work, but it’s got to work both ways. Make the most of it – ask all of the questions, experience as much as possible, do all the tasks that aren’t fancy and work hard. Although, don’t put up with being exploited and treated like shit and if you really really hate it (I did one last year and I never cried so much) there’s no point carrying it on, there’ll be another one out there for you that you’ll end up loving.


And if you do have any questions at all, honestly feel free to ask anything at all because I know what it’s like starting out and it’s all a bit overwhelming and crazy.

(I’m also one day going to address the negatives and my personal opinions on interning within the fashion industry, but I think that’ll have to wait for when I’m comfortably in a job and no longer have to rely on internships…………….until then I just roll along)


fur bomber + zip front skirt


jacket – topshop

top – monki

skirt – asos (via lovethesales)

shoes – docs

HEY GUYS NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY. Living on a road in the depths of grotty East London – it doesn’t look the most appealing at the best of times, add wintery grey skies and a load of mouldy leaves and it doesn’t make the best of settings for outfit photos. Also it’s been really cold. So there’s that too. Anyway, I had a couple of Arcadia vouchers and picked up this jacket a couple of weeks ago in the sale (20 quid) (b.a.r.g) and it hasn’t left my side since. It’s really cosy, obviously, and I like to think it makes me look more sophisticated than I am/even more like a 6 year old. The skirt was also kindly sent to me from Love the Sales. The concept? Literally shop all of the sales online in one place. G.e.n.i.u.s. I’ve found some right gems on there, from Topshop to Urban Outfitters and the ASOS sale you’re bound to find something you promised yourself you’d buy as soon as it went into the sale.

Of course, my bestest David took the photos and he’s amazing (and he’s recently set up a photography blog too!)

Also update: Still ill and dying

Update update: I promise as soon as there’s blossom on the trees I will upload more outfit posts

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the lookbook of dreams

fran_14-53ebdf68ec47c fran_11-53ebdeb69dd3e fran_13-53ebdf3dcb2e6 Untitled-2 fran_12-53ebde76be972 Untitled-23 fran_9-53e7429ea4f12fran_8-53ebde5786fce


Beautiful imagery, illustrations and beautiful garments. A lot of my week has been spent researching up and coming designers and I stumbled across Frances Rose Knee along the way. Graduating from CSM a couple of years ago, this is one of her really old collections from 2014 but I really love it. Inspired and based on hoarders and collectors with each look apparently inspired by a different character throughout history, it’s a really lovely idea and I really like it. From the delicate hand painted and illustrated prints combined with heavily embellished chunky knits. It’s so romantic, creative and I think the lookbook is a complete dream too.

What’cha think?

In other news I’ve ran away to die. Burying myself in bed with anibiotics and a plaster on my arm from blood tests. It’s all fun times at the moment. Whoop whoop.

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coconut oil, GAME CHANGER


Well it’s a running thing that whatever I post on here is completely out of date, so let’s just roll with that consistent theme. BLOODY HELL COCONUT OIL. It’s something we need to talk about. I’m going to repeat everything you already know but it needs to be done.

So winter hit me (or my face) like a train this year. I don’t have a clue about make up but skincare is something I find more appealing and when my skin dries up a bit, I’m devoted to Ultrabland and Ocean Salt. But wtf do I do when even they don’t work?! Well I dunno either. I tried everything. My face = actual sandpaper. I was given this pot of coconut oil when I was at fashion week last season and to be honest it’s been abandoned on my bedside table for a good…6 months. Desperate times, thought I’d try it out as a cleanser and holy shit my friends – that’s all. Massaged into my face and removed with a warm cotton pad, g.a.m.e. c.h.a.n.g.e.r. With a little bit dabbed on to ultra dry areas (I’m scared of going OTT as my spot prone skin can change it’s mind at any minute), my skin has honestly never looked better.

Thank you for reading my post on something you all already know, and goodnight.

Also this coconut oil also cooked my popcorn yesterday and if there’s a product that can help cook my food and help my face is something that needs to stay in my life.

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DSC_0609 DSC_0623DSC_0612

Scarlett of Soho Glasses – c/o Glasses Direct

Too many pictures of my face for one post, sorry. In other news, let’s address the new specs (and a new trim but that’s not as important (new year new me etc etc)). Went for the heartbreaking appointment at the opticians the other week and the news was broken to me (yet again) that I’m gradually getting more blind and that I have the eyesight of a 60 year old. Praise the lord, or maybe it was fate, Glasses Direct saved me that exact day and let me pick some of their fancy women’s glasses. Now, I’ve been through many (mostly tragic) pairs of specs in my life and I know I say this all the time but…….guys………….I think I’ve actually found. the. pair. As in, as soon as my prescription changes (probs soon), I would definitely keep this exact frame. A sturdy style (aka: me accidentally treading on them proof), a really lovely but trendy tortoise shell olive shade and just a really wearable shape – there’s nothing I don’t love about them. For someone who refuses to go out the house wearing glasses, I haven’t not gone out the house wearing these beauties.

There, I’m in love.

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loads of photos of the back of my head

23748269184_817b74f51a_k23749654533_04efad0736_k23784669943_1625a8fa90_k24329027841_c1140ba0db_k23784677563_e5b0c801e8_k24080859110_b843079690_k24376369625_c5efed1741_k24115912140_f38db89a87_k 24385201756_663f92908d_k 24043622849_217e3423e3_k24080745570_2be391f85c_k

My favourite thing to do: steal other peoples photos and pretend they’re mine and give the impression that I still carry my camera around everywhere. Luckily, Sam actually does. And unlike mine, his photos are actually in focus too. Bam. Sorted. So here’s what I’ve been up to recently!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being obsessed with film, he wants to shoot a roll a week and is documenting it here too. Such a sweet idea. Especially using film to document everything you do – from the tiniest things like your bowl or cereal in the morning to the dramatic city sights, it’s only when you look back that you realise how lovely it is. I’ve stolen a couple of his pics from the past couple of weeks, starting (or ending in this post) with going to see the fireworks on the London Eye to celebrate New Year’s Eve which was AMAZING btw to lots of London exploring. Oh and a consistent theme of crumpets with cinnamon and honey for breakfast running throughout. Really recommend actually, new favourite food, I’ve really got into crumpets recently.

In other news, it’s time to celebrate and look back on a time when I once took a camera with me everywhere. RIP. I want to (need to) start taking photos that aren’t just stuck on the old Insta.

Whilst I’m at it, recommendations on things to do in Budapest?! Plz fire this way.

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