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I dunno but I can’t help but feel that this is the beginning of a disappearing act. I mean, no it isn’t – I haven’t blogged in 6 days and I think it’s a bIg DeAl when it really isn’t but in comparison to last year, a couple of of years ago when it was every other day I’m definitely not at the same speed. That doesn’t mean that I’ve dramatically ‘fallen out of love with blogging’ because I haven’t and I’ve got ideas pouring out of my ears (like usual) that I’m desperate to get down. However, I feel like things of changed and my blog is no longer a priority, which I hate, but equally I’m so pleased because it means that everything is going in the right direction. My planned chilled summer has been the complete opposite (which I’m secretly pleased about) and I’ve been assisting a stylist on all these shoots in Rankin’s studio and working with All Saints (yep like the 90’s band) on their shows (leading to some good press!!!!!) and generally being in some very bizarre situations this past couple of weeks (er, being a metre away from my hero Rachel Stevens, er). For the first time in my life I’m not called an intern and I’m actually earning some money from it too which I’m obviously really really chuffed about. More shocked than I am chuffed. Hello orange juice and not tap water.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I used my blog to get to uni, to get to internships to I suppose then get this and now I feel like I’m maybe on my way to getting somewhere within the industry and I’ve gotta push my blog to one side for a while! Which is ok!!!!!!!!!!! This is my last proper summer before my final year of uni and I’m travelling, working, and just saying yes to pretty much everything I can and it’s GONNA BE AMAZING.

Anyway, yep, that’s all – I’ll keep ya updated.

Also I think I’m off to Brighton tomorrow for the first time in my life so plzzzzzzzz send recommendations xxx

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Untitled-2It’s been on my long tube journeys recently where I’ve been having those deep thoughts. David and I talk about them all the time (you know the one’s where it’s like WHY AM I HERE? HOW DO I KNOW HOW TO STAND? WHY IS MY NAME ELLIE? WHY DO CLOTHES EXIST AND WHO INVENTED THEM? WHAT IS THE WORLD?). Love it. Equally hating it as it completely does my head in.

More recently it’s been me squashed on the Overground thinking I’m here doing this and everyone’s here doing their own thing……………it’s so weird to think there are people on the other side of the world just doing their own thing too. Then going on to thinking: I want to go there and do that, see the local gems where they live, all their free museums, parks and the best local independent shops. I’m ticking off a lot of my bucket list in the next few weeks (WHICH I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT) but I’ve only ever really thought about visiting Europe, maybe America and kinda forgot about the rest of the world. Here’s a continued very cliche list:

  1. To see the Northern Lights
  2. Visit India, the Taaj Mahal, their festivals, see all the fabrics, eat all of the food
  3. AUSTRALIA and the Great Barrier Reef, their beaches with the swings in the sea, the sun
  4. Japan – Tokyo, Kyoto in spring with all the cherry blossom trees
  5. Norway
  6. Iceland and the blue lagoon
  7. Marrakesh and the YSL gardens
  8. Mexico City and everything to do with Frida Kahlo
  9. Sahara Desert cuz why not
  10. Thailand and its elephant sanctuaries
  11. Korea – just all of it – I find it really interesting
  12. A cruise around the Antarctic (I’ve never been on a cruise and I don’t think I’d like it and I don’t really like the cold but this in my head sounds perfect)
  13. Visit New Orleans
  14. Cat Island. I dunno if there’s actually any cats there but the name gives hope
  15. Moscow (and take the Mongolian Express!)
  16. Indonesia
  17. South Africa (Cape Town!)
  18. Go skiing, anywhere, just to try it
  19. Copenhagen
  20. Cuba!!!!!!!!! and Key West!
  21. Brazil

So if anyone fancies sponsoring my blog and transforming me into a travel blogger I would be completely a-ok with that.

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(This post contains a sponsored link but my need to travel the world remains the same) (hope you enjoyed my rambles I felt they were top notch today)

the (fashion) intern essentials

BeFunky Collage

This isn’t an advice post. Because anyone who feels like they must take advice from me must really be at a last resort. However, my favourite topic, INTERNING! I LOVE INTERNING! Now that’s something I can share a fair amount of advice on.  I covered the basics a couple of months ago, general things I’ve learned about London and being a student – but now you’ve got your internship and you’re all sorted, here’s some extra things I’ve learnt along the way and might appreciate! Or might not! Who knows!

Obviously it completely depends on what kind of internship your doing – if it’s banking you want to do this might not help that much tbh. However fashion PR, styling, events and bits like that, that’s the kind of direction I’m going in. Also let me know if there are any other posts you’d like to see regarding fashion interning/university etc or send over an email!

A notebook……and a pen

Invest in a notebook to use at every internship. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING – that little tip you’re told about using Fashion Monitor, the answers to every question you ask, that lady’s email address who you just met who you’d love to work with one day…………


Download it. But the chances are you already have it. From all the random addresses that you have to go and pick garments up from, you’ll thank yourself. Also the first couple of times diving into the depths of Dalston for design studios, it’s got your back. I promise.

A portable charger

If you’re using your phone so much you’ve gotta know how to get back too (and have music for the journey home!)

All of the black clothes

If you’re assisting at an event and they don’t tell you the dress code, just assume. Or for general every day, go for clothes with pockets. It’s an odd one but handy to put your phone, oyster card, tickets in whilst juggling a million things. Also bring a backpack so there’s more room on your arms to carry bags, which leads me on to………….

Grow 10 arms

Ah you like carrying shopping bags? Here have 10! (This is a joke, kind of)

The comfiest of comfy shoes

Running up stairs and down Oxford Street you’re gonna have dooooooown my friend. Obviously you want to work in fashion, but in my opinion what you wear isn’t the end of the world. You’re there to work hard and be prepared to do whatever they ask you to do, so wear things that are comfy, don’t show up sweat marks (GROSS BUT BELIEVE ME GUYS) and lots of layers so you can always take some off/add just in case. Looking on trend and fashionable is the dream but at the end of the world I’m an intern, I have no money and I really cannot afford fancy clothes!


Water and skittles

When you have no money at least a bottle of water is free to refill and you won’t die of dehydration!!! Also sweets for when Thursday afternoon hits are handy. Breakfast bars work just as well. Also eating in Central London ain’t no Boots meal deal price – cook bulk pasta at home to bring in and save yourself from spending £7 a day on food!

A Brolly

And sunglasses. Use both at the same time if the occasion arrises. Nothing worse than getting back to the office feeling sweaty as anything and being caught in a complete downpour.

Mattifying Powder

A matte face completely gives the impression that everything is under control, honest. Also bring deodorant. I feel like I’ve given the impression in this blog post that I’m a really sweaty person…..which tbh I am but I’m just warning you!!

Happy interning!!!!!!!!! Fellow fashion interns!!!!!! And don’t forget to claim back your travel!!!

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mother of pearl ♡


dress – mother of pearl


HELLO AND SO ON MY BODY RIGHT NOW IS THE FIRST DESIGNER ITEM I HAVE EVER OWNED IN MY LIFE. I think. Seeing as the weather is pretending it’s the middle of November right now it was a fine excuse to get the black tights back out and put on this silk, burgundy number. Picked up at the House of Holland and Mother of Pearl sample sale I think last month of so, it was a promise to myself as soon as I moved to London that I’d find as many sample sale bargains as possible. £30 amigos. Cheaper than Topshop amigos. I couldn’t say no as everything about this dress is my style: the high neck, the long sleeves, that zebra print. I love it. A tiny bit on the short side but as long as I wear tights and I don’t lift my arms up, it’s all completely fine. Mother of Pearl are known for their print and patterns, combining sportswear with luxury fabrics – I’m obsessed with their fashion week shows and their pieces are beautiful.

I’ve just finished reading this book (I’m calling it, er, dissertation research) and I absolutely bloody loved it and I’m the fussiest reader in the world. DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT (if you’re into fashion and the industry that is).

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summer wish list



Followed by continuous rambles about wishing I had more money, why I shouldn’t spend all of my money on Greggs, a short cut to winning the lottery etc etc etc. Here are some things I’d really like. Some a necessity: those Dr Martens sandals (DUH) (tip: get a housemate who works there and can get you a damn good discount) and perhaps another black denim skirt because 3 currently is just not enough. In between, I’d love some new jim jams and some kind of smartish dress would be nice as it’s my housemates 21st soon. Smartish dress: ELLIE DON’T BUY ANOTHER SCRATTY OVERSIZED BLACK T-SHIRT DRESS. The rest, just bits that I really love. I need to pick up a couple of basic bits before I go on holiday but tbh I think I can get away with a F21 and Primark run for that.

In unrelated news, I’m currently home for a week. Like ONE WHOLE WEEK. I’ve just got back from Parklife in Manchester (which was mad and muddy) and now I’ve got a week of chillllllllllllin. Happy days.

Also thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog post, they were really kind! I’ve added a giant box featuring recent blog posts too to the top of my blog, what do you guys think? Keep it or let it go? I’m not too attached either way.

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Working in the Creative Industry (OUR DOCUMENTARY)

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.52.22


This past term at uni we’ve been looking at film. Eurgh. Film. I’ve always been scared of it and the idea reality of having an idea in your head and it just not coming out the way you want it to. Every damn time. We could either do a fashion film/documentary or lots of short episodes based on anything to do with the creative industry and London – just as long as it was targeted at our age group.

We looked at how creatives work in London. Whether they have another job on the side, use their bedroom as their creative space and how they use London to influence their work. Our short episodes are called Overtime. Sometimes you’ve got to put the extra hours in – but when you absolutely love what you do, you can totally make it work.

Featuring my favourite blogger (and Notts gal) Charlotte, my friend Emily – a fashion photographer and Laila, the coolest musician (and blogger!) in the world. Also edited by my bestie Sam, shot by Jed and illustrations by my housemate Cat (who has an awesome new blog too!) – for the time ever the result looks exactly how it did in my head and I’m proper chuffed!!!

If you wanted to watch them each episode is only like a minute long, I’d love any feedback!