a day at daytona beach

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DSC_0309skirt – urban outfitters top – beyond retro sandals – asos

In between a day of Minnie Mouse ears wearing and being thrown around on loop-the-loop rollercoasters, we had a more chilled day and drove up to Daytona Beach. The old rollercoaster was there, pier, sandy pavements, dusty slot machines and lines of ice cream parlours (The Cold Stone Creamery ice cream place btw, oh my gawd) – it’s a proper, classic beach town. A bit like Skeggy but a million times warmer and a lot nicer . We wandered along the promenade, paddled in the sea and sat in the sun. H.e.a.v.e.n. Now I’m sat here in my pyjamas and its raining, oh life.

I suppose if you’re ever in Orlando and you’re looking for a break from that theme park life (or maybe it was just us who wanted that break?) a trip to Daytona Beach must definitely be on the cards, I tell ya!

(also the foodie pics were actually from the 11th Street Diner in Miami…but I thought they’d look nicer in this post, blogger probs innit right)

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in my beach bag!

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Here’s an old school blog post for y’all. Boohoo asked me to share what’s in my beach bag and seeing as I’ve just come back from my hols and I’m still longing for endless sunshine and ice cream, I dug out my bikini and essentials and pretended I was going to the beach again. If only. Also scrolling through Boohoo made me realise the amount of bargains I miss out on, if you’re still looking for some last minute bits for your holiday their summer shop is well worth checking out.

The beach bag of choice was the recently invested in (major) payday treat – the Fjallraven Kanken backpack. I’ve been wanting one for ages and everyone’s kinda over them now (like everything I buy it seems). I thought it would be handy as obviously it’s massive but being waterproof too it’s handy for dragging to the beach!


To Wear:

Bikini Urban Outfitters (their high-waisted bottoms, nothing beats them)

Playsuit Pull & Bear (to throw over the top, easy peasy)

Jacket c/o Boohoo (to throw over over everything else when it gets a bit cooler! (also I’m obsessed with this, an absolute bargain and I’ve been wearing it every day))

Sunglasses c/o Boohoo (s.n.a.z.z.y)


To Put on My Face:

Make Up Bag, Scrunchie and Compact Hair Brush c/o Boohoo (now I can lay on the beach and have nice hair too!)

Million Dollar Moisturiser  Lush (SPF 30 don’tcha know)

Charity Pot Lush (sorts out my sunburn)

Lip Scrub and Carmex Lipbalm (not having dry lips when on my hols)

Mattifying Powder Make Up Forever (shiny face, NO MORE)

To Read:

Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham (everyone’s gonna hate me for saying this but I’ve never even watched Girls but I absolutely loved reading this)

To Listen:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala (of course, chilled beach tchunes)


Whathca take to the beach with you?


that denim skirt



Yeah we all know the one. The buttoned down beauty that’s invaded Topshop and Urban Outfitters and now every other blog post I see featuring it. For a good reason though, it’s an absolute staple. I joined the club the other week and invested and I’m now looking for ideas on how else I can style it as I always get stuck in a rut with wearing the same thing alllllll the time. With the a-line shape and blue denim there’s no question that it’s an absolute winner. Stripped vests, off shoulder tops, button down shirts or coloured jumpers for when it gets a bit colder – it’s a good thing that you can wear pretty much everything with it too!

The real question though, apart from a leather jacket – what kind of jacket do you wear??? Genuine question, I’m dreading it getting colder!

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Never thought I’d ever be writing a blog post on this in my life ever. Somehow ended up spending one day at Disney World a couple of weeks ago! I bought the ears (obvs) and everyone laughed at me, ate the ice cream, went on Space Mountain and did all the things I probably should’ve done over 10 years ago but they’re right – all my dreams came true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum said we’re never going again ever and  after being there for over 12 hours in 35 degrees-ish heat we left hypnotised by the happy music and probably had the best sleeps of our lives that night. But ngl the parade was honestly one of the highlights of my life (Little Mermaid was the best). One major thing on my bucket list – consider it well and truly ticked. Btw the emotions seeing Cinderella’s castle irl were real *wipes away tear*.

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a bit late to the birkenstock party



By a bit, I mean very. Never been too sure on Birkenstocks. Let’s face it, they look a bit weird – a bit clompy and they’ve always been the sandals that my Mum wears which has always put me off too (no offence Mum!!!!!!). But the more outfits I keep on seeing of the German cork sandal and the more I keep on hearing about just how comfy the are, I’m wondering whether it’s time to invest. Like 5 years later. With jeans, super casual and super comfy. With shoes, beach ready. With skirts and dresses, it’s the only shoe you need to wear in the summer really. Honest opinion, to buy or not to buy? Let me know I’m bored of wearing cheapy ballet flats and feel like I should invest in something that lasts a bit longer than 2 weeks!

(PS: Back off ma hols and have a week at home to organise my life so fingers crossed I’m going to keep on top of my blog!)