Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It was fate. You don't understand how long I've been wanting the dina mini, after I fell in love with my Lomography fish eye camera a couple of years ago. Not so much wanting to pay the £90 for the traditional blue one. So, picture this, I'm skipping down Kensington High Street with my Mum (Mum, not skipping so much after me dragging her around the shops), popping into Urban Outfitters, had a lil' browse (haul post coming soon most probably , going over to the lovely book-camera-music-y section, and there it is. In it's little box in the sale, £50. In my opinion, that's a miracle in itself...and I really like the coral shade too. But it doesn't stop there. Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I took it up to the till, the guy was like 'dya need any film?' I'm like 'narrrrrrrrr', (boots film 4eva), he pops it in a bag, I walk out quite surprised by the total amount I paid for all of the things, I look at the receipt- guess how much? GUESSSSSSSSS? ok, ok, TWENTY FIVE GREAT BRITISH POUNDS. For real, you can call me the bargain queen. (I think it was more luck and I didn't want to question why it was so cheap).

"a perfect fusion of sweet and petite"

Now, onto the camera, what I love about (all) Lomography cameras is the retro, yet funky appearance of them. The box in itself is pretty- coming with a little book full of inspirations prints and tips on how to use it. It takes 35mm film which is handy because it's easier to buy and what I love (compared to the fish eye) is you have lots and lots of different buttons to fiddle around with to change the settings and you can also overlap exposures which I'm looking forward to trying out. It's a shame I'm a bit pants at photography really. Anyway, I'm looking forward to take some pictures and get them all developed- my favourite part! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

The moral of this blog post is to have a look in the camera bit of Urban Outfitters. That is all. Do you have this camera? I'd love to have some tips!

PS: Sorry about the long post- and I'll be replying to comments next soon as this Literature exam has be done!

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  1. Absolutely love it , I've wanted a lomography camera for sooo long! Xxx

  2. Amazing, what a bargain! I have a Diana mini, but I haven't really used it as much as I would like. Still finding the best way to use it to its full advantage really! So hope you have better luck haha and can't wait to see some lomography piccys! <3

  3. What a bargain!!!! I really love the look of these cameras x

  4. Oh wow. That is quite possibly the best bargain ever! Mega jealous! I got a fish eye reduced in urban outfitters to £35 last week and thought that was good but you've certainly dlucked out there!
    Kaz x

  5. I really want one! That is like the best bargain ever!! I need to hunt around a little more! Jealous :)
    LaceyLoves x

  6. Wow, that's an incredible bargain! And you even have the flash.. I might have to pop into UO and see if I can find it. The colour is great too!

    I did want if for Christmas but my dad said "it's from the stone age, why would you want that?" Dreams = crushed! ;) Haha

    ~Hannah xx

  7. ABSOLUTELY ADORREEEE this little thing :) amazing! I know you probably won't as I've been asking many and none seem to do so, but i'll ask anyway. I'm just starting out with my fashion blog - student in london :) would really appriciate some more followers and advice, so need some comments on there!! hope you follow but if not, i'm sure ill keep updated with yours :) Here's where to find me:

    Livy xx

  8. I love the colorrr and you are so lucky! That is a great bargain for this lovely little retro camera :) I'm your new follower!

  9. I love Diana mini camera so much.


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