Tuesday, 12 February 2013


(Imagine if coats could speak though) It's been on my mind a while since I first saw this coat whilst running around Topshop in my mad state (more on that here). I decided to make it my phone background and do a blog post on it to decide if I really like it and to make myself almost un-love it, because, to be honest, there is no way I can afford to pay £75 for a coat. HOWEVER, it's the perfect fit, I could wear it with absolutely everything as it looks super trendy with skinny jeans, but the simple colours means you can get away with wearing it with a pretty dress too. I wear my bazer to absolute death and it's on it's last legs and this looks so much warmer too. SHOULD I JUST GET IT?! What do you think? Someone tell me it's totally worth £75. Or have you seen a cheaper alternative anywhere?!

PS: How do I turn my blog into a charity so people can donate money to the 'Nice Clothes For Ellie' fund? (I joke)

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  1. I like it but don't think it's worth £75 :/ x

  2. It's totally worth it... but it's good quality. You've now convinced me I need a boyfriend coat too. Working near Oxford Street is just hell for my bank balance...

    (Can I cash in on the 'Nice Clothes for Ellie' fund please?

    p.s. love your 'now playing' feature at the bottom of your posts, lovely idea!

    ellie | mantrapixie | x

  3. I LOVE this coat, I've been eyeing it up too and it's definitely been talking to me, telling me to buy it. I think if you search enough you might find a cheaper dupe. Maybe try vintage/charity shops for something similar? After all, it's basically a coat that our grand parents may have worn back in their days! I hope you find a cheaper one!

  4. this coat is the perfect shape and fits so well.
    Im glad im not the only one that sets items of clothing im after as my phone background ahah!
    DOOO IT! get the coat, trust me you'll wear it all the time and its definitely worth it in the long run instead of settling for alternatives. x

  5. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless you can find a cheaper alternative)
    Ok the price is a lot, but if the fit is perfect and you want it that much, it's a total investment, and you'll be gutted if you don't. It's a lovely coat and I've had my eye on it too, the texture is so nice and I like the weird cross no button thing at the front. xxx


  6. such a goood coat! buy it buy it buy it hah x

  7. So much love for the boyfriend coat at the moment. Definitely go for it- student discount makes it cheaper :) xx

  8. It is lush. I don't know what it is about the boyfriend style, but I'm infatuated! xx

  9. I think if you love it that much it's worth it! You'll regret it if you miss it. :)


  10. Go for it! So cute!



  11. Ohhh its adorable and it does go with everything! Get it Get it! Xx

  12. I love this coat. I wouldn't personally spend that amount on it but if you can afford it - DO IT! x

  13. I absolutely adore this, it's so gorgeous! You definitely should go for it

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  14. Do you have student discount? If you do that's a whole £7.50 off which definitely makes it a bargain ;) If not you could always borrow someone else's card :) I think it'll be so versatile and will last you for ages, my best friend has had one similar from Topshop for over a year now and she wears it loads! <3

    Ellen xx

  15. This is so nice! And it would look great with anything I can imagine! I hope you find a cheaper alternative - I'm sure there must be one somewhere out there!
    Saadiya x

  16. It's SO gorgeous but that's maybe a bit steep! I got a different coat but along the same lines from Mango via ASOS for £30 recently so you could check that out? Unlikely to fit just how this Topshop one does though!

  17. Urban Outfitters do amazing boyfriend cats too but they are so expensive :( I'm going to check ebay for cheaper ones! I really love your blog, I can't believe I've only just found it! Definitely following you now :)


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  19. Really nice coat Ellie, If you want cheaper Mens Slim fit Jackets for you boyfriend look at Elite Jacket Store.

  20. This is so strange! The second and third picture is my twin and I, my friend linked me to your blog when she saw us! Glad you like our boyfriend coats :) xxx


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