Tuesday, 11 March 2014


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Ok so I can afford one pair of shoes. Kinda summery kinda not. I've done a bit of hunting and I need your help (making this sound way more dramatic than it actually it) choosing which pair I should get. Here are some of the ones that I've picked out- most them look are identical because I just LOVE T-BAR SHOES. Equally, been after a pair of all black converse for ages and I think slip-ons would be ideal for summer (with all the beach walking I'll obvs be doing...naaaaaaaat). The Vagabonds have just been thrown in to jazz everything up as I forever dream of being able to walk in such shoes without breaking my ankles/neck/body and I think they're really cool but not very summery (also expensive).

Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, please let me know if you've seen some nice shoes recently too!
(still no camera remote)

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  1. These shoes are perfect!! I'm in loooove with T bar shoes, I think my favourite could be those pink ones they're so cute ♡ xx


  2. The fifth pair!! They're soooo good. Definitely the fifth.xx

  3. i would love to have more shoes! but sadly i am not allowed to own too many because our kid likes to eat them

  4. I LOVE all of these so much!!!!! I have to take screenshots of this page to use as inspiration forever and ever!!! So perfect and vintage!!!

  5. Gorgeous! Love all of these :)

    Think my favourites would be 1 & 7 x


  6. you can't go wrong with dolly shoes :) I want the pink ones!


  7. I love the pink ones, they would look so cute for summer! x


  8. I love the pink ones. They give me inspiration for my #OOTD post xx


  9. I think the pink ones are the prettiest. Although definitely try on the T-Bar style before buying it... I hated how they looked on me but I actually think they'd look cute on you since you have slimmer legs. Only my opinion though of course!
    Amy xxx
    Everything and Amy


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