Aka the best summer ever. No question about it. Here’s a massive list of things I did so that when I’m crying over uni work (believe me, after getting one of my briefs the other day, they will be coming) or when I’m 30 I can read back on this. If I work out how to, I’m going to make it one of those continue reading posts so that it doesn’t take up literally my whole blog. (In kind of chronological order)

  1. Ate Mac & Cheese for days at the Urban Village Fete
  2. We had an ace Eurovision party
  3. …and cleared the garden and actually made it look kinda nice
  4. I got a Nutella Krispy Kreme from the Krispy Kreme dispenser
  5. I somehow ended up working in Rankin’s studio for a couple of weeks working on some shoots! Amazing!
  6. …The shoots were mainly nude shoots so a lot of my time was spent in Soho looking for fishnet tights! Bizarre!
  7. I got a goldfish and it hasn’t died yet
  8. A weekend up in Manchester for Parklife festival seeing Annie Mac which was the best thing ever
  9. I discovered there’s a roof top bar literally 5 minutes away from my house so basically that’s where the rest of my summer was spent
  10. I joined the All Saints summer tour which involved random trips around the UK including Eddie Stobbart’s house with a helicopter pad?!?!!!!
  11. My Nan came to London and we went to Portobello Road market
  13. Starting of with Benicassim the warmest festival I’ve ever been to dancing to The Chemical Brothers until 4am (and then queueing for a taxi for hours and getting back at dawn)
  14. Lazy days on the beach and eating ice cream every day
  15. Cute dog spotting in Spain
  16. Mega chocolate churros in Madrid
  17. Finding the best mojitos in Frigiliana
  18. Taking a random taxi journey to the middle of nowhere in Ronda and finding a fresh waterfall
  19. Visiting the Wes Anderson cafe in Milan! Breakfast of dreams!
  20. Finding colour coordinating walls in Burano
  21. Having a little bit of the sea to ourselves in Croatia
  22. Coming home and flying over to Belfast the next day to actually style All Saints!!!!!!!! (And getting room service for the first time ever)
  23. Days of running around London doing returns
  24. Discovering Dishoom aka the best Indian evaaaaa
  25. I got some expensive culottes off eBay for mega cheap
  26. Flying off to New York!
  27. Being jet lagged and wandering around the city at 5am seeing the sunrise
  28. Walking for hoooooooours around Brooklyn and somehow ending up in the most dangerous neighbourhood
  29. A day trip to Coney Island, eating deep fried Oreos and watchin g a freak show! Best day ever!
  30. And going on Deno’s Wonder Wheel and Mum screaming the whooooooole way round
  31. Deep thoughts about life and why even exist over a champagne brekkie at David’s new house
  32. Notting Hill Carnival. Every part of it. Especially the old man sharing Brandy with all of us. Ha.
  33. Ministry of Sound giving me and Rhea free entry and it being SO DEAD then I had to catch the night bus home.
  34. A trip to the seaside for David’s birthday! Seeing a rescue helicopter land! Massive ice creams!
  35. Going home for my birthday and sitting in the tree in Wollaton Park we always sat in with friends I haven’t seen for years
  37. Family meal to Waga’s turning into a massive argument discussing brands. Lmao. Waitor feeling too awkward to come up to us to ask if we want pudding.
  38. All Saints Hyde Park gig and meeting my flute hero James Gallway and standing side of stage seeing him perform
  39. Travelling all the way to Clapham with David to see the cat station (from Stratford, that’s a long way)
  40. Visiting the Lush Creative Showcase for Christmas and seeing bath bombs bigger than my face
  41. Doing a bit of LFW (dissertation primary research ammirite) and loving the Clio presentation
  42. The Christmas training launch at work and playing mini golf
  43. Finally having a freak shake!!!!!!
  44. A trip to Primrose Hill on a sunny day
  45. And to The Ridley Road Market Bar, my favourite place in Dalston
  46. Going to Brighton for the first time ever and sitting by the sea by myself with a cone of chips
  47. The Burberry Maker’s House pop up and the whole place smelling amazing
  48. I bought a gold pyjama top
  49. Crumb’s & Doilies and their Biscoff cupcake
  50. Back to Brighton (twice in a week) and going MAD on the arcades (winning. everything)
  51. Watching the sunset on the beach walking past all the beach huts
  52. Finally going to Choccywoccydoodah and eating a piece of cake bigger than my face
  53. Going to the casino gambling and all our money but then spending it on getting a tattoo. Erm yep this happened.
  54. Preparing final outfit bits for All Saints before their tour starts!

I don’t think I could’ve done any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very lucky and hard work paid off. A lot is changing at the moment I’m feeling really really happy looking back/extremely sad/trying not to cry/trying not to think about it. It’s all gonna be ok and I’m ready for this year to hit me and to go for it. Ok I’m gonna stop going on about it and actually get started on it now.

Also all summarised on my Instagram, like the technological millennial I am.

now playing: this summer has been spent memorising the All Saints choreography so there’s that


  1. Holl JC 9th October 2016 / 12:43 pm

    Super cute! Looks like you had the best time Ellie, so much fun! x

  2. Dana 9th October 2016 / 3:54 pm

    Sounds like an amazing summer Ellie, slightly jel over here, the all saints tour sounds really cool?!

    Dana |

  3. Aiko 13th October 2016 / 4:04 am

    This is actually such a cute list!!
    My summer’s started and I’m super excited c:

aaaaaayyyyyyy kind one, thank you for commenting