on living in a bubble


(This super massive cheese-grater like bubble I’m living in at the moment, aka the library)

Here’s a load of word vomit of things that have been going round my mind recently. We’re (I’m) stuck in a bubble and I think it’s a really weird situation to be in.

Obviously confirmed by the US election, triggered by Brexit and supported by social media, the idea that let’s face it – none of us knew the above was going to happen (it shouldn’t have happened) or had even considered it happening. By ‘us’, I mean my friends, my family, my circle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the social platforms I follow online. A circle we’ve all created where we all agree on the same things, share pretty much the same opinions, come from the same background, same generation, have similar lifestyles and consequently believe the same things. Then of course it’s a complete shock horror when we it’s revealed that the rest of the population actually disagree with us and if I’m honest the first thing that goes through my head is like ‘well where’s the evidence that there were people that didn’t agree?’, ‘I never saw anyone on my feed that wanted to vote trump/leave the EU’, ‘Where were the news articles suggesting this?’. And yet it took me a while (too long) to realise that perhaps it was there all along but I’m so bloody busy living in my own little bubble with my tailored news feed based around my likes and interests that I was and am, completely oblivious to it. Naive? Most definitely. Obvious? Probably, yeah.

It led me to think about this giant bubble I’ve built from social media and the people I surround myself with. Living in London spending my life going a million mph, surrounded by this (let’s face it) absolutely ridiculous fashion circle which in the grand scheme of things isn’t the be all and end all of the world (despite what everyone believes, I KNOW SHOCK HORROR). A world where eating sushi and drinking chai lattes are the norm (excuse me whilst I’m sick in my mouth but then quickly realise that I too am now that person), designer collaborations are a big deal and apparently paying £5 for a cider is completely ok (cider, because still that’s the only thing I can afford). When that’s all you see on social media, all your surrounded with, you forget that that’s not actually how other people live, or is it necessarily the right way either. I have this obsession with working, interning, doing uni work, research and doing extra things that help with uni, and I completely forget that THERE’S OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO OTHER THAN THIS.

So last week I went home and I discovered that yep £1 shots are still a thing and there’s also a park you can walk around and actual fresh air and you don’t always have to work. After a *cough* disagreement that I got into once after a night out in a chicken shop at home (yeh I’m still veggie tho) over Brexit. Nottingham voted leave and it was only when I went home that yeah all the industry has changed and I can see why people are unhappy, something that living in London makes you completely unaware of/forget. Obviously racism, sexism, homophobia I 100 million% disagree with a million times, but in regards to other subjects some people just aren’t gonna believe the same things are you. And they have their own bubble too.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose I’m telling myself to get out more and not get so caught up with my immediate circle of things going on around me and look further afield. Also to go home more often to make the most of cheap drinks. Also that maybe Brexit and Trump doesn’t mean the end of the world (I mean, I think it does but I’m trying to tell myself that it isn’t). Maybe I shouldn’t post this and keep it in my head, does anyone feel the same?

The end.


  1. Basically Zaynab 20th November 2016 / 9:39 pm

    I feel like this post completley encapsulates so much of what im feeling at the moment. I have felt so devastated by politics this year and genuinely shocked as i too feel like i have been in my lovely safe bubble of social media and irl friends with similar views. I can only hope things will get better, thank you for this post!

  2. Sabine 20th November 2016 / 10:41 pm

    I found it interesting to read this!! I understand EXACTLY what you mean…

  3. Dana Nicola 20th November 2016 / 10:41 pm

    I completely agree when it come to living in a bubble, i always find myself questioning my cousins/distant families opinions etc and its not till i step back and think about it that i realise im so consumed in my little fashion bubble that ive forgotten not everyone lives like this, not everyones into these thing, theres actually other things to do and to be interested in! Trump does feel like the end of the world, but we gotta remember things move forward, itll work out!

  4. josselyn alba 21st November 2016 / 6:41 am

    everything about this, yes!!!! these big (and horrifying) events just remind us of how we live in this bubble. we’re lucky enough to not have to deal with people who have completely different opinions than us. i think this bubble thing goes along the idea of recognizing your privilege. it’s hard to sometimes stop yourself from living your own life and think about others and their lives. think about how there are racists and homophobics and xenophobics (etc.) that we dont see on the daily. we dont have to experience the terrible situations some people have to go through. its important to remember this and to be grateful for being able to live in such an accepting environment.

    • Ellie 21st November 2016 / 11:33 am

      I wish you had written this blog post because you put down in words exactly what I’m thinking, I completely agree it is about recognising privilege (and thank you for your comment!) xx

aaaaaayyyyyyy kind one, thank you for commenting