About Me

I’m 22, from Nottingham currently working away in London.

It’s time that I rewrote this and updated 16 year old me thoughts! This blog has basically followed me around everywhere since I was 15 after I created it kinda early August 2011-ish hence the lame name (YES I KNOW, OK) and it’s probably the longest hobby I’ve ever had and I’m lucky to have had the opportunities from it too. Also blogger (back then) was the only thing not blocked on school computers so was a great distraction from Graphics coursework! It started off as being primarily fashion orientated which I try and stick to but recently anything goes, which I really like.

Hi so since then, I’ve just finished studying Fashion Promotion at Ravensbourne and interning like a mad man and now I’m PR & Social Assistant at Skinnydip! I don’t write as much as I’d like too but the archive is bloody hilarious if you’re into American Apparel baggy disco pants and Cath Kidston……lol…bye….

I hope you enjoy looking through my blog and if you’d like to know anything my email is ellieg.burns@hotmail.co.uk and I’m on twitter too!

Ellie xx
Ps- I leave you all with an incredibly cute picture of a rabbit in a tea cup
PPS- Here’s a random 50 facts about me post you can read through if you wannaaaaaaa (2013 STYLE JUST WARNING YA)
PPPS- My blog has also been lucky enough to have been featured in a couple of places including the Guardian, Mizz Magazine (a blast from the past ammirite?). I have also worked with ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Pull & Bear, Very, Pinterest, TK Maxx, Cow Vintage and loads of others in the past.

I never really wanted to post a disclaimer on my blog as I always felt that it went without saying but here it is anyway.
Of course, all my opinions are my own whether something’s been sent to me or not (and I’ll always state if it has!) and pretty much all of the images are taken by myself (you can tell because they’ll have a slightly blurry tinge to them haha) if not, a link will always been given to where I found it! I sometimes use affiliate links too, but this doesn’t affect how much you pay for a product or anything- it just helps me out! Sadly, I don’t accept sponsored posts, I like to write everything on my blog myself about things I like!