I need to start going to new places in London

So this is my 4th year in London and when I tell people they’re actually kinda shocked: ‘Oh shit so ur actually a Londoner’. uHUH YEAH I AM (not) but since starting this full time ting I’ve become boring and weekends have been spent being hungover watching Netflix instead of exploring and making the most of everything London has. The Barbican Conservatory has been exhausted, Columbia Flower market has ran out of flowers (obvs it hasn’t but you get what I mean) and I realise that I’ve never really done South London before. I’ve written many a post on things I’ve done in London but I thought it was time to write a new list kinda thing so when I’m like urrrrh I dunno what to do, actually yes, I do know what to do. Plz find below. An updated bucket list almost.

  1.  I also need to stay in more because I gots no money
  2.  Rooftop Cinema
  3. Hampstead Heath Ponds!
  4.  Finally go to Hackney Lido (for someone that doesn’t like swimming I’m gonna be swimming a hell of a lot this summer)
  5. Chelsea Flower Show
  6. Maltby St food market
  7. Orla Kiely exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum
  8. Winnie the Poo exhibition at the V&A (come on it looks sick)
  9. Ok followed by the Balenciaga exhibition to balance it out
  10. Highgate Cemetery so I can look at some graves
  11. by Chloe for Vegan food
  12. I’ve lived in London 4 years and I still haven’t visited a cheese restaurant
  13. I still want to go to the Breaking Bad bar, does this even still exist?
  15. Go to the Royal Wedding and eat Victoria Sponge I don’t even like the royals but lolz
  16. Milk Train, still never been
  17. Go to an Escape Rooms
  18. Dulwich Picture Gallery because the whole 2 times I’ve tried to go it’s been shut!
  19. Elan cafe
  20. Be on a float for Pride
  21. Kew Gardens at Christmas
  22. Go up the Shard when it isn’t cloudy
  23. Have a sophisticated meal at The Ivy
  24. Everyman Cinema
  25. Venture south of the river (like ewwwwWWW)
  26. I will add to this as I go

Cya ppl and happy Monday for tomorrow xx

PS: I updated my “””professional”” website kinda


It’s been a long time since I’ve got proper excited about a collaboration and even then, I think I’m like a month behind on this so soz this is old news. Tyler the Creator who I’m not really that bothered about has partnered up with Converse with a product range and oh my god Golf le Fleur is SWEEEEEET. Coming about a couple of years ago when he wanted a range of trainers to go with his golf brand, the original Converse One Star has just been taken up a notch with some new additions and tbh I want a pair so badly. It’s bold, bright but so bloody cool – the floral sole is another level. Hypebeast eat ya heart out gals.

It’s obvs completely sold out completely after initially launching just in Korea and I’ve been refreshing the website ever since… I absolutely LOVE everything Converse is doing right now, from those Millie Bobby Brown memes, Miley Cyrus hosting those episodes, I’m all in.

 Lmao I’ve so lost the plot with blogging that I just added this as a page not as a post

Hi again again

So I did the last post just as I finished uni like hey hey woop woop guess who has loads of free time and guess who’s gonna post all the time! Well, er, the minute I posted that everything kinda went to another level and I suppose long story short my goal of everything ever is basically complete: I HAVE A JOOOOOOOOOOB (AND IT’S FINALLY NOT IN RETAAAAAIL!)

I’m sure if you were to search on my blog archive ‘all I want is a job in fashion’, it would appear a good 50+ times since I started this blog (that was when I was 15, I’m now a week away from turning 22). Well hi, past Ellie with bad acne and badly dyed hair that’s way too long, this is a note to say that shit (pretty much) falls into place just as you really bloody hoped it would. You need to chill out, probs go out a bit more and have a bit more confidence.

I started this (at the beginning, let’s not lie, for jokes) but to learn more about the fashion industry. I was able to work with the likes of ASOS, Urban Outfitters etc back in the days where blogging was something brand new. I’d read Company magazine religiously (RIP), follow the likes of Llymlrs and people who worked in the industry in London and it felt a million miles away (or too much of an expensive train ride) from living in Nottingham and my grotty school.

(MY BLOG ARCHIVE IS A WEIRD PLACE I TELL YA. 2012 ft American Apparel disco points, mirrored photo editing (DUH) and Cath Kidston bed sheets. Bye.

Small steps, but my blog was my hobby that got me into uni, got me my initial contacts to get internships that I suppose followed on to this now! So thanks Ellie’s Favourite Things forever the blog with the naffest name in the world! I’m sure everyone’s over this blog ting and follows me on Insta instead but just in case I’m now just over 3 months into my role as PR & Social Assistant as Skinnydip and it’s great. Talking palm trees in the meeting room, free vip tickets to Lovebox and putting on dreamy events, I’m basically doing my uni course IRL and it’s amazing and I feel so lucky!

Here’s some other stuff that’s happened since the last blog post:

In less show-y-off-y news (I’ll stop with that now, I have literally never won anything in my life until this year)

  • I went to the Maccabees final show at Ally Pally and cried loads
  • Visited Brighton again
  • I’ve been home like 4 TIMES WHICH IS LOADS FOR ME
  • So I officially left Lush after 5 years of selling soap!
  • Sat and drank prosecco on Primrose Hill like the sophisticated gal I am
  • Visited Bristol for the first time!
  • Bought flowers from Columbia Road like 4 weekends in a row
  • Drank LOADS of cider and lived weekends like normal people
  • Trying to pretend Council Tax doesn’t exist
  • Saw some mates for the first time in years

So that’s that. Also next week I turn 22 which is really gross and that also means that I’ve now been blogging for 6 years. How weird. I suppose the last year doesn’t really count but you know what I mean.

Here’s an example of me enjoying cider at the weekend with my housemates (weekend number 6 AR (that means after retail))


Hi again

Hope everyone’s had a really lovely Bank Holiday! Uni’s finished, everything’s finished and I feel so on top of the world and so happy and also feel like I have the headspace (and energy) to have a hobby again. Wot is a blog? Is blogging even still a thing? Will anyone read this? Hello? I also have the headspace to have friends, cook meals, wash my hair and generally be a normal person again. The past couple of months have been hard and I’ve had to take everything down to the minimum in terms of life; basically all I’ve done since October is sit in the library, go to work and eat, sleep uni work. By sleep I mean you should hear some of the conversations I’ve been having with myself these past couple of months (actually, don’t).

But, I’m the happiest and proudest I’ve been with any work ever and for the sake of 9 months, it’s been really worth it. Here’s some updates, some things I’ve liked etc over the past couple of months in note form:

    1.  First of all if perhaps you’re looking for an assistant in communications, events or anything creative, hello! Pick me! My website, portfolio and LinkedIn
    2. The Northern Soul inspired Gucci Autumn campaign is beaut
    3. I bought at least 5 new striped t-shirts
    5. I marched for female rights and equality
    6. I was the biggest buyer of Tesco’s tomato and mozzarella pasta bake from the months February to about yesterday (I’m talking like 3 of them a week)
    7. I watched all of Gilmore Girls and it was exhausting with a terrible ending
    8. Memes were my food and water
    9. Naomi moved to Leicester and we had some proper nice days out and I got to show her Nottingham!
    10. I went and wrapped denim around loads of places in London cuz that’s what you do when you study fashion
    11. I went home to see my Mum like a whole one time
    12. I had 5 near death experiences with my laptop and InDesign crashing
    13. I got sad and sympathetic looks from all the staff at uni because I was there SO DAMN MUCH
    14. I gatecrashed the X Factor auditions
    15. Coffee became a really important part of my life
    16. I am a pencil winner at the D&AD New Blood Awards
    17. Heart eye emojis all round for Bella Hadid recreating the Farrah Fawcett skateboard image for Nike Cortez
    18. I’m moving house (to a whole 30 seconds down the road from my current house)
    19. Spent so much time and money in ABC Printers in Farringdon that I could die
    20. Ripped up 20 pairs of jeans and stitched them all together
    21. And put on an event for my Final Major Project and have never been so pleased with any piece of work I’ve ever done ever
    22. I’m currently working at Skinnydip helping out with social media and events and I absolutely love it!

    23. I went to a Eurovision party dressed as IKEA
    24. I visited the Barbican!
    25. Comfortably included the word ‘alas’ in my vocabulary and alas I now use the term in every sentence
    26. I can now officially confirm that I am now 30% grey hair
    27. When your Mum said when you were younger that if you stare at a TV or computer screen too much you can get square eyes, I can now confirm that I have square eyes
    28. I can officially call myself a graduate and to celebrate I went for a bottomless prosecco brunch like the Londoner I am and ate avocado on toast with the bestest mates ever

There we go, here’s to more adventures, having a life and £45k student debt! I’m soooooooooooooo looking forward to being able to blog again and not feel guilty about it.

now playing: shout out to Easy 00’s for getting me thu dis

itchy scratchy patchy

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 15.18.27 Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 15.18.59 Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 15.19.34 Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 15.20.22 Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 15.19.55

Like everything, I’m probably a million days late with this but deep into my denim FMP realisation at uni and I stumble across Itchy Scratchy Patchy (totally the coolest brand name in da world). Set up by model, Edie Campbell (also she’s just amazing), the brand create insane iron-on patches to jazz up your denim and anything else that has a clear space to patch. Their first collection was titled ‘Best of British’, celebrating typical British characters (erm a feminist, pole dancer, a philosopher) and tabloid culture, followed by patches of sumo’s, mushrooms and nettles. Oh so very cool. To go alongside and if you’re after pre-patched things, there’s everything from customised CDG shirts, jeans, sweatshirts and tres Francais beret’s, hey now get in my wardrobe. Selling at Dover Street Market, I wanna go and see the display but in the meantime their website is very cool.

Let me know whatcha think!

Itchy Scratchy Patchy film from Camille Summers-Valli on Vimeo.

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