love is in the hair


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jeans, top, clip – c/o new look

ballet slippers – zara

jacket – all saints

Look at me, as soon as I come up with one pun I completely overuse it to the point that everyone’s like OK, WE GET IT NOW, ALRIGHT. I have a heart clip in my hair and so love is in the hair haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Continuing the love, New Look have the recipe to a perfecto date night outfit online at the moment, including this burgundy bell sleeve top, something I should’ve owned my whole life; with the cute cross-back it’s the little details that makes it a tiny bit more special. Some cropped flare trousers have been on my wish list for a while, although not so cropped on me thanks to my midget legs, I can’t wait for summer to be floating around wearing these beauties everyday with some sandals.

I don’t know what date I’m going on but New Look have all you need for Valentine’s Day, no matter what your plans are! Ahem I heard Subway are doing free subs if you buy a large drink sooooooo I’ll see you at the sandwich counter baby.

One day (when it’s warmer and when I’m not in the library literally every day of my life) I’ll have normal outfit pictures back, but hey praise the lord for a very rare outfit post! Have a lovely weekend! I’m going to work now!

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East Side Gallery


Sachsenhausen concentration camp


Street Food, Thursday night @ Markthalle


Berlin has been a city I’ve wanted to explore for so long, I’ve passed through for the day years ago but it’s been high on the list to visit to do all the museums, eat all the food, drink the beer, visit the shops and experience the nightlife, duh. God bless Ryan Air and their  Black Friday £10 flights and amidst the January back-to-uni blues, we packed our bags and wore all the coats, socks, gloves, hats, knitwear we could find for a lil’ post-Christmas ‘oliday. We ticked off all the landmarks, found a club under the U-Bahn, ate Pretzels and found a couple of gems along the way. I also couldn’t feel my face, fingers or toes for 4 days straight. There’s so much left I want to do so I feel like a trip one Summer will most definitely be needed.

To do:

  • Sachsenhausen concentration camp, for this I have no real words. The holocaust is something that has always interested me but never in my life did I think I’d be able to visit a concentration camp. Chilling, saddening and just a place where everything I did, even use the museum toilet felt inappropriate. A short train from the centre of Berlin, I’m pleased (again, it feels like the wrong word) I had the chance to visit and something I’ll never forget. Very much recommend.
  • East Side Gallery
  • Bundestag (it’s free but prebook!)
  • Museuminsel
  • DDR Museum on the life of living on the East Side of Germany
  • Checkpoint Charlie (I got my Passport stamped cuz I’m a tOuRisT like dat)
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Topography of Terror

To eat:

  • Thursday night, street food from the Markthalle was insane (a whole stall of tofu? holy YES my friend)
  • Snap Natural Fast Food
  • Vegetarian food is generally really good in Berlin (I was surprised!), we can eat!
  • We just ate crackers and guacamole from the supermarket tbh


  • Kreuzberg (I’d love to explore more!)
  • Zoologischer Garten (we stayed near here in this hotel which was so cheap and so nice!)

I’m thinking of just moving to Berlin really.

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Suddenly Next Summer

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Hi and welcome to Ellie’s Favourite Things otherwise known as the Miu Miu Appreciation Blog. Half joking, half not. But I’ve gotta show some love for Miu Miu’s beachside SS17 campaign that’s got me California dreamin’. Retro high-cut two-pieces, classic swim hats and pretty postcard prints, it’s love and just what I needed in grey February. Shot by Fashion Photographer Alasdair McLellan and styled by fashion hero/God Katie Grand featuring Elle Fanning, Lara Stone and a couple of new faces, it’s a narrative I would happily join in with and I’m yearning for sand and sunshine. Deckchairs, parasols and the funkiest sandals I’ve ever seen, is it too early to start buying summer clothes for a holiday that isn’t even booked?!

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Silver Boots

Untitled-5 7c94d1ab8ed8547658a7ff99f493fc5c

So a couple of months ago I probs made the most outrageous fashion decision a jeans-and-striped-tee-girl could make. Yes amigos, I bought some silver boots. True to say, I have evolved into a magpie in recent years and anything that reflects light I feel should be in my possession. I need it. Now. Take my money. Alas, I am now the proud owner of silver boots and they’ve been sat awkwardly like an ornament on top of their box ever since. I feel so beyond out of my comfort zone that I secretly enjoy it and when I wear them, I am proud to say that for 10 minutes(until I scuffed the toes) I was probably the most sophisticated person in Stratford, East London (note: that probably isn’t hard to achieve).

Thanks to my saviour Pinterest, this is the inspo that’s got my through. Since, I now own some raw hem jeans and according to my hero’s Leandra Medine and Chung, long coats rule and the biggest lesson is that actually anything goes and you can wear whatever the hell you want! Like anything! Yolo my friends yolo and yes I shall wear my starry blouse with my silver boots because I am inspired by the galaxy.

Blog I miss you and I want more time to ramble my life away on here *dramatically drowns in uni briefs* cya

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Things to do in London, part 2908

Ah sweet London, your living costs kill me but when there’s so much exploring to do, (free) events to attend and good food markets to try all the testers hard to resist, really. I’ve written a million and one posts since I moved here 3 years ago, but one more list of things to do couldn’t hurt anyone! If you’re here on holiday, visiting for the day or have a morning free, here’s some of my favourite things to do: (and does anyone even realise how much it hurts me to write favourite things on this blog!?! hahahaha).


So many (free!) exhibitions

This might sound really sad but my favourite thing in the world is when I have a day off and can spend a whole day wondering. Luckily lots of exhibitions are free or super cheap admission with a student card so I can be cultured with still money to spend on food later. Somerset House will always be one of my favourite places to wonder through (especially in the summer), the most beautiful views of London, awesome exhibitions and a lovely courtyard to drink tea in. I love the V&A, Fashion & Textile Museum and I want to visit the brand new Design Museum too!


A bit more far out…

God’s Own Junkyard was the first place I visited as soon as I got my house in London. In Walthamstow, it’s a warehouse full of neon lights. That’s all I have to say. Free to wander around, every time I’ve visited something’s changed and is a good excuse to visit Walthamstow too (and the William Morris Gallery).


Rainbow Bagels

Er hello! Rainbow bagels! Make the most of London’s weird stuff, a walk down Brick Lane and you can get a whole 24hr shop dedicated to bagels and a cafe full of cereal. Cheese toastie bars, vegan fried chicken shops and cafe’s dedicated to crisps are also a thing. (And you wonder why I can’t leave?!).



If you’re gonna push the boat out then you might as well do it properly! Afternoon Tea at Sketch, aka the place where you’ll find the most Instagrammed toilets in the world (see). Designed by David Shringley and never ending cups of tea, it took a lot of persuasion to make me leave (a trip to Kew Gardens, of course).


The London Eye (a classic tourist trip)

You can’t not visit, really. I went with Justina a couple of years ago when she first visited London (after an obligatory visit to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Oxford Circus etc duh) and I really do think it’s one of the best ways to see the city (especially at night!). I wasn’t aware, but turns out there’s also discounts available via Discount London too if you ever fancy getting your tickets at a cheaper price!



Soooooooo many markets! Portobello, Borough, Bermondsey and of course my favourite Columbia Road Flower Market, there’s one for pretty much every day of the week. The best days include a market, some good food and an exhibition in my opinion and luckily London is well and truly overflowing with ’em.

I write this from the library as I try and break down these monster briefs I’ve been given for the other 50% of my degree. It ain’t pretty but in 6 months it’ll be over and my to-do list for London will be sooooo much longer.

Other posts relating to London broadly: A student survival guide, Bucket List

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How to Survive as a Student (Clue: You Can’t)


I write this moan today after receiving my student maintenance loan this morning: £1602.15. This is expected to last me until April, giving me £400.53 to cover living costs (housing, travel and food). ER HELLO. I also read this article from the Telegraph the other day with a headline stating that ‘Nearly a third of students waste their student loans on shopping sprees, drinking and gym memberships‘. And so my first question as a response to this is HOW THE FLIP CAN THEY DO THAT????????????????????????????????!

So this is my current situation, I’m a final year student studying in London. I’m not from London and don’t want to (or can, really) rely on my parents for extra financial help so I work. I have my blog, this, that gives me a tiny income occasionally and I’ve worked since I was 16 and try to work up to 21 hours a week to help. I’m lucky that I’ve worked for the same company for 5 years so they allow me to be flexible and even more lucky that I’m paid London Living Wage (£9.75) which is amazing. When I first moved to London I couldn’t afford to live in my University’s halls which was something crazy like £200 p/w so I moved into a house share in Stratford, East London. At this stage, it’s harder and harder to get a job when I graduate (particularly in the over saturated fashion industry which I know I chose to go into) therefore it’s a requirement that I intern. By intern I mean work for free – travel sometimes paid, lunch a rarity.

I’m in work 2/3 days a week, university 5/6 (10am-10pm days if I can), expected to intern combined with a sweet dose of rising living costs and this shrinking maintenance loan. I graduate with a comfortable £45k debt and a lot of uncertainty. I dunno, maybe everyone else is doing just fine and it could just be me but with all these articles going round I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s shitty over here and the real shit (post graduating) hasn’t even started yet. I know the education system is corrupt, but really?

Yours sincerely,

A really struggling third year

(I also recognise that in the grand scheme of things happening in the world my problems are nothing at all and that I should recognise my privilege that I’m allowed to gain further education….but still guys)

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