I need to start going to new places in London

So this is my 4th year in London and when I tell people they’re actually kinda shocked: ‘Oh shit so ur actually a Londoner’. uHUH YEAH I AM (not) but since starting this full time ting I’ve become boring and weekends have been spent being hungover watching Netflix instead of exploring and making the most of everything London has. The Barbican Conservatory has been exhausted, Columbia Flower market has ran out of flowers (obvs it hasn’t but you get what I mean) and I realise that I’ve never really done South London before. I’ve written many a post on things I’ve done in London but I thought it was time to write a new list kinda thing so when I’m like urrrrh I dunno what to do, actually yes, I do know what to do. Plz find below. An updated bucket list almost.

  1.  I also need to stay in more because I gots no money
  2.  Rooftop Cinema
  3. Hampstead Heath Ponds!
  4.  Finally go to Hackney Lido (for someone that doesn’t like swimming I’m gonna be swimming a hell of a lot this summer)
  5. Chelsea Flower Show
  6. Maltby St food market
  7. Orla Kiely exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum
  8. Winnie the Poo exhibition at the V&A (come on it looks sick)
  9. Ok followed by the Balenciaga exhibition to balance it out
  10. Highgate Cemetery so I can look at some graves
  11. by Chloe for Vegan food
  12. I’ve lived in London 4 years and I still haven’t visited a cheese restaurant
  13. I still want to go to the Breaking Bad bar, does this even still exist?
  15. Go to the Royal Wedding and eat Victoria Sponge I don’t even like the royals but lolz
  16. Milk Train, still never been
  17. Go to an Escape Rooms
  18. Dulwich Picture Gallery because the whole 2 times I’ve tried to go it’s been shut!
  19. Elan cafe
  20. Be on a float for Pride
  21. Kew Gardens at Christmas
  22. Go up the Shard when it isn’t cloudy
  23. Have a sophisticated meal at The Ivy
  24. Everyman Cinema
  25. Venture south of the river (like ewwwwWWW)
  26. I will add to this as I go

Cya ppl and happy Monday for tomorrow xx

PS: I updated my “””professional”” website kinda

Hi again again

So I did the last post just as I finished uni like hey hey woop woop guess who has loads of free time and guess who’s gonna post all the time! Well, er, the minute I posted that everything kinda went to another level and I suppose long story short my goal of everything ever is basically complete: I HAVE A JOOOOOOOOOOB (AND IT’S FINALLY NOT IN RETAAAAAIL!)

I’m sure if you were to search on my blog archive ‘all I want is a job in fashion’, it would appear a good 50+ times since I started this blog (that was when I was 15, I’m now a week away from turning 22). Well hi, past Ellie with bad acne and badly dyed hair that’s way too long, this is a note to say that shit (pretty much) falls into place just as you really bloody hoped it would. You need to chill out, probs go out a bit more and have a bit more confidence.

I started this (at the beginning, let’s not lie, for jokes) but to learn more about the fashion industry. I was able to work with the likes of ASOS, Urban Outfitters etc back in the days where blogging was something brand new. I’d read Company magazine religiously (RIP), follow the likes of Llymlrs and people who worked in the industry in London and it felt a million miles away (or too much of an expensive train ride) from living in Nottingham and my grotty school.

(MY BLOG ARCHIVE IS A WEIRD PLACE I TELL YA. 2012 ft American Apparel disco points, mirrored photo editing (DUH) and Cath Kidston bed sheets. Bye.

Small steps, but my blog was my hobby that got me into uni, got me my initial contacts to get internships that I suppose followed on to this now! So thanks Ellie’s Favourite Things forever the blog with the naffest name in the world! I’m sure everyone’s over this blog ting and follows me on Insta instead but just in case I’m now just over 3 months into my role as PR & Social Assistant as Skinnydip and it’s great. Talking palm trees in the meeting room, free vip tickets to Lovebox and putting on dreamy events, I’m basically doing my uni course IRL and it’s amazing and I feel so lucky!

Here’s some other stuff that’s happened since the last blog post:

In less show-y-off-y news (I’ll stop with that now, I have literally never won anything in my life until this year)

  • I went to the Maccabees final show at Ally Pally and cried loads
  • Visited Brighton again
  • I’ve been home like 4 TIMES WHICH IS LOADS FOR ME
  • So I officially left Lush after 5 years of selling soap!
  • Sat and drank prosecco on Primrose Hill like the sophisticated gal I am
  • Visited Bristol for the first time!
  • Bought flowers from Columbia Road like 4 weekends in a row
  • Drank LOADS of cider and lived weekends like normal people
  • Trying to pretend Council Tax doesn’t exist
  • Saw some mates for the first time in years

So that’s that. Also next week I turn 22 which is really gross and that also means that I’ve now been blogging for 6 years. How weird. I suppose the last year doesn’t really count but you know what I mean.

Here’s an example of me enjoying cider at the weekend with my housemates (weekend number 6 AR (that means after retail))


Things to do in London, part 2908

Ah sweet London, your living costs kill me but when there’s so much exploring to do, (free) events to attend and good food markets to try all the testers hard to resist, really. I’ve written a million and one posts since I moved here 3 years ago, but one more list of things to do couldn’t hurt anyone! If you’re here on holiday, visiting for the day or have a morning free, here’s some of my favourite things to do: (and does anyone even realise how much it hurts me to write favourite things on this blog!?! hahahaha).


So many (free!) exhibitions

This might sound really sad but my favourite thing in the world is when I have a day off and can spend a whole day wondering. Luckily lots of exhibitions are free or super cheap admission with a student card so I can be cultured with still money to spend on food later. Somerset House will always be one of my favourite places to wonder through (especially in the summer), the most beautiful views of London, awesome exhibitions and a lovely courtyard to drink tea in. I love the V&A, Fashion & Textile Museum and I want to visit the brand new Design Museum too!


A bit more far out…

God’s Own Junkyard was the first place I visited as soon as I got my house in London. In Walthamstow, it’s a warehouse full of neon lights. That’s all I have to say. Free to wander around, every time I’ve visited something’s changed and is a good excuse to visit Walthamstow too (and the William Morris Gallery).


Rainbow Bagels

Er hello! Rainbow bagels! Make the most of London’s weird stuff, a walk down Brick Lane and you can get a whole 24hr shop dedicated to bagels and a cafe full of cereal. Cheese toastie bars, vegan fried chicken shops and cafe’s dedicated to crisps are also a thing. (And you wonder why I can’t leave?!).



If you’re gonna push the boat out then you might as well do it properly! Afternoon Tea at Sketch, aka the place where you’ll find the most Instagrammed toilets in the world (see). Designed by David Shringley and never ending cups of tea, it took a lot of persuasion to make me leave (a trip to Kew Gardens, of course).


The London Eye (a classic tourist trip)

You can’t not visit, really. I went with Justina a couple of years ago when she first visited London (after an obligatory visit to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Oxford Circus etc duh) and I really do think it’s one of the best ways to see the city (especially at night!). I wasn’t aware, but turns out there’s also discounts available via Discount London too if you ever fancy getting your tickets at a cheaper price!



Soooooooo many markets! Portobello, Borough, Bermondsey and of course my favourite Columbia Road Flower Market, there’s one for pretty much every day of the week. The best days include a market, some good food and an exhibition in my opinion and luckily London is well and truly overflowing with ’em.

I write this from the library as I try and break down these monster briefs I’ve been given for the other 50% of my degree. It ain’t pretty but in 6 months it’ll be over and my to-do list for London will be sooooo much longer.

Other posts relating to London broadly: A student survival guide, Bucket List

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just being sooooooo east london

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It’s funny because before I moved to London I swear I did so many posts like this. Trips out, markets, vintage fairs, exploring – now I’m here I never seem to get any time. I’ve got a couple of weeks left before I go back to work (Lush work) and so I’m on a mission to make the most of my weekends off. Goin back to ma rootsz (of er, 2 years), it was time to explore East London again. We did it all.

Starting off with a stroll along Columbia Road picking up bunches of flowers and then heading across to Brick Lane Market. Stopping off for a rainbow bagel (yaaaaaaaaaaa) which wasn’t really worth the what felt like a 3 hour wait but the bagel shop is m.u.s.t every time I’m nearby. Looking at all the c00L street art we ended up at the market and drank fresh pineapple juice out of a pineapple and ate mini cupcakes. CUTE. Slight diversion, we went to my favourite place in the whoooole of London, God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. I’ve been a couple of times since moving to London and every visit I love it just as much as the first, a continually changing live installation. Pretending it was summer, we drank sweet cider in London Fields to finish.

Here’s to summer and going back to exploring London properly and bringing a camera with me more!

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