final sale picks



So the initial burst of the sale has gone and like every year I said I wouldn’t look or buy anything but the deliveries I’ve had every day this week may prove me wrong. Although the best gems might have already been nabbed, there’s some really nice things left! I’ve collected some of the bits I’ve already bought (er, those velvet culottes and ballet slippers, DREAM) and added some extras in that I wish I could buy and maybe in a couple of days they would’ve been reduced even more……………. I don’t hate sales but I well and truly refuse to shop in the sales on Boxing Day (a) because I think it’s so wrong and care about retail workers b) because videos like this (the place where I actually work) makes it even worse) but scrolling online from the comfort of my bed with a tea in hand is a dream scenario. Have you picked up any gems?

I’ve had the best week at home and sitting in front of the TV eating chocolate is just what I needed. I’m heading back to London early on New Years Day for a day at work which I’m sure will be really enjoyable!! ! ! Hope everyone had a lovely lovely Christmas!

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aw wishlist




I want you to read the post title like awwwww wishlist. Cuz awwwww I can only dream. I’ve come home for a week to have a bit of sanity (after spending too much time with my Mum I’m beginning to question that), have a change of scenery from uni, see friends, go out and drink cheeky vimtos for days fam and make the most of home comforts (read: endless food and good toilet roll). So far I’ve spent 3 days not leaving my bed except to have baths and take a trip to Ikea (priorities, right?), and I feel like I should blog but tbh I just cba and I should maybe do some research for uni but tbh I just cba. There’s just a major case of laziness going on over here.

It’s cold, I’m still wearing my vans pretending it’s not 5 degrees outside and that snow is predicted and it’s time gal had a reality check. Maybe I should stop dressing like it’s September. Here’s some things that I would love to update my wardrobe with. To conclude, I LOVE FRILLS, FUR AND ALL THINGS SHINY. Please note I am SO desperate for a pair of boots and a navy/grey wool coat, galsz help me out, where else possibly in the whole world is there to look when I feel like I’ve looked everywhere?!

PS: I’m pissed off about Donald Trump too and this article sums up my feelings.

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summer wish list



Followed by continuous rambles about wishing I had more money, why I shouldn’t spend all of my money on Greggs, a short cut to winning the lottery etc etc etc. Here are some things I’d really like. Some a necessity: those Dr Martens sandals (DUH) (tip: get a housemate who works there and can get you a damn good discount) and perhaps another black denim skirt because 3 currently is just not enough. In between, I’d love some new jim jams and some kind of smartish dress would be nice as it’s my housemates 21st soon. Smartish dress: ELLIE DON’T BUY ANOTHER SCRATTY OVERSIZED BLACK T-SHIRT DRESS. The rest, just bits that I really love. I need to pick up a couple of basic bits before I go on holiday but tbh I think I can get away with a F21 and Primark run for that.

In unrelated news, I’m currently home for a week. Like ONE WHOLE WEEK. I’ve just got back from Parklife in Manchester (which was mad and muddy) and now I’ve got a week of chillllllllllllin. Happy days.

Also thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog post, they were really kind! I’ve added a giant box featuring recent blog posts too to the top of my blog, what do you guys think? Keep it or let it go? I’m not too attached either way.

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i need a new laptop case



It’s sad and probably quite wrong, but there’s nothing more important to me than my laptop. Dragging it to uni literally everyday, for storing photos, music, to blog, and make those sweet sweet ASOS orders. That, combined with the scrappy £2 tote bags that I use to carry it around along with my inability to regularly put the lid on my water bottle properly, let’s just say the laptop case is probably the second most important thing in my life. My problem is that mine currently looks like its been dragged through 10 bushes backwards and the zip went missing a long time ago.

I’ve gone completely braindead. Obviously there’s those wicked Skinnydip cases (although deep down all I really want is a sweet Kate Spade case) but there’s gotta be some more out there. ASOS and Paperchase are kinda pants atm, on Etsy they look a bit naff. Links? Where should I be looking? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i want everything from zara



Literally WHERE HAS ALL THIS COME FROM?! When I walk into Zara as in the store I tend to do a loop round and then head straight out again (as quickly as possible). But online, it’s a whole different story. I’m well and truly dreaming of summer – light layering, floaty fabrics and funky prints and the answer is all here. The fact that I have no money w.h.a.t.s.o.e.v.e.r is a slight issue but we won’t address that. From all the bomber jackets with sweet embroidery, neat tops and the most flared of all the flared trousers (thinking of long train journeys whilst travelling) ….here’s some of my favourite pieces. I could go on but this post would be at least 2 pages long.

Fingers are crossed for warm spring days…………and a new sophisticated wardrobe……

In other news, I’m off to Margate/Dreamland tomorrow for the day. Recommendations?

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sales shopping from bed





HOPE YOU ALL HAD A LOVELY CHRISTMAS! I hope none of you left the tv, the tin of Quality Street and your pyjamas. I’ve had such a chilled couple of days and it’s been really really nice to just sit, do nothing and spend time with family. In other news, consider the online sales raided. With food at my side, it’s the perfect shopping experience really. I’m on the hunt for a couple of neat smart pieces as I start my placement term in January so naturally, I turned to my usuals and picked a couple of nice pieces which saved me some dollar. On the way, I put together a bit of a wishlist and thought I might share it here aswell cuz whyyyyyyyyy not. Also that fluffy black jacket I secretly really want it, but I know my Mum would absolutely murder me and say I look ridiculous…opinions?

Also what bargains have you picked up along the way? Also has anyone seen some cheap-ish smart-ish shoes anywhere?

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