Things to do in London, part 2908

Ah sweet London, your living costs kill me but when there’s so much exploring to do, (free) events to attend and good food markets to try all the testers hard to resist, really. I’ve written a million and one posts since I moved here 3 years ago, but one more list of things to do couldn’t hurt anyone! If you’re here on holiday, visiting for the day or have a morning free, here’s some of my favourite things to do: (and does anyone even realise how much it hurts me to write favourite things on this blog!?! hahahaha).


So many (free!) exhibitions

This might sound really sad but my favourite thing in the world is when I have a day off and can spend a whole day wondering. Luckily lots of exhibitions are free or super cheap admission with a student card so I can be cultured with still money to spend on food later. Somerset House will always be one of my favourite places to wonder through (especially in the summer), the most beautiful views of London, awesome exhibitions and a lovely courtyard to drink tea in. I love the V&A, Fashion & Textile Museum and I want to visit the brand new Design Museum too!


A bit more far out…

God’s Own Junkyard was the first place I visited as soon as I got my house in London. In Walthamstow, it’s a warehouse full of neon lights. That’s all I have to say. Free to wander around, every time I’ve visited something’s changed and is a good excuse to visit Walthamstow too (and the William Morris Gallery).


Rainbow Bagels

Er hello! Rainbow bagels! Make the most of London’s weird stuff, a walk down Brick Lane and you can get a whole 24hr shop dedicated to bagels and a cafe full of cereal. Cheese toastie bars, vegan fried chicken shops and cafe’s dedicated to crisps are also a thing. (And you wonder why I can’t leave?!).



If you’re gonna push the boat out then you might as well do it properly! Afternoon Tea at Sketch, aka the place where you’ll find the most Instagrammed toilets in the world (see). Designed by David Shringley and never ending cups of tea, it took a lot of persuasion to make me leave (a trip to Kew Gardens, of course).


The London Eye (a classic tourist trip)

You can’t not visit, really. I went with Justina a couple of years ago when she first visited London (after an obligatory visit to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Oxford Circus etc duh) and I really do think it’s one of the best ways to see the city (especially at night!). I wasn’t aware, but turns out there’s also discounts available via Discount London too if you ever fancy getting your tickets at a cheaper price!



Soooooooo many markets! Portobello, Borough, Bermondsey and of course my favourite Columbia Road Flower Market, there’s one for pretty much every day of the week. The best days include a market, some good food and an exhibition in my opinion and luckily London is well and truly overflowing with ’em.

I write this from the library as I try and break down these monster briefs I’ve been given for the other 50% of my degree. It ain’t pretty but in 6 months it’ll be over and my to-do list for London will be sooooo much longer.

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Here are my posts from every year that I’ve blogged: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

ERE WE GO AGAIN. And I looked through my old posts and yet again I’ve neglected my blog even more this year, with regret, but also I’ve been working like a mad man and having the bubble of this being my last year of being a student hanging over my head I feel like I need to make the most of every opportunity I can! (Read: having no formal work commitments therefore going on holiday as often as I can). This year has basically been tragic for the whole world (Brexit), but on a personal level I’ve had a really bloody great year and I’ve had a really bloody great time. A year for saying yas to everything I can, getting into some really bizarre situations and just kind of rolling along with it.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-21-29Interning, working my life away etc etc

I suppose the biggest distraction from my blog (continued) is work this year. Beginning with a placement term I spent 2 months working for a fashion show production company preparing for LFW, working behind the scenes at the V&A in their Press Office and spending a couple of weeks working for Sunday Times Style in the fancy News Building in London Bridge. All so different but all really cool opportunities seeing how it all works BTS and now I feel like I’ve nearly covered all areas of the industry……nearly. Promising that I was gonna take the summer chill and never intern again after it taking over my life the past couple of years, plot twist I somehow turned into a styling assistant and I worked my socks off. Also where I truly learnt that I am really shit at ironing. Starting off working in Rankin’s studio working on his new book (a series of nudes which was a bizarre experience I’ll tell you that), working on a couple of editorials and then ending up travelling around and being flown to Belfast to assist and style 90’s girl band of dreams All Saints. Seeing my work in the press (!!) and working towards their larger shows at Hyde Park and Brixton Academy was so flippin cool, plus they’re the kindest and most talented women and I feel so lucky that I had the chance to work with them.


I’ve embraced my inner tat and I just REALLY like being by the seaside (and slot machines)…maybe it was growing up with the occasional trip to Skegvegas…….hmm……….. Coney Island in Brooklyn is no question about it heaven on earth, Margate is a retro dream and we had the bestest weekend in Brighton at the beginning of October (my first time ever visiting!). Chip shops, doughnuts and deck chairs are calling my name and one year I’ll move to the seaside.

untitled-122On a mission to find the largest cup of beer I can……..

And going to as many gigs as my pennies can stretch to! A bit of Bloc Party, The Maccabees at Brixton to seeing Lucy Rose perform at a tiny church in Hampstead with my homie Naomi and a bit of Tom Odell in between. A trip to Manchester with my best mates for Parklife included me stood in the middle of a Skepta set in my flowery mac thinking it was Stormzy and a lot of Jamie XX and Annie Mac. Sweetly followed by my first festival abroad kicking off a months worth of travelling, Benicassim!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting by the pool and lying on the beach during the day, a bit of Biffy, The Vaccines, Muse and Kendrick Lamar at night like hollaaaaaaa. Watching Burt Bacharach and flautist James Galway from backstage at Hyde Park is also a pretty major highlight.

Untitled-2DSCF4697ER THE BEST SUMMER EVER (and travelling)

Following on from above, my plan was to travel in second year if everything went to plan and I’m so bloody lucky that it all fell into place. Beginning with a trip to my new favourite city Budapest and a recent day trip to Paris, the biggest highlight was a gang of us heading to Spain followed by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia over 3 weeks and I had the bestest of best times ever and had so much fun. City strolling finding markets and ice cream shops to finding a deserted patch of ocean and looking for fish. Getting back, flying to New York with the fam for a couple of days spent strolling around and exploring Brooklyn was amazing.


I turned 21 and made it last all summer (year). Work hard play hard amigos. Balancing Lush, with uni and interning, making the summer amazing oh so totally made it worth it followed with going out with mates at home and a couple of days spent partying in the streets at Notting Hill Carnival…………

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

(The highlight being us wearing Christmas jumpers). So erm work hard play hard, amigos. Between October and December my time was split between three places: my bed, work and the uni library and as of 3 weeks ago I’ve submitted 50% of my degree. Really pretty major and really hard work. 6 more months and I suppose you could say that the shit really does get real. Uhoh.

Adios people and thank you again for reading my blog, all these years on. I’ve had the best year ever ever ever and being able to do so much and spend so much time with the best people in the world, I feel proper lucky and #grateful for. The past 5 years documented through blogging I’ve been in this little bubble of education and as of next year it all changes which I’m beyond terrified about. Hey, I’ve done everything I can and now I’ve just gotta wait and see. Kinda exciting, kinda shit scary, ygm.

Also here’s a video I put together where I filmed 1 second of every day this year!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and 2017 is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on living in a bubble


(This super massive cheese-grater like bubble I’m living in at the moment, aka the library)

Here’s a load of word vomit of things that have been going round my mind recently. We’re (I’m) stuck in a bubble and I think it’s a really weird situation to be in.

Obviously confirmed by the US election, triggered by Brexit and supported by social media, the idea that let’s face it – none of us knew the above was going to happen (it shouldn’t have happened) or had even considered it happening. By ‘us’, I mean my friends, my family, my circle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the social platforms I follow online. A circle we’ve all created where we all agree on the same things, share pretty much the same opinions, come from the same background, same generation, have similar lifestyles and consequently believe the same things. Then of course it’s a complete shock horror when we it’s revealed that the rest of the population actually disagree with us and if I’m honest the first thing that goes through my head is like ‘well where’s the evidence that there were people that didn’t agree?’, ‘I never saw anyone on my feed that wanted to vote trump/leave the EU’, ‘Where were the news articles suggesting this?’. And yet it took me a while (too long) to realise that perhaps it was there all along but I’m so bloody busy living in my own little bubble with my tailored news feed based around my likes and interests that I was and am, completely oblivious to it. Naive? Most definitely. Obvious? Probably, yeah.

It led me to think about this giant bubble I’ve built from social media and the people I surround myself with. Living in London spending my life going a million mph, surrounded by this (let’s face it) absolutely ridiculous fashion circle which in the grand scheme of things isn’t the be all and end all of the world (despite what everyone believes, I KNOW SHOCK HORROR). A world where eating sushi and drinking chai lattes are the norm (excuse me whilst I’m sick in my mouth but then quickly realise that I too am now that person), designer collaborations are a big deal and apparently paying £5 for a cider is completely ok (cider, because still that’s the only thing I can afford). When that’s all you see on social media, all your surrounded with, you forget that that’s not actually how other people live, or is it necessarily the right way either. I have this obsession with working, interning, doing uni work, research and doing extra things that help with uni, and I completely forget that THERE’S OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO OTHER THAN THIS.

So last week I went home and I discovered that yep £1 shots are still a thing and there’s also a park you can walk around and actual fresh air and you don’t always have to work. After a *cough* disagreement that I got into once after a night out in a chicken shop at home (yeh I’m still veggie tho) over Brexit. Nottingham voted leave and it was only when I went home that yeah all the industry has changed and I can see why people are unhappy, something that living in London makes you completely unaware of/forget. Obviously racism, sexism, homophobia I 100 million% disagree with a million times, but in regards to other subjects some people just aren’t gonna believe the same things are you. And they have their own bubble too.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I suppose I’m telling myself to get out more and not get so caught up with my immediate circle of things going on around me and look further afield. Also to go home more often to make the most of cheap drinks. Also that maybe Brexit and Trump doesn’t mean the end of the world (I mean, I think it does but I’m trying to tell myself that it isn’t). Maybe I shouldn’t post this and keep it in my head, does anyone feel the same?

The end.

A day in Paris


59 Rivoli


SO I WENT TO PARIS AND CAME BACK IN ONE DAY YESTERDAY SO THAT WAS A THING. I’m in the middle of FMP research at the moment and blah blah blah rambles rambles but I’m doing my project on denim and there was a trade show which would be the best research ever, so off I got to Paris for the day. Catching the 5:40am Eurostar to Paris and the 9pm one back, you could say it was a long day.

Finishing the trade show earlier than I thought, I had a lot of time to explore (so chuffed) (very well planned), so I spent the rest of the day exploring Paris on my one. Featuring me eating a crepe underneath the Eiffel Tower, wandering around the old streets of Le Marais and finding all the vintage shops, stumbling across the Notre Dame (literally, as in looking up and being like OH THAT’S IT!), Arc de Triomphe and walking down that famous road that’s worse than Oxford Street (stopping off at Sephora and Zara on the way like duh). I also stopped off at 59 Rivoli which was AMAZING, an old squat that’s been transformed into artist studios with incredible views of Paris, thank you for the reccommendation Naomi!

French Haribo was bought and Orangina was drunk and I think I actually had the best day ever. The only two times I’ve been to Paris I feel like it’s been really manic and I’ve just been running around, I would love to spend a couple of days there soon and take it chill. Today, my legs hurt.

Also I’ve been wanting to mention this for a while but shoutout to my fave, Charlotte and her wicked bog Blog Socks. If you’re ever looking for new blogs to read she includes such a good variety and I’m SO chuffed she included me last month. Check it aht.

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Aloha amigos I write this surprisingly not from the library. I know, shock horror. I’m spicing up my week a bit by going to work, omg what a nice change of scenery! I love it! Without a doubt the amount of grey hair I have found on my hair since going back to uni has well and truly tripled and the stress is next level, I’m secretly enjoying it but I do feel like I’ve transformed into some major juggler of EVERYTHING. But so far I’ve learnt that you’ve gotta put the foundations in (buy the fruit and the bread from Morrisons), keep your room tidy and surround yourself with good people and it all makes it that tiny bit better. Here’s a post on how to do third year without dying! Please, read on!



And just like that, I feel like I transformed into my Mum. I can’t go to uni without having a good breakfast, from the point of view that I’m so poor that I really can’t afford to buy any food out but also that I’ve realised that my brain can’t function without it. Banana on toast with a bit of cinnamon is my classic, eggs on toast if I wanna push the boat out, a handful of cereal to eat on the way to the station if my life’s about to full apart any minute now (an unorganised bibliography on my mind). Tea is a staple, of course. I picked up a bag of Gingerbread Chai tea from the Bluebird Tea Co. when we visited Brighton and I can honestly say this is the winteriest, warmest tea in the world. I’ve also started watching the Gilmore Girls, so that’s been nice.dscf4885


My notebook comes with me everywhere and currently holds my brain in paper form. What needs to go into my dissertation, FMP random thoughts and ideas and shopping lists. If I write everything down, at least I’m telling myself I’m organised (and there’s nothing better that crossing off something from a to-do list). Highlights and little page markers are currently a life staple and I’ve been jazzing up water with adding some fruit and things. Also note to self: put those £1 bags of M&M’s on offer DOWN.dscf4900


Wait, what, is there? Possibly the thing I’ve found hardest since going back to uni. Beyond deadlines, worries about money means I’ve really shut myself away. Obviously a good thing as I’m getting my work done but when my head won’t stop spinning with ideas it’s nice to have a change of scenery and you know, see friends, the outside world, daylight. Make a point of taking like one afternoon off or an evening to not open the laptop and do something completely different! dscf4904


In between taking it chill, putting a candle on, a facemask and painting ya nails, I’m taking one for the team galszzzz and raising awareness of Cystitis in collaboration with Canesten for their ‘Stay fresh, Freshers!’ campaign. Let’s face it, it’s blummin uncomfortable, not fun, and there are a lot better things in the world than feeling really paranoid and feeling like you want to wee all the time. Unless you’re taking a trip to the doctors, it’s worth bearing in mind that Canesten has your back and of course you can pick up in Boots. HAVE SAFE SEX AND STAY HEALTHY AND DON’T DIE XXXX

Love, Auntie Ellie (wise third year, the term wise used loosely)

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This post has been supported by Canesten, but all thoughts are my own.

cats on ma knees

untitled-2 p1210600

jacket – miss selfridge so old it could practically go in a museum

top – brandy melville

jeans – monki via asos

shoes – topshop

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about these yet. Like come on, I found myself in jean form…hellOOOOOO. A mom fit, nicely highwaisted, a sweet light blue watch, THOSE CAT FACE EMBROIDERED KNEES. For the love of god. I love ’em, I feel like they can only be worn on really special occasions so for the time being they live on the back of my chair in my bedroom. On show. For everyone to see.

Got a comfy striped tee to wear with it (because let’s face it anything Brandy Melville is as comfy as wearing pyjamas), jacket because according to blog I’m never seen without it (which tbf is half true). I can’t really wear these sandals anymore because it’s absolutely FREEZING outside but oh well sweet memsz of summer.

I think the beginning of my blog neglect has begun, days have been spent in the library until 9pm since going back to uni and I really only think it’s down hill from here. Speaking of which, fill out my questionnaire which asks about buying jeans!

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