Silver Boots

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So a couple of months ago I probs made the most outrageous fashion decision a jeans-and-striped-tee-girl could make. Yes amigos, I bought some silver boots. True to say, I have evolved into a magpie in recent years and anything that reflects light I feel should be in my possession. I need it. Now. Take my money. Alas, I am now the proud owner of silver boots and they’ve been sat awkwardly like an ornament on top of their box ever since. I feel so beyond out of my comfort zone that I secretly enjoy it and when I wear them, I am proud to say that for 10 minutes(until I scuffed the toes) I was probably the most sophisticated person in Stratford, East London (note: that probably isn’t hard to achieve).

Thanks to my saviour Pinterest, this is the inspo that’s got my through. Since, I now own some raw hem jeans and according to my hero’s Leandra Medine and Chung, long coats rule and the biggest lesson is that actually anything goes and you can wear whatever the hell you want! Like anything! Yolo my friends yolo and yes I shall wear my starry blouse with my silver boots because I am inspired by the galaxy.

Blog I miss you and I want more time to ramble my life away on here *dramatically drowns in uni briefs* cya

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final sale picks



So the initial burst of the sale has gone and like every year I said I wouldn’t look or buy anything but the deliveries I’ve had every day this week may prove me wrong. Although the best gems might have already been nabbed, there’s some really nice things left! I’ve collected some of the bits I’ve already bought (er, those velvet culottes and ballet slippers, DREAM) and added some extras in that I wish I could buy and maybe in a couple of days they would’ve been reduced even more……………. I don’t hate sales but I well and truly refuse to shop in the sales on Boxing Day (a) because I think it’s so wrong and care about retail workers b) because videos like this (the place where I actually work) makes it even worse) but scrolling online from the comfort of my bed with a tea in hand is a dream scenario. Have you picked up any gems?

I’ve had the best week at home and sitting in front of the TV eating chocolate is just what I needed. I’m heading back to London early on New Years Day for a day at work which I’m sure will be really enjoyable!! ! ! Hope everyone had a lovely lovely Christmas!

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aw wishlist




I want you to read the post title like awwwww wishlist. Cuz awwwww I can only dream. I’ve come home for a week to have a bit of sanity (after spending too much time with my Mum I’m beginning to question that), have a change of scenery from uni, see friends, go out and drink cheeky vimtos for days fam and make the most of home comforts (read: endless food and good toilet roll). So far I’ve spent 3 days not leaving my bed except to have baths and take a trip to Ikea (priorities, right?), and I feel like I should blog but tbh I just cba and I should maybe do some research for uni but tbh I just cba. There’s just a major case of laziness going on over here.

It’s cold, I’m still wearing my vans pretending it’s not 5 degrees outside and that snow is predicted and it’s time gal had a reality check. Maybe I should stop dressing like it’s September. Here’s some things that I would love to update my wardrobe with. To conclude, I LOVE FRILLS, FUR AND ALL THINGS SHINY. Please note I am SO desperate for a pair of boots and a navy/grey wool coat, galsz help me out, where else possibly in the whole world is there to look when I feel like I’ve looked everywhere?!

PS: I’m pissed off about Donald Trump too and this article sums up my feelings.

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cats on ma knees

untitled-2 p1210600

jacket – miss selfridge so old it could practically go in a museum

top – brandy melville

jeans – monki via asos

shoes – topshop

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about these yet. Like come on, I found myself in jean form…hellOOOOOO. A mom fit, nicely highwaisted, a sweet light blue watch, THOSE CAT FACE EMBROIDERED KNEES. For the love of god. I love ’em, I feel like they can only be worn on really special occasions so for the time being they live on the back of my chair in my bedroom. On show. For everyone to see.

Got a comfy striped tee to wear with it (because let’s face it anything Brandy Melville is as comfy as wearing pyjamas), jacket because according to blog I’m never seen without it (which tbf is half true). I can’t really wear these sandals anymore because it’s absolutely FREEZING outside but oh well sweet memsz of summer.

I think the beginning of my blog neglect has begun, days have been spent in the library until 9pm since going back to uni and I really only think it’s down hill from here. Speaking of which, fill out my questionnaire which asks about buying jeans!

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black, red & silver

ellie_05 untitled-2

top – zara

jacket and skirt – topshop

shoes – vans

If only my legs were still this tanned, summer come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. This skirt has been a staple for me this summer, basically because it’s the best basic ever. A simple black denim mini skirt. That means I can wear it with things like MY AMAZING GLITTERY SHINY TOP. (Queue a text from Mum coming any minute now going ‘another shiny top????????’). What Zara do best. Toned down with my Vans but also my favourite red boxy jacket that I picked up from Topshop last summer.

How has everyone been? My weeks recently been spent squeezing in as much time at uni as possible, operation dissertation is a go and it ain’t gonna be smooth I tell ya.

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dream denim culottes


culottes – whistles (via ebay!)

cami and shoes – topshop

I DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED. Absolute dreams. You know when you imagine the culottes in your head but you can’t find them IRL (I swear this is actually the story of my life….and all I write about on this blog), it’s heartbreaking but equally very much a first world problem. Anyway, I tried (obviously) Zara, Topshop, even Warehouse on the hunt for these culottes that I had in my head and they all looked weird on me and appeared absolutely massive on me. I had the image of them in my head: perfectly high waisted, front crease, not too long and not too short, a deep blue wash denim. I went on eBay on the walk back from work a couple of weeks ago and these beauties came up. Hold on, there’s more to it, I went on eBay and found a size 4 (a bit of a risk  as I’m really not a size 4) but was so desperate for them I bought them anyway. Whistles, £150, brand new, I got them for £30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Anyway, surprisingly they fit perfectly and I can honestly say they’re the best thing to ever happen to me in my 21 years of living. I wore it with my basic black cami in an attempt to keep it minimal and these lovely wrap around shoes which have lasted me the whole summer.

Here’s to more culottes and sweet eBay finds!

Sorry about my cheesy face I just couldn’t control.

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