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ERE WE GO AGAIN. And I looked through my old posts and yet again I’ve neglected my blog even more this year, with regret, but also I’ve been working like a mad man and having the bubble of this being my last year of being a student hanging over my head I feel like I need to make the most of every opportunity I can! (Read: having no formal work commitments therefore going on holiday as often as I can). This year has basically been tragic for the whole world (Brexit), but on a personal level I’ve had a really bloody great year and I’ve had a really bloody great time. A year for saying yas to everything I can, getting into some really bizarre situations and just kind of rolling along with it.

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-21-29Interning, working my life away etc etc

I suppose the biggest distraction from my blog (continued) is work this year. Beginning with a placement term I spent 2 months working for a fashion show production company preparing for LFW, working behind the scenes at the V&A in their Press Office and spending a couple of weeks working for Sunday Times Style in the fancy News Building in London Bridge. All so different but all really cool opportunities seeing how it all works BTS and now I feel like I’ve nearly covered all areas of the industry……nearly. Promising that I was gonna take the summer chill and never intern again after it taking over my life the past couple of years, plot twist I somehow turned into a styling assistant and I worked my socks off. Also where I truly learnt that I am really shit at ironing. Starting off working in Rankin’s studio working on his new book (a series of nudes which was a bizarre experience I’ll tell you that), working on a couple of editorials and then ending up travelling around and being flown to Belfast to assist and style 90’s girl band of dreams All Saints. Seeing my work in the press (!!) and working towards their larger shows at Hyde Park and Brixton Academy was so flippin cool, plus they’re the kindest and most talented women and I feel so lucky that I had the chance to work with them.


I’ve embraced my inner tat and I just REALLY like being by the seaside (and slot machines)…maybe it was growing up with the occasional trip to Skegvegas…….hmm……….. Coney Island in Brooklyn is no question about it heaven on earth, Margate is a retro dream and we had the bestest weekend in Brighton at the beginning of October (my first time ever visiting!). Chip shops, doughnuts and deck chairs are calling my name and one year I’ll move to the seaside.

untitled-122On a mission to find the largest cup of beer I can……..

And going to as many gigs as my pennies can stretch to! A bit of Bloc Party, The Maccabees at Brixton to seeing Lucy Rose perform at a tiny church in Hampstead with my homie Naomi and a bit of Tom Odell in between. A trip to Manchester with my best mates for Parklife included me stood in the middle of a Skepta set in my flowery mac thinking it was Stormzy and a lot of Jamie XX and Annie Mac. Sweetly followed by my first festival abroad kicking off a months worth of travelling, Benicassim!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting by the pool and lying on the beach during the day, a bit of Biffy, The Vaccines, Muse and Kendrick Lamar at night like hollaaaaaaa. Watching Burt Bacharach and flautist James Galway from backstage at Hyde Park is also a pretty major highlight.

Untitled-2DSCF4697ER THE BEST SUMMER EVER (and travelling)

Following on from above, my plan was to travel in second year if everything went to plan and I’m so bloody lucky that it all fell into place. Beginning with a trip to my new favourite city Budapest and a recent day trip to Paris, the biggest highlight was a gang of us heading to Spain followed by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia over 3 weeks and I had the bestest of best times ever and had so much fun. City strolling finding markets and ice cream shops to finding a deserted patch of ocean and looking for fish. Getting back, flying to New York with the fam for a couple of days spent strolling around and exploring Brooklyn was amazing.


I turned 21 and made it last all summer (year). Work hard play hard amigos. Balancing Lush, with uni and interning, making the summer amazing oh so totally made it worth it followed with going out with mates at home and a couple of days spent partying in the streets at Notting Hill Carnival…………

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

(The highlight being us wearing Christmas jumpers). So erm work hard play hard, amigos. Between October and December my time was split between three places: my bed, work and the uni library and as of 3 weeks ago I’ve submitted 50% of my degree. Really pretty major and really hard work. 6 more months and I suppose you could say that the shit really does get real. Uhoh.

Adios people and thank you again for reading my blog, all these years on. I’ve had the best year ever ever ever and being able to do so much and spend so much time with the best people in the world, I feel proper lucky and #grateful for. The past 5 years documented through blogging I’ve been in this little bubble of education and as of next year it all changes which I’m beyond terrified about. Hey, I’ve done everything I can and now I’ve just gotta wait and see. Kinda exciting, kinda shit scary, ygm.

Also here’s a video I put together where I filmed 1 second of every day this year!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and 2017 is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Aka the best summer ever. No question about it. Here’s a massive list of things I did so that when I’m crying over uni work (believe me, after getting one of my briefs the other day, they will be coming) or when I’m 30 I can read back on this. If I work out how to, I’m going to make it one of those continue reading posts so that it doesn’t take up literally my whole blog. (In kind of chronological order)

  1. Ate Mac & Cheese for days at the Urban Village Fete
  2. We had an ace Eurovision party
  3. …and cleared the garden and actually made it look kinda nice
  4. I got a Nutella Krispy Kreme from the Krispy Kreme dispenser
  5. I somehow ended up working in Rankin’s studio for a couple of weeks working on some shoots! Amazing!
  6. …The shoots were mainly nude shoots so a lot of my time was spent in Soho looking for fishnet tights! Bizarre!
  7. I got a goldfish and it hasn’t died yet
  8. A weekend up in Manchester for Parklife festival seeing Annie Mac which was the best thing ever
  9. I discovered there’s a roof top bar literally 5 minutes away from my house so basically that’s where the rest of my summer was spent
  10. I joined the All Saints summer tour which involved random trips around the UK including Eddie Stobbart’s house with a helicopter pad?!?!!!! View Full Post

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia



It’s ok because I’m returning. Enjoy this beautiful cieling of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – one of the oldest (and most beautiful) shopping mall’s in the world. We took a trip here after visiting the cathedral before heading to Bar Luce.

DSCF4697DSCF4694Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


It was a bit tourist overload, Venice. However a trip to the island of Burano and I felt like I was walking in a postcard. Known for its lace and brightly coloured houses, a day spent wandering around here is what holidays are meant to be. Strolling over the bridges, finding the house that matches what you’re wearing, eating 3 ice creams in a row……..it was that kind of day.

DSCF4715Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset


I’m sure Slovenia is absolutely lovely but a guy broke into our Air Bnb in the middle of the night so it’s made me really scared of it. Ha. We stopped in Ljubljana and it was such a lovely change from all the busy cities we’d been sight seeing in. With the river passing through, there were so many nice bars, restaurants and so many sweet nick-nack shops my eyes went into overdrive at the cuteness. We stopped by Metelkova – a squat! But full of art, installations, galleries, jazz and artist’s studio spaces. Amazing to walk around.

DSCF4746DSCF4737Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 18.25.45


AKA where I left my heart. Croatia was incredible. From visiting the national park Krka and catching a boat across a lake to swim around the waterfalls to the Plitvice Lakes which were just out of this world (these photos really haven’t been edited that much). Days spent with crystal clear water, lots of green and swimming – the dream. Our final day we caught a ferry to an island, after missing the one bus a day that takes you to the beach, we changed tactics and walked around the side where we were the only people. Setting up our picnic on the rocks, we jumped in and swam with fish.

And so I finish this post with tears in my eyes, take me baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Today I was sat in the uni library in my summer break still wearing my pyjama top doing work.

If anyone’s interested on doing a bit of travelling, would anyone fancy some posts how we (or Naomi!) did so cheap, what air bnb’s we used and things like that? Let me know!

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A REALLY REALLY EXCITING BLOG POST. I’M GOING TRAVELLING. Not like major travelling as in bye see you next year travelling, just seeing a couple of places one after the other – if that counts? With my best bloggy bud Naomi, her friends and my lovely housemate Cat, we’re packing our bags to go exploring in July.

Starting of with Benicassim (praise the lord for cheap early bird tickets), 4 days are going to be spent being on the beach during the day and listening to music in the night. I am so blummin’ excited and the idea of going to a festival and not having to take wellies with me is so. weird. From there, a couple of days are spent in Barcelona, Madrid and then looking around the south of Spain stopping by Granada, Frigiliana and Gibraltar (eating Tapas every night, obvs). From there, with a couple of little village stops on the way we’re flying all the way to Italy. Seeing the sights in Milan and finally being able to visit Venice, we’re then catching the train to Slovenia. Carrying on to Croatia and stopping by all the lakes and waterfalls before coming home.

I’ve never done anything like this before and with thanks to Naomi’s mega organisation skills and Airbnb (get £14 credit when you sign up here hint hint) it’s a million times cheaper than I ever thought. I’m so looking forward to waking up in a new city each day, visiting loads of different places and eating all of the ice cream. Does anyone have any tips of things I must do or must take with me? I’m gonna have to take with me more than my old Fjallraven and I’m not exactly a strict packer but any help on things I need to bring would be really helpful!

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72 hours in Budapest

DSCF4332DSCF4338DSCF4357 DSCF4360 DSCF4379DSCF4376 DSCF4295 DSCF4350 DSCF4268IMG_0042 DSCF4281 DSCF4362 IMG_0039 DSCF4289 DSCF4326

I think, just maybe, my new favourite city. Spontaneous trips to new places are the best – even better when they’re full of good food, weather and views.  There was something even nicer about going to a city (or a country) where we both knew pretty much nothing. I didn’t know a single word of the language, the currency looked insane and I didn’t have any idea of the things we *must* visit. Armed with a seriously crammed backpack and a camera, we headed off for a couple of days of wandering around and exploring. Walking up all the hills (even better at night!), across all of the bridges and climbing all the stairs – the iPhone health app practically died we walked so many steps. The buildings so grand and with so much character, the trams looking oh so rEtRo and a serious escape from the manic of London. A perfect weekend, what a dreamy city. I love it.

To eat:

To visit:

  • Szechenyi Thermal Baths (40 degree outdoor baths and beer)
  • Any shop because there’s pineapple Fanta over there, I tell ya
  • Everywhere around by the Dohany Street Synagogue – sweet vintage, street art and independent stores
  • A walk up to Citadel and St Stephens Basilica

In other news, back to the grrrriiiiiiiiiiiiind (spent all night staring at an empty InDesign doc, fun fun fun). Also, WHERE NEXT?

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PicMonkey Collage

Hi guys, it’s December. Shit.

I thought I’d do a catch up post because although I’ve been blogging, I haven’t had a chance to ramble and write about what I’ve been doing. From Halloween to now, tbf much of it has been spent gazing out of the uni library window as it turns out second year is quite heavy but in between I’ve also discovered a real love for crumpets and peanut butter too. 20 years old and never really knew the true power of the things.

So from Halloween, the photos look cool but in reality we didn’t book anywhere so spent the night running around London covered in lots of glitter (but I still actually had the best time). Other times have been spent attempting to go to Bonfire displays (but of course missing them because we got lost), exploring Central London and all of its Christmas lights, getting really cheap tickets to see Cats the musical with my friend from home…and then getting upgraded! I also went to see S Club (3) which obvs made my life again and started planning travelling for the summer………!! (tips on Benicassim, Spain, Croatia, Italy and anything for a complete travel noob is really appreciated).

So tomorrow is deadline day at uni and I won’t be back until there until the summer term as I go on placement in January. I’m spending 2 months at a Creative Agency, 2 weeks at Sunday Times Style and maybe a couple of other places if I can squeeze them in. I’m SO looking forward to it and with being able to take a break from work too, I’m planning three months of not running around like a headless chicken and to enjoy weekends and I CANNOT WAIT.

Also, I was meant to say thank you as recently I reached 1000 followers on Insta and a round 1600 on Bloglovin’, <33333

Eat loads of mince pies and in the meantime check out how rubbish our Christmas tree looks

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