black, red & silver

ellie_05 untitled-2

top – zara

jacket and skirt – topshop

shoes – vans

If only my legs were still this tanned, summer come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. This skirt has been a staple for me this summer, basically because it’s the best basic ever. A simple black denim mini skirt. That means I can wear it with things like MY AMAZING GLITTERY SHINY TOP. (Queue a text from Mum coming any minute now going ‘another shiny top????????’). What Zara do best. Toned down with my Vans but also my favourite red boxy jacket that I picked up from Topshop last summer.

How has everyone been? My weeks recently been spent squeezing in as much time at uni as possible, operation dissertation is a go and it ain’t gonna be smooth I tell ya.

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summer wish list



Followed by continuous rambles about wishing I had more money, why I shouldn’t spend all of my money on Greggs, a short cut to winning the lottery etc etc etc. Here are some things I’d really like. Some a necessity: those Dr Martens sandals (DUH) (tip: get a housemate who works there and can get you a damn good discount) and perhaps another black denim skirt because 3 currently is just not enough. In between, I’d love some new jim jams and some kind of smartish dress would be nice as it’s my housemates 21st soon. Smartish dress: ELLIE DON’T BUY ANOTHER SCRATTY OVERSIZED BLACK T-SHIRT DRESS. The rest, just bits that I really love. I need to pick up a couple of basic bits before I go on holiday but tbh I think I can get away with a F21 and Primark run for that.

In unrelated news, I’m currently home for a week. Like ONE WHOLE WEEK. I’ve just got back from Parklife in Manchester (which was mad and muddy) and now I’ve got a week of chillllllllllllin. Happy days.

Also thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog post, they were really kind! I’ve added a giant box featuring recent blog posts too to the top of my blog, what do you guys think? Keep it or let it go? I’m not too attached either way.

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Dungarees – Primark

Jumper – Jigsaw

Shoes – Vans

GUESS WHERE FROM, GUESS WHERE FROM??????????? You’d never blummin’ guess it. I was out with my mate Zoe and she was wearing the most amazing pair of dunga’s. From Primark. £14. Amazing. No question, we dropped our pie and mash (it’s tradition when we meet up) and I dragged her to the nearest Primark. I, too, now have a pair. It takes a lot to make me buy from Primark but these are absolute gems. After staring at the Moto ones in Topshop, these pretty much do the same job for approx 0.9038420 of the price. Worn with my new jumper (old stolen from Mum) and my old jacket, it’s a sweet comfy in-between-y Spring outfit.

In other news, life is back to normal. Well and truly. 6 days in a row and working all weekend and back to uni this week!!! Fun times. I also bought a new notebook this week….a dissertation notebook……ha..ha….lol. Not promising anything but I’m assuming this is the beginning of a lot of moaning. Will keep you all updated, ofc.

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a whole lot of blue


Recycled Crop Top – c/o Rokit

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Vans

Bag – Size

My photogenicness is just thru da roof ha. Also imaginativeness is off the scale. If in doubt, wear all one colour. I wore this last week when wanting to be comfy and this was the answer. The denim skirt which is honestly worn to death and this lovely blue top from Rokit’s recycled range (which I absolutely love). Although tucked in, I love its cropped style and worn with high-waisted jeans it does the job perfectly. Good old Rokit. The Old Skool Vans I finally invested in recently after my plain black pumps finally died a death of being covered in soap from work and with a giant hole in the toe (it was a tragic departure after 2 years) (they also smelt real bad). Rucksack is attached to me and never leaves my side, the best investment of my life that’s all I have to say.

(BTW legendary denim Urban Outfitters skirt which is owned by everyone and their dog is now in the sale check it ‘aht check it ‘aht)

This week I’m going to Thorpe Park!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been before as Alton Towers has always been closest to me but which rides should I go on first? SOS.

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Untitled-2DSC_0039 DSC_0025

Jacket – c/o Great Plains

Dress/T-Shirt – Cow

Slip Dress – Nasty Gal

Bag – Mango

Shoes – Vans

HI GUYS FINALLY I HAVE AN OUTFIT POST TO SHARE. So obvs I’m back with a bang (or with all black). Mum got me this t-shirt dress from Cow for my birthday and I lurve it. Sheer, high-neck and polka dots – I’ve tucked it into high-waisted skirts and with a dress underneath it’s perfect on its own too. This Brando quilted biker jacket is a complete gem too, it’s from their Autumn Winter range and it’s the snazziest of leather jackets I own. In the biker style, I love that it’s quilted and enough pockets for a person who carries their life around in their pockets (wish I was joking) (not me obvs) (also check out their other womens jackets!!).

PS: Cut my hair a couple of weeks ago. Kinda short. But hair also grows really quick. Also back at uni this week, the pain is r.e.a.l. Bye.

(also thank you for the photos David!)

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jacket – c/o boohoo, tee – topshop, skirt – urban outfitters, vans – c/o asos, bag – mango

Being stranded in London by myself and working pretty much all the time – I’ve wanted to blog about these beauties for so long but haven’t got round to it. We’ve all madly fallen in love with it – the Disney and Vans collab. Flippin awesome. With a streetwear brand as cool as Vans collaborating with something as classic, timeless (and cheesy) as Disney, there’s nothing not to love. From Mickey all over your rucksack, to princess Jasmine on your toes – by adding that skater Vans edge it makes it a bit more acceptable to wear all the time rather than Minnie Mouse Ears (after that Disney Land trip). My black, smelly, slip-on Vans are already on my feet 99% of the time so the marl Mickey Mouse style have been well and truly welcomed to the gang. The funkiest shoes I’ve ever owned. Naturally, to balance it out and with my obviously really outrageous style I wore all black and white with the denim jacket from Boohoo that never leaves my side!

Mum’s down in London this weekend and we’re having the best time and I’m off to Notting Hill Carnival for the first time tomorrow with friends from home……….any survival tips greatly appreciated xoxo